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BLIND DATE (Part 18)

Part 18

Kavita’s idea of the perfect spouse meant a professional man with a degree who wore dress shirts & ties & went to the office everyday.She’d bragged about him when he studied systems,but when she found out he’d left college,she hadn’t been pleased.She hadn’t understood his passion for work,& for a few days they hadn’t spoken after he told her.Then out of the blue,she called him & said she could work with it.


By contrast,Swara hadn’t batted an eye he told her about his career choice.She hadn’t judged him for being a college dropout.Infact,she’d been curious about his work & asked him questions about the types of machinery he used & the process involve from the blueprint to the finish product.

Sammy-I’m not rethinking about my career.I came out here to think about my life & my future,& I wanted to do that without any distractions.?
Kavi-Your life & your future are “our” life & “our” future.I can help.Aren’t u happy to see me??

A perfect example of why he needed to get away.She suffocated him,& he felt concerned by her desire of marriage.
Now he felt like a pile of horse dung.Kavi had a way of manipulating him with guilt.He knew she did it,yet he allowed it to happen.

Sammy-Ofcourse,I am.(He lied)I’ve been thinking about u.
Though not in a way she thought.
Kavi-Good (she said with a sigh)
For a minute,I thought u didn’t want to see me.
She laughed as if the very was ridiculous.

Now would be the time to broach the topic of their relationship,but he chickened out.She’d come all this way to see him,& he didn’t have the guts to tell her that he’d met someone.& about his brother’s advice?Was he throwing away his future?

Kavi-I’ve been worried about u Pooky-Wooky.
She walked over & circled her arms around his neck,while at same time Sammy tried not to wince at the pet name.When his friends found out about it,they’d ragged him mercilessly for months.

His mind shifted gears to Swara.s*xy,curvy Swara.????
It had been hard as hell to leave her this morning,but the promise to met up again sustained him.
He couldn’t wait to climb into bed with her love one more time & run his tongue along the curve of her hip,suck those dark brown ni***es–which he’d come to think as his own–into his mouth to savor & enjoy while she gasped with pleasure.(Asankari Dimag??????)

Kavi-Ohh u do miss me,don’t u?
She reached down & covered his hard-on.
He laughed uneasily & pulled his pelvis away from her.

Sammy-Whao,let’s slow down for a minute I don’t have any c****ms,so we can’t do anything???
A boldfaced lie bcoz he’d bought a new pack.He hadn’t used them all,but he’d put in a good effort to get rid of as many as he could with Swara.????
Sammy-Are u hungry?I was about to get eat.

Kavita’s mouth puckered into another pout.She rubbed his chest.
Kavi-I’d rather stay here with u,but I can’t let my man starve.Let’s go put food in your tummy.Then,I’ll be your dessert.

She rose up on her toes & gave him a quick peck on the mouth.(??Chipku Cavity??)

Sammy swalloed down his discomfort & followed her out the door.He didn’t know what to do yet,but he knew he had to think of something fast.

Precap-FB continues with Swara whereabouts..?

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