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Swara-You shouldn’t have done this,Sammy!!!(Her voice became low)…It was 6 yrs ago….
Sanskar came closer to her…


Sanskar-I would think (his voice also turned low like her…) that after 6 yrs u should find a way to…to….I don’t know…(He sighted) I don’t expect forgiveness.I know what I did was wrong but we had something…Didn’t we?

He came in front of her & she had no choice but to look at him.It brought him to such close proximity that she could smell his cologne.The same scent,containing hints of Sandalwood & Vanilla.It brought back even more memories.She looked him in the eyes,standing only a couple of inches shorter in her heels.She maintained the eye contact despite of the tremore in her belly.

Swara-No,we had opposite of something.”NOTHING”.Because u thought it fine to play games.
Sanskar-I wasn’t playing games.
Swara-What would u call it then?Having ur cake & eating it,too??

Sanskar ran his hand over his hairs…
Sanskar-I wouldn’t call it that,either
Swara-U used me..?
He moved more closer to her…
Sanskar-That was never my intention u have to believe me.Can we sit down & talk,we both are already here.

She shook her head not only to deny him but also clear it.
Sanskar-Do u want me to beg??(He lowered his voice)
Sanskar-Have dinner with me.U know u want to stay,no matter how much u despise me.I know how much u enjoy Chinese food & Laksh said this is ur favorite restaurant.That’s why I picked this place…?

He’d remember how much she loved Chinese food.But should it really only be dinner?It hadn’t been that first night…(Keep thinking?)

The corner of his mouth twitched, & she fought the urge to give it to that temptation,chipping away at her resolve…
She glanced back at the door…
Swara-This is my favorite Restaurant…

She’d started the downward slide into dangerous territory,justifying why it should be okay to sit down & have dinner with a man whose presence had her tangled in knots.Who, as he said,she should despise,but couldn’t bcoz of different emotion which she refuse to acknowledge.
He touched her arms above her elbow?& she pulled away from him?

Swara-No touching
He lifted his hands in surrender
Sanskar-No touching??
They eyed each other?

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