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BLIND DATE (Part 15)

Part 15

London,Saturday,6yrs ago


Sunlight teased Swara’s eyelids open.The hotel room’s thick drapes were wide apart,allowing the rays to enter.She could see Saks Fifth Avenue across the street.She’d explained to Sammy that she’d done the store a favor by staying on a few extra days,but yesterday had been her last day.

With her lease up at her apartment & a new tenant moving in right away,Saks had moved her into this hotel at the company’s expense,making it a nice way to end the summer.

She stretched & yawned,lazily brushing hair from her face.Behind her,Sammy mumbled grumpily about it being too early to be up.She refrained from pointing out it wasn’t early.They were late.

A heavy arm fell acrossed her waist under fluffy white duvet?.He kissed a spot b/w her shoulder blades,& the rough hairs of a reemerging beard scraped her skin???
He reached uo to fondle her br**st,his fingers stroking a circle around a hardended nipple?.

Sammy-Are u up?(whispered)

He obviously knew she was or he was very unconsiderate person.
He tweak the hard peak of her br*ast & pressed his body against hers.


Swara reached back & touched the morning wood wedged b/w them.

Sanskar-So r u…

A puff of air ruffled the hair at the back of her neck when he laughed & slid his muscular thigh b/w hers.

They’d made love twice last night.The first time had been slow & sweet as they took their time exploring each other’s bodies.

He was such an attentive lover,leaving not one square inch of skin untouched?.Bcoz of him she learned that the backs of her knees were erogenous zone.She bit her lip at the memory of hus kisses there,smiling to herself.

Second time had been more passionate becoz of their newfound fimilarity.

Swara-Last night was nice.(shyly?)
Sanskar-That’s better?

She wiggled back into him.
She’d only had a couple of lovers since she lost her virginity in college,but neither of them had ever made her feel like this.Content,in a way she’d never been before.

How was it possible to feel so comfortable with someone she’d known less than 24 hrs?

Despite being a bundle of nerves,upon arrival to the room she’d known that she wanted to spend tge night with him.

Straight-laced Swara,voted Best Personality & Most Likely to be succeed by her class,had a one-night stand & it didn’t feel wrong like she would’ve have thought.It felt right.Perfect.Becoz he is Perfect?.He made her feel s*xy.Last night she’d insisted on taking a shower when they came in.

After working whole day & dancing half night,she’d wanted to freshen up.In the bathroom,she’d rubbed the scented lotion alk over her skin.

A shirtless Sammy had reclined on the bed watching music videos???.When she’d exited the bathroom in her black & white The Pearl bra & matching panties,his mouth had fallen open & his breathing had kicked up the notch.The scalloped edges of the bra barely contained her br**sts,pushing them together so they very nearly spilled from confinement.
She’d almost burst into giggles at the expression of his face.She knew then that she’d more than lived up to his expectations.

Swara-U like??
Sammy-I like.

His Adam’s apple had bobbed as he swallowed.??

He kept looking at her with an intensity in his eyes that simultaneously flattered & made her anxious.His gaze had skimmed over her br**sts,her bare belly,& her hips.

Sammy-I like so much I might be forced to tear those pretty panties off of u(too much Asanskari?)
Swara-Not these.They t The Pearl.Very expensive?.
Sammy-Then u shouldn’t have put them on.

She’d thought at first he was kidding,but he hadn’t been.
The lines in his face had sharpened,& his breathing had become labored.
His obvious excitement had fueled her own.

She thought about how much he made her laugh,too.
His sense of humor had worn through her flimsy reservations last night,& she’d done something she never would’ve expected.She’d had no well formulated plan with step-by-step instructions to consult.

For the first time in her life she’d lived in the moment & colored outside the lines.It had been scary but exhilarating.

Sammy-I think I’m a br**st man.?

His hand had remained on her br*ast the entire time,& he squeezed the doft flesh,eliciting a moan from Swara.

Swara-I think you’re a butt man(pushing back,aching on him)

Sammy-Yeah,thst too.I’m an arm man.?

He nipped a spot below her shoulder.She pushed back against him again & he started a slow grined that made her wet.

Swara-U have to stop.I don’t have any more co***ms?.

But he kept grinding & she kept rubbing.

Swara-Okay (said in a breathless voice)
In a minute.Let me…

Her voice trailed off as she arched her back.He applied more pressure to her br**sts,caressing them both,his calloused hand wreaking havoc on her sensitive nipples.

Sammy-Are u trying to come?(asked against the spot behind her ear)

His voice sounded strained.

He applied pressure to her sensitive core by lifting his thigh higher b/w her legs.
Swara gasped & closed her eyes,sinking her teeth into her lower lip as she concentrated.

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