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BLIND DATE (Part 16)

Part 16

He applied pressure to her sensitive core by lifting his thigh higher b/w her legs.
Swara gasped & closed her eyes,sinking her teeth into her lower lip as she concentrated.
Her body’s juice coated his legs as she worked her hips with gusto,& Sammy continued to squeeze her br***ts,using both hands now.
He filled his palms with the luscious mounds,groaning into her hair.They worked themselves into frenzy.Grunting & moaning,panting heavily,they continued their gyrations in the thores of arousal.


Sammy-Does it feel good,love????
Swara-Yes!oh,Sammy,right there.Please.Yes…right there.(Asanskar Sankar ki Asanskari Swara??)

Her desperate pleas riled him up,& he pumped his legs at the apex of her thighs.He pinched her nipples as she cried out,shattering in his arms.The sound of her feminine cries made heat crawl across his skin.
With the swift movement,he had her flipped onto her stomach.Gripping her hips,he buried his face in her hair & began to furiously hump against her soft bottom.If he couldn’t get inside her,he’d fo the next best thing to relieve the preasure of his groin.
He stiffened.Fingers closed around his erection into his hands,surrendering to the crushing climax that gripped him.Some of his come dripped onto her back.Crushing,he mumbled an apology & fell onto the bed,his breathing labored.

He watched Swara slip from the bed & rused to the bathroom.She come with a warm & damp washcloth.He cleaned himself off & then looked over at her.A beaming smile lit up her eyes.?
“Damm,she was beautiful.Not just her face.She had inner beauty,& it made her look more attractive on the outside.”He thought?

Swara-U made quite a mess.
Sammy-It’s your fault.???
With a gentle tackle,he rolled her onto her back,& she giggled,wrappimg her arms around his neck.?
Sammy-U know what the first thing on my to-do-list is today?
Sammy-Buy c*****s?
They ordered breaskfast from room service.Sammy dragged the table to the window & they ate it in front of it,wrapping in the hotel’s white robes.While eating,they talked constanly.
He found out that she’d aquired skills in visual merchandising & retail management that she planned to apply when she opened her own boutique one day.
She learned he had business aspirations,too.Bored,he’d dropped out the college & told his parents he wanted to make custom furniture.He’d always enjoyed earning extra money when he worked with his carpenter uncle.Later,he’d discovered that his true passion lay in building furniture.
At first his decision alarmed his parents.They’d wanted him to persue a professional career,the same as his older brother,a successful attorny in London.
Sammy knew he’d never be like his brother & he’d been worried about disappointing his father & mother.They hadn’t been pleased with his decision & had sat him down for a serios conversation about the pros & cons of his plan.
Eventually they’d accepted his choice,even if they didn’t approve.
His father encouraged hin to apprentice under a professional,which he’d been doing for the pasrmt few yrs.
He’d already earned a reputation for quality work & filled side orders for the few customers.

In the midst of their convo,Sammy’s phone ranged.Swara watched him leap up from the table & pull it from his pants on the floor.
He started down the screen,& instead of answering it,he turned it off & struck it back in his pocket.

Swara-Why didn’t u answer it?
He came back to the table & plopped into the chair across from her.
Sammy-It was my brother.
He didn’t look at her;instead,he stabbed a piece of fruit with his fork.

Swara-U should’ve talked to him.(She watched closely,sensing a change in him)He’d probably worried bcoz you’ve been out all night in his clothes & in his car.
Sammy-He knows I’m a boy & can take care of myself.I’ll call him later.

Popping a strawberry in his mouth,he finally looked at her & grinned.
The smile didn’t quite make it to his eyes this time.
He was lying.

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