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BLIND DATE (Part 11)

Part 11



Time passed quickly,all thanks to Sammy’s sense of humor.By the time the cheese course arrived-a plated assortment of mild to sharp cheeses,accompained by baguette(a long narrow french loaf),sliced figs(a soft pear-shaped fruit),dried apricoats & nuts-Swara found herself laughing at everything he said.She didn’t know if it because he was so funny or becoz of the almost empty bottle on the table b/w them.?
She rested her chin in one hand & swirled a glass of white wine in the other…

Swara-Okay,Truth time.You’re not unattractive so I can’t figure out why u feel the need to follow the women around & try to seduce them with exoensive meals at French restaurants…
She sipped from the glass,eyeing him through her lashes over the rim.Oh boy,she was full-on flirting now.?Maybe she needed to slow down.She set the glass on the table.
Leaning back in the chair,Sammy watched her with an amused expression.He tended to smile a lot,which was nice.It made his brown eyes sparkle like the sun bouncing off ocean waves.
Sanskar-Is it working(Asanskari chora?)
Swara-Yes,but u can’t seriously tell me u don’t have a girlfriend somewhere…?
His smile wobbled before slipping back to place.
Sanskar-I don’t?
For the first time since she’d sat down to dinner,she wondered if he had someone in his life,& the thought disturbed her enough that she lowered her gaze to the cheese plate & picked up a couple of walnuts.During that millisecond of time,envy filled her & the desire to make him hers overcame her??
Brushing aside the disquieting thoughts,Swara continued the light-hearted banter they’d engaged in since beginning of the meal.

Swara-Likes & Dislikes?
Sanskar-I love watching action movies,but none of my girlfriends like the,& I always end up going to the movies alone?
Swara-Where have u been all my life?

Sammy folded his arms on the table & leaned forward,fixing his biceps oh so nicely???
Sanskar-Every women I’ve ever dated hates action flicks.In the summer,I buy a movie package so I can see all the blockbuster at the dicounted rate.

He reached for a nut at the same she did,& their fingers brushed,they both pulled back quickly,& the unexpected jolt to Swara’s system stunned her.She lowered her eyes from Sammy’s gaze & inhaled to slow the rate if her beating heart.What had just happened??
Scraping his hand through his hair Sanskar cleared his throat.He couldn’t ever remember being this nervous around a woman before.The simple act of brushing their fingertips against each other almost made him leap out of the chair.

Sanskar-So,um…tell me about ur trip to London.
(She’d mentioned earlier thst she’d traveled in France while in college)
A wistful expression came over her features as she reflected on the fond memories.

Swara-I spent an amazing summer there after my freshman year.?

She had a nice voice.Low but feminine.He’d been asking her questions all night to hear her talk.?

Swara-I went only a few yrs ago but it seems much longer.I’d love to go back.
Sanskar-U have to say something about France so I can hear u.
Swara-Oh no,I couldn’t.

She looked embarresed.If it wasn’t for her russet complexion,he knew he’d see her cheeks redden.

Sanskar-Why not?Maybe u can’t really speak it fluently…?
He let the question sit out there as a challenge,& right away she took the bait…

”Je parle français couramment,mais je préfère parler anglais parce ques c’est ma langue maternelle.”
(I speak France fluently,but I prefer to speak English bcoz its my mother tongue)

His attraction to her catapulted into the stratosphere when she uttered the words.He definitely liked the French-speaking Swara.Her voice had taken on a musical quality,as if she’d shifted into character when she spoke the language.Even though he had no idea what she’d said,the words happened to be some of the hottest he’d ever heard.The sudden movement against the zipper of his jeans proved how much he enjoyed them.

Sanskar-What did u say??
Swara-I said I speak France fluently,but I prefer to speak English bcoz its my mother tongue.

Her smile blew him away.She had his undivided attention,& all of a sudden the thoughts that had plagued him since coming to visit his brother melted away.He ignored the guilt becoz all that mattered was right here,right now,with Swara.
He was certain,in a way he hadn’t been before,that she was a kind of woman-no ‘the’ woman-he wanted to be with.But she’d be leaving the day after tomorrow,moving back to South Carolina.The thought sobered him.

Sanskar-What do u want to do tonight?(A loaded question.)
One that,if he answered it honestly himself,would involve them spending the night in the most Intimate of ways(Asanskari mode on??)

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