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BLIND DATE (Part 14)


Part 14


Present Day,Mumbai

Swara managed to enjoy the food,despite the company she shared it with.She’d never had a bad meal here,& every bite had been as delicious as expected.
She’d never had a bad experience here either-until this evening.Now every time she came back to this restaurant,she’d remember tonight’s awkwardness.How seeing Sammy had caused her to recall moments in her past that she’d never truly forgotten but that she’d managed to surpress for a long time.

Swara-Why did u follow me that day?If you’d let me go,we would’ve never seen each other again.?

Across the table,Sanskar watched her closely.

Sanskar-I know.That’s why I followed u.?

His words wreaked havoc with her emotions.
She took a sip of water.

Swara-What were ur expectations for tonight?

She knew he couldn’t read her mind & know what she’d be thinking(offcourse he is not face reader??),but his scrutiny still made her uncomfortable.
Sanskar-I didn’t have any,I wanted to see u,that’s all.

He paused,mulling the question before answering.

Sanskar-I never got the chance to apologize that last day in London.What happened stayed with me long time afterward.”You” stayed with me afterward.For months I have left London,I would wake up in the middle of the night at random times,thinking about u?.Wondering what u were doing & who u were with.Did u find someone to make u happy.Someone u could trust & believe in,who wasn’t me.??

Sadly,in the past 6 yrs,no other man had come close to making her feel the way he did,but she’d never admit it to him.(stubborn Swara?)

Swara-When Laksh showed u the photo,u could have pretended not to know me.Chances r we would have never met.
Sanskar-Impossible.Besides,I don’t think u’re sorry to see me.I think u’re surprised,but once the shock wears off,u won’t be so upset.(Understanding Sanskar?)

Swara crossed her arms across her chest.

Swara-Just like that,u think everything will be fine bcoz u want it to be???
Sanskar-That’s not what I said?
Swara-It’s what u meant.(she shook her head).You’r still selfish,Sammy,only caring about what’s best for u.U felt guilty about what happened so,to ease ur conscience,u set up a phony date & now you’re trying to convience me to not only forgive u,but not be upset.Let’s pretend u never hurt & humilated me,& then what?Maybe we hook up again????

His mouth tightened.

Sanskar-Do u want me to deny that I thought about it?I won’t bcoz u’re right.Something happened b/w us in London,& I admit that a part of me wondered if we recapture what we had.
Swara-We didn’t have anything in London becoz it was wrong.(coldly)
Sanskar-It wasn’t wrong!

Sanskar spoke with such vehemence it startled her.He swiped a hand across his mouth & took a calming breath.

Sanskar-It was us.The timing may have been off,but “we” weren’t wrong.We were right.

How could he say that?He actually sat there rewriting history.(Swara thought)

Swara-How holly?
Sanskar-I don’t want to talk about her.
Swara-Why not?Bcoz u can’t face the fact that u lied to me.?
Sanskar-I wanted to tell u the truth,Swara.?
Swara-Wanted,but din’t.U should have told me the truth before we slept together.Canu deny that the only reason I slept with u is bcoz u betrayed her & deceived me??

He looked at her with deadpan eyes.At least he didn’t avoid her gaze like he had that day.He didn’t acknowledge her words,but he didn’t refute them either.How could he,when it was true?

Swara-Isn’t what u call it,when you’re sleeping with one woman while involved with another?

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