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BLIND DATE (Part 21)

Part 21

Present Day,Mumbai


Swara-U never answered my question…How is Kavi nowadays?
Sanskar-I haven’t seen her in long time.We broke up.(Finally Cavity is out of Swasan’s life???)
Swara-I’m sorry to hear that.(But Swasan Fandom is really happy???)
Sorry for Kavi mostly bcoz she’d seemed to love Sammy.
Sanskar-Don’t be.It was for the best.She found the right man for her & got married.He’s a dentist & they have 2 kids.

The waitress came by to check them,& when they told her they didn’t want anything,she moved on to another table in her station.

Sanskar-How about u?R u seeing someone seriously?
Swara-My sister wouldn’t have set us up if I had a boyfriend.R u dating anyone seriously?Plz answer honestly this time.

A rareful smile twisted the curve of his lips.?

Sanskar-No,bcoz no one compares to u??
Swara-Stop it!Stop making everything about me?
Sanskar-Everything is about u?
Swara-I said stop it,Sammy,otherwise I’ll leave.?
She wouldn’t fall prey of his charms again.After what he’d done,she shouldn’t even be seated at a table with him.
Silence extended b/w them,& in want of something to do,Swara sipped her water.Her gaze arced over the rest of the diners.Some engaged in animated conversations.Others–mainly the pair of people eating together-appeared more inimate.She easily discerned which ones were lovers.It was obvious with the little acts of affection,such as a man stroking the woman’s hand on the table near them.Or the couple seated in the booth in the corner,sharing a dessert with a same fork.

By contrast,she & Sanskar made it obvious they are not lovers.They sat across the table from each other & hadn’t touched since they’d been seated.If she could further away from him,she would.

So different from how they’d been together before the reality of Kavi intruded.
Memories flooded her mind–memories of flirtatious laughter,playing-fighting,making love beneath white sheets until every muscle felt drained of energy bcoz she’d been thoroughly satisfied.???

Dragging her thoughts from the past,Swara drained her glass of water & signaled the passing waiter for a refill.She needed to cool down from the titillating thoughts.She also needed to do a better job of regulating which paths her mind choose to wander down so she could maintain the wall of animosity necessary to remain unaffected by Sanskar.

Sanskar-I whish u hadn’t left the hotel that evening.?
Her gaze swung back to him.
Swara-You mean after I saw U & ur gf?There was no reason for me to stick around.I certainly wouldn’t allow u back into my bed,& I’m sure Kavi wouldn’t have approved us spending any time together.
Sanskar-Don’t be too sure.
Swara-What did u say?
Swara asked sharply,she must have misheard.

Precap-Swasan BLIND DATE continues…??

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