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Part 5

London,Friday, 6 yrs ago

From his position at the end of the aisle at the Food Mart,Sanskar watched young beautiful women at the other end flip to a magazine.She looked a couple of years younger than his twenty-four.

Impeccable in the blue dress that showed off her hourglass figure,she had a Coach purse hung over her shoulder & wore a pair of patent leather pumps shiny enough to double as a mirror.Her dark brown,shoulder-length hair looked lustrous & silky,covering most of her face.Lucky for him,he’d seen her when she first walked in & had received the full effect.?

Other than a quick glance,she hadn’t paide attention to him,but he couldn’t say the same(Asanskari mode on?).He’d been watching her ever since she entered the store & had yet to work up the nerve to approach.

Shaking his head,he walked away.

He wasn’t exactly dressed to impress,unshaved in an old T-shirt,worn jeans,& a baseball cap turned backwards.?
She’d probably take one look at him & laugh.

Sanskar went two aisles over & picked up the toiletries he’d come in to purchase & then headed for the check-out.At the front,he saw her standing in line.He went to the other casier & waited behind an elderly woman with a cane,counting out her payment in quarters.
The young beautiful woman laughed & said something to the male cashier.He couldn’t hear what she’d said,but he’d heard her laugh well enough,& he liked the sound of it?.From his sideways grin,it looked like the cashier was flirting with her.
Sanskar looked at the elderly woman beside him.Her wrinkled fingers trembled as she counted.

Old Woman-One,two,three,four-four dollars.
Sanskar-One,two,three,four-five dollars.
He & the cashier made an eye contact,& the old woman smiled apologetically.
His gazed shifted again, & he saw the object of his attention had finished her purchase & headed on her way out the door.
Sanskar-One,two,three,four-seven dollars.
A way of panic seized him.He couldn’t let her walk away.He had to tsje the chace,even if he risked being laughed at.Besides,if she brushed him off,soin he’d be back in Oklahoma (state in US) & would never see her again.

Cashier-One,two,three,four-nine dollars.
What did he have to lose?thinked Cashier.
Sanskar-Sorry…I’ll be back to get those…
Abandoning his items on the conveyer belt,he turned sideways & slid pass the senior citizen,rushing to thr revolving door.
Outside,he looked down (there was a Lake) then right that’s when he saw her.Heart racing,he quickened his steps & walked up beside her.
Young woman-Hii (she said cautiously)
Sanskar-I usually don’t do this,& I wishe I’d thought of a line before I approached u,but I…I saw u & followed u & wanted to meet u.

She kept walking,but a small smile hovered around her mouth.?
Woman-Is that right???
Woman-I saw u,too?
Sanskar-U did????
(Progress already ???)
He couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face.?
Woman-What do u think???
Sanskar-I thought the whole hat to yhe back thing doesn’t work unless you’re a hip-hop artist or a boy band?.
Woman-Ouch.That hurt.

He twisted the bream of his hat to the front.

Sanskar-What else???
Woman- R u really following me???
Sanakar-I’ve been following u since we were in Food Mart.?
Woman-Should I be worried?
Sanskar-I’m harmless ?

She looked him up & down but didn’t say a word.They walked along in silence.

Precap-Keep guessing the Young Woman ??? & FB continues??

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