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BLIND DATE (Part 20)

Part 20

Swara looked passed him,curiosity etched in her features.Sammy couldn’t even turn around.He kept hoping he’d collapsed after hitting his head in the shower back at his brother’s apartment.

Wake up!Wake up.
Kavi came to stand beside & snacked her arms around his.

Swara-Who’s this?
The curiosity in Swara’s eyes turned to confusion & then segued into hurt.She blinked rapidly & took a deep breath in an obvious attempt to compose herself.

Kavi tugged on his arm.
Kavi-Pooky, u r being rude.
Sammy-I… ah…Kavi, this is Swara. Swara this is Kavi.

Here his opportunity to come clean,& he couldn’t.Not like this.

Kavi-Nice to meet u, Swara. I’m Sammy’s girlfriend.

“Girlfriend” Swara repeated.??

Kavi-Yes. We’ve known each other all our lives,& we’re practically engaged.I came to surprise him bcoz I’ve missed him the past couple of weeks.

She squeezed his arm,seemingly unaware of the damage she’d caused by her announcement.
Later,when he’d time to think,he’d recognize what had happened.
Kavita had immdiately seen the threat Swara presented.She’d known & effectively claimed her rightfull place in his life.

Right now,he couldn’t see it bcoz of the hell-shocked state.??
Right now,he didn’t know if he was coming or going,& he could only think of finding a way to fix this.But how?

Kavita continued
Kavi-Then I get here,& tells me how much he’s missed me & been thinking about me.I couldn’t ask for a better guy.?
She looked at Sammy,her gaze filled with adoration.

Swara studied Sammy.Color semeard his cheeks & he couldn’t even look her in the eye.

Kavi-Look at him,he’s blushing.I’ve embarressed him.

That wasn’t embarressment.That was GUILT.

He & Kavi looked good together,like an advertisement for a dating website.(Huhhh….I don’t know how I’m writing this line for Cavity?)
The pretty blonde hit onto him as if she feared one of the city’s strong winds would swoop down & lift him away.

All Swara’s idea about seeing where this could go effectively extinguished.
Swara-U didn’t mentioned u have a girlfriend???
Kavi-How do the two of u know each other?
Swara-I work at Saks Fifth Avenue,& he approached me & asked if I could help him find a gift for someone.I guess for u.

Sammy’s stomach muscle clenched in dread.She could bust him right now.Ehy didn’t she?Or did she plan to,& those statements were simply the lead up to the big reveal that he’d cheated on his girlfriend?

If she exposed his dishonesty to Kavi,everyone back home would know what a jerk he was.That he’d come to London & had a fling-cheating on the woman he’d practically been destined to marry.

He’d thought about giving up future to her,a woman whom he knew well,their families knew each other,& all for what?For a woman he’d known only a couple of days.

But she made him feel alive & excited about the prospect of being with someone than he’d ever felt.Forever with Swara didn’t cause same sense of dread as forever with Kavi.

Kavi-Well,he didn’t give me a gift.
Swara-So,I guess he didn’t get anything.
Or he did get something,but he’s keeping it a secret from u.

A tightening in the back of Sammy’s throat kept him from speaking.He avoided Swara’s eyes,staring out at the bustling street filled with cars & pedestrainsm.Everyone on their way somewhere.He’d been on his way somewhere,too.To see Swara & spend time with her.

Now he couldn’t even look at her becoz of the guilt he felt & the hurt he’d caused.What could he say?He’d denied being involved with someone.He’d misled her.

Swara-I’m glad I met u,Kavi.Sammy I’m glad to ran into each other & I had the opportunity to meet your girlfriend.

He stared down at the concrete.She sounded so cool,her voice so uncontrolled as if they really were mere acquistances & hadn’t been lovers.As she hasn’t become as essential to him as breathing.Meanwhike,for the past few minutes he’d been unable to speak,words deadlocked in his throat.

Swara-Have a nice life.?
The word sounded so final,he found the courage to look at her.She only offered a brief moment of eye contact.He saw the hurt?& anger?? before she walked away,poised,hips swaying in her tight jeans.(Asanskari thought??).

Kavi-She seems nice.I thought we could…
Her voice droned on,but he didn’t hear anything else she said.Swara had walked away & he hadn’d done anything to stop her.He had a flash of memory–of being buried inside her hot,wet body.Of her head tipped back,silky dark hair spilled across the pillows as his tongue licked the sweat from her damp skin.Memories of her thighs clenched around his hips,& how he’d come so hard he almost blacked out.(Asanskari Sammy ke Asanskari thoughts????)

He knew without a doubt his life would never be the same.
Sammy finally escaped after he told Kavi he’d ordered a pizza for them to eat & had to go pick it up.More lies.He didn’t know what to do in such a messy situation,but he knew he had to see Swara.

In the brightly lit lobby of The Haven Hotel,he approached the front desk.He couldn’t get upstairs without having a key card.He hadn’t phoned Swara becoz he suspected she wouldn’t answer.He wouldn’t blame her,but he hoped she’d give him a chance to explain.

He asked the person on the front desk to ring her room.Seconds later,a woman frowned at the screen in front of her.I’m sorry sir,but Miss Gadodiya has already checked out.

Alarm bubbled up inside him…??
Sammy-That can’t be right.She doesn’t leave until tomorrow.
Receotionist-No,Miss Gadodiya–
Voice”Checked again”

The woman tensed & stared at him as if he’d pulled a gun on her.A guest checking in a few feet away looked over at him.A man who carried himself with the authority of a manger talked to another guest off to the side.He broke away from the conversation & came over.

Manager-Is everything okay here?Can I help u?
Sammy-I need her to check the system one more time.That’s all.

Did he look as desperate as he felt?The hand he used to guesture toward the woman behind the desk shook slightly.He spoke slowly to curtail & painc from taking over his central nervous system.It was imperative that he msintain control before they dragged him out of their kicking & screaming like a lunatic.

“She said Swara Gadodiya has checked out,but that can’t be right.Sh-she’s supposed to leave tomorrow,not today.”

The manager nodded at the woman behind the counter,& she procceded to the review the system again.Her fingers tapped the keyboard.

Receptionist-It says here she checked out a 6:00 p.m.

She looked up at him with pity in her eyes.?

Receptionist-I’m sorry,sir.she’s gone.


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