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BLIND DATE (Part 17)

Part 17

London,Sunday,6 yrs ago


After taking a quick shower,Sammy dressed hurriedly in the bathroom.He’d only come back to change clothes & drop off his brother’s car.The past 2 days with Swara has been the best days he could ever remember.At his request,she agreed to stay an extra day & fly back to Kolkata tomorrow.

He needed time to thimk bcoz he hadn’t been able to get much thinking done while in her presence.He’d been so focused on her & how she made him feel.

When he’d told his brother about his feelings for her,he’d ask Sammy if he’d lost his mind.

Sammy’s Brother (SB)-You have to stop being so impulsive,Sammy.It’s exciting now,but how long will that last?You don’t even know her.Have your fun,but don’t throw away any a solid relationship for some girl u met the other day.???(Swasan ka dushman,idiot!)

Sammy knew he simply didn’t understand.Swara wasn’t some girl.He’d fallen for her.?
As ridiculous as it sounded,he knew it was true.They’d only known each other a short time,but how else to explain this urgent need to get back to her?How else to explain the rush of excitement at the thought of lying eyes on her or the crush of pain he felt in his chest when he thought about her flying out of his life tomorrow?

He stared at his reflection.If he’d felt so strongly about her,he had to tell the truth,becoz no good could come from starting a relationship based on a lie.
Today at brunch,he resolved, he’d tell her the truth & hope that she understood.

As he shoved his foot into the second tennis shoes,the doorbell rang.Quickly,he tied the shoelace & raced to the door.Peering out the peephole,his heart pummeted when he saw an unexpected face.??

Sammy-What the…?
He ran the fingers through his hair???,his mind racing.

The doorbell rang again,longer this time.Taking a deep breath,he opened the door.

“Surprise!”The perky blonde dropped her bag & flung her arms around his neck.
Sammy returned a tepid hug.

Sammy-Kavi,what r u doing here?
Girl-Is that any way to greet your girlfriend?(Swara ki SAUTAN??????)
She pouted up at him.

Kavita,the reason he took the trip to London.He’d needed to get away from the constant pressure of marriage talk.
It seemed everyone knew that he & Kavi should get married-their friends & family,Kavi,her parents,his parents.Everone except Sammy.

He’d known her forever.They’d gone to the same schools,& their parents were best friends,so their families spent time together often.

Once old enough to date,it was understood they would date each other,which they did,but broke up for a while when they went to college.They both moved back home after she graduated & he dropped out,they’d been dating off & on ever since.

Eventually,Kavi started hinting around about marriage,& his mother & hers added pressure.In his head it made perfect sense that marriage should be the next step in their relationship,but his heart wasn’t in it.

He cared about Kavi a lot,& he thought she’d make a good wife.She knew how to cook,worked at the daycare center,& was great with kids.But the more he thought about getting marriaged to her,the more it felt like what others expected him to do.Not what ge wanted.

Sammy-I didn’t know u were coming.?
He saud bringing her bag into the living room.

Kavi-That’s bcoz I wanted to surprise u,silly.(Look who is talking???)Wow this is nice.
Her mouth hung open as she walked deeper into the apartment.

Sammy & his brother had different tastes.Where Sammy would have gone for a more rustic abode,his brother’s home impressed with sleek lines & modern technology.A remote controlled everything,from the lights to the appliances.

Kavi-It is a great place.
Sammy agreed.The almost 2 weeks he’d spent there had been pleasant,bit now his refuge had been disrupted by the person he’d been seeking escap from.?

Kavi-It’s gorgeous.
Kavi flung open the drapes & looked down at the street.

Sammy glanced at his watch.He had to meet Swara for brunch in a few minutes.

Sammy-Umm…Kavi,what r u foing here?
Kavi-I came to see u,Sammy.You haven’t been returning my calls.
Sammy-I’ve been busy.How did u get here?
Kavi-I flew.

No way she’d bought a ticket on the spur of the moment to come out & see him.It would’ve have been cost porohibitive,so she must have bought the ticket long before & been planning this all along.

Sammy-I told u I wanted to come out here to think.
He tried to keep the frustation out of his voice,but he heard it creeping in.

Kavi-About what?Are u reconsidering ur career in making furniture?
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Sometimes he wondered,if she really loved him,or did she love the thought of getting married.Or,she simply go along with everyone else’s expectations.

Precap-FB continues…

Sorry,for absence of Swara in this part?
How was the twist?
What will Sammy do now?
How did Swara come to know about this?
What will happen when Swara come to know about this?
What will be her reaction?

So many questions,to get the answers…stay tuned to BLIND DATE???

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