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”birthday celebration in pink paradise”.. OS.. (SPECIALY FOR KHUSH ) ”ek duje ke vaste ”


…..Birthday celebration in pink paradise…..


Far far from the earth..among the star there is a paradise..”pink paradise ? ”
its the land of fairies and u know the most beautiful fairy there??
She knows the magic…the magic to distribute happiness…..that magic lies in her smile….when she smile whole atmosphere glitter with joy…
She is that star of dark which shine brighter….
She is the 1st ray of sunlight that reaches the earth after night….
She is that bird which spread its melody in morning breeze..
She is that drop of rain which make the desert fresh..
She is that rose whose fragnance spread in atmosphere

aka sleeping beauty coz she loves her sleep..if u disturb her sleep she will sleep with open eyes ? she is very naughty as well…. But she is sweet heart…..

And yesterday there was celebration in pink paradise..
Celebration of her birthday..
Whole paradise was decorated beautifully…….
Like a choco world….. A beautifull garden nd at its mid there is fountain big fountain of caramel….by the side trees of chocolate….and clouds,,,clouds are also of choclate from which cream is flowing
lil lil faires are dresses in cadbury dresses dancing happily in air….

And a big cake,,,,, very colourfull cream came from which choco is flowing is waiting to be cuted….
But birthday fairy is missing…..ohhhhhh……
Where is she lets look for her!!!!!

Hmmmmm there she is sitting on clouds wearing pink gown with white shoes and golden crown that has scattered its glow all around..

But what she is dng on clouds….lets look at her closely ahhhh she is reading a book (coz too buzy with studies )
nd finally that fairy came down from the stairs that are hidden in milky white smoke…..
A fairy wearing pink gown is cmng down stairs among the milky smoke how mesmerizing veiw is that!!!!

And finally she cuted the cake..

So lets wish our sweet fairy..

____THE END_____

okkkk so this was my second attempt to wish u khush in a bit story way coz TU rejected my previous post…..
But i really doubted if preeto was talking abt this khushi or not… But i really cant afford to miss
wishing her on her day… So if ur bday is late than take this is in advance……
Nd in story that fairy is u only my each and every word describe u…. But yet it failed to explain my love for my darling sissy coz i lov u till infinity…..

hope u saw this coz i hv no other way to wish u….

(agr khushi ki bday na hui to mn to gai kam se…no slippers plzzz ) …

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