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BLIND DATE (Part 12)

Part 12

Sammy-Let’s go to Movie?
Swara-I’m not really in a mood for a movie…?
She twirled stem of her glass on the table.Sammy…
She said thoughtfully,looking down at the chardonnay.


Sammy-I can tell u how much-.How about dancing?U said u like to dance.
He didn’t want the night to end…
Swara-I do.
Sammy-There’s got to be somewhere we can go.
What do u usually do on a Friday night?
Swara-Sometimes I go out…

She paused,giving him a considering look.

Swara-There’s a place not to far from here.My co-workers & I gone a few times.It’s ina basement of a the buliding & has this whole house-party vibe.They play a lot of songs from the 80’s & 90’s.
Sammy-Sounds like fun?
Swara-Sammy,I leave in a couple of days.?
Sammy-All the more reason to pack in as much as we can tonight right???

He reached acoss the table & took one of her hands in both of his.The same jolt if electricity vibrated through his fingers,but this time he didn’t pull away.?This time he embraced it,enclosing her smaller hand & holding on tighter when her fingers trembled.

Sammy-I just want to spend time with u.I feel like something’s happening here,& I don’t…I-I…

He fumbled,searching for the right words & coming up short,unable to explain what was happening but knowing he didn’t want to get off this ride they were on.But maybe he didn’t totally screwed up.Bcoz she smiled the sweetest,softest smile that turned his insides to mush.
Swara-I know what u mean…(she said softly?)


After circling thee area several times,Sammy parked the car few blocks away from the venue.They took a set of stone step below street level where music poured from the open doorway of a townhouse basement.

A few men loitered outside,smoking cigarettes & watching the women walk in wearing their booty-hugging dresses & sky-high heels.The predominantly African-American crowed squeezed into a space too small to accommodate a group of that size,resulting in a fire marshal’s wet dream.

Stuffed into a corner of a makeshift stage,the deejay called out

Deejay-Did y’all come here to paaaar-tay?

A resounding,”Yeah” erupted from the dancers.

Sammy-This place is crazy.
His breath tickled her ear…?
Swara-It’s always like this…?

They stood on the edge of the crowed,watching everyone shake & shimmy.

Sammy-Do u want to dance?

As much as Swara wanted to,she hesitated,”How much rhythm did he have?” She thought?

Swara-Why don’t we stand back & watch for a minute?
Sammy-That’s probably best.I’m not much of a dancer.
After a few minutes,he dipped his head to her ear again.

Sammy-If u want to dance go ahead.I’ll stand here & watch.
Swara-U came here to watch??

He placed a hand at her lower back,& the toch sent sparks dancing along the base of her spin.

Sammy-I like to watch??(Asanskari mode on yet again?)

His steady gaze held hers,leaving no dout as to what he’d imply by the words.He straightened,his attention drawn back to the dancers.
Swara rubbed the goose bumps from her arms.

Sammy-I’m going to get something to drink.U want anything?
She shook her head.
Swara-Be right back.

She watched him disappear to the other end of the room in the direction of a small bar.

“Hey,u want to dance?”A guy with dreads stood besides her.
She looked over at Sammy,now engrossed in conversation with the bartender.He had given her permission to dance.

Swara-Sure☺(she said with a shrug)
She & Dreadlocks squeezed between the bodies & started dancing,but after several songs,Swara broke away from him when he got too handsy.
She looked around for Sammy,but she didn’t see him anywhere.
Outside she asked a couple of people if they’d seen him.No one had.She climed the steps up to the street & looked around but didn’t see any sign of him.

Precap-FB continues
Where did Sammy gone??

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