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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 40)

Hii, thanks for your response on previous part. Truly speaking then I thought you must have forgotten it. Thanks for remembering it.
Part 39


They both are still in same position. There trances broken by sound of wind charm.
Both reliases what had happened some moments ago.
Both were feeling guilty, none of them are looking at each other.
Both knows there is none of them mistake, both just carry away.
He is looked at her to understand ‘ whatever happen few moments ago ‘ what means for her.
Before he could conclude anything , she herself answered him , feeling his gaze.
“ it was mistake “
Sanskar: what?

Swara: ya it’s just mistake I carry away with those emotions.
Sanskar: mistake? How can you say that? Didn’t it matter you?
Swara; no( stern voice)
She is not facing him.

Sanskar: really
She turned toward him , directly looked into his eyes.
She nodded in yes.
He still don’t want to believe it , she is considering those moments as mistake. He angrily bang on door and leave from there.
She close the door and collapsed on floor.

Swara ; ( to herself) how could I loose control?, He doesn’t deserve me. Why I can’t hate him?, why always my love overpower my hateness? No I have to hate him, how could I forget his deeds, his slap and most importantly that day when he was that position with that girl. Instead of giving explantion , he slap me infront of her. Not only it, he almost throw me from there.How could I? I have to hate him. Pls god don’t make me weak. I have to remember all sorrows given by him,only he is reason on my di’s and jiju miserable life. Till di doesn’t forgive him, I will also not forgive him. If I I’ll forgive him soon it will not only injustice with my love but also with all girls respect. I have to stop my heart for him, whom is day by day making me weak. Ya I will distance myself from him.
She sleeps in same position.
Sanskar ‘s room

He angrily punching on punch bag. His hands were bleeding but only one sentence revolvers in his mind.” It was mistake”
Sanskar; ( monologue) what she think of herself? How can she considered those beautiful moments as mistake. Why no one wants to see my change behaviour? Why?? No one is understanding me neither she nor bhabhi. First both were always understand me without even saying any words. Now not even they are believing me that I am change. Does my love is so weak or I don’t deserve second chance.

He faints there due to loss of blood.
Screen froze both were sleeping on floor, tears marks were clearly visible on their faces.
Kaira is smiling foolishly again and again by touching her lips.
Brain: why are you giving close up ad.
Soul; I don’t know.
Heart: she is in love.
Brain; really , silly girl don’t forget love is waste of time.
Soul; haww
Heart: don’t listen him, brain is useless.
Brain; I am not, don’t forget he doesn’t like you.
Soul: really( tensed face)
Heart: does he say , he hate you.
Soul; no
Brain; can’t you see ? How he always fight with her and most importantly he is in love with your frnd. May be she also love him.
Soul; but …
Heart; don’t listen him, if she loved him she must have told you. Don’t worry now you try to make your place in his heart.
Soul; really, do he will also feel same like me?
Heart: yes, he will also.
Brain ; never, remark my words he love ‘swara’ . he will never going to love you.
Heart; no
Brain : yes
Soul; you both idiots keep silence.
She sadly seated on bed, thinking about her feeling and swadi closeness.
Kaira: ( monologue) does he really love her? If yes then I will be not come between them . I can see love in his eyes for her but in her eyes only friendship is there. Oh god so many confusion in their life. But why I am thinking about it, it’s just mere attraction. Not any love, brain is right love is totally waste.
Brain give 1000 watt smile to heart.
Soon she also dozes on bed.

Adi’s room
Adi impatiently finding something. He is throwing all things here and there.
Adi; ( monologue) where is it? If anyone sees it , it will create problem. Adi concentrate it must have somewhere in room itself. But if she will see it then she will start to hate me. I don’t wanna loose her friendship, if she will hate me then I will die I can’t live with her hateness. Ya it must have here only, I will find it tmrw.
Soon he also sleep there but not peacefully.

Next mrng
All were still sleeping in there respective room.
Raglak were sleeping cuddling each others, on both of their face smile is crept.soon Ragini sleep get disturb by Sun rays. She slightly open her eyes . she smiled seeing herself in Laksh embrace. She lightly kissed his forehead , feeling her kiss he also smiled in sleep. Soon realisation hit her, she separate herself from him without disturbing his sleep.

She started to find niaksh. Not finding him, she became tensed.
Ragini: laksh , wake up niaksh is not here.
Laksh: he must have went for playing( still sleepy)
Ragini: no laksh, he can’t he has habit till he don’t wake me or swara. He won’t go anywhere.
Laksh; ha he must have with doll.
Ragini; laksh, wake na
Laksh irritatingly wake up,
Laksh ; now what
Ragini: vo sry,pls help me in finding him. He must have hungry.if he will not find food na then he will become mad.
Laksh; kk fine
Both started to find him. Laksh notice his cupboard is slightly open.
He move toward it.
Ragini; Laksh, where are you going?
Laksh: can’t you see?
Ragini; why are you talking like this?

Laksh; my mood..
He open cupboard, seeing scenario both become shocked. Both burst out in laugh.
Niaksh peacefully sleeping there, his face and fingers were full of chocolates.
Laksh; oh god Ragini, how much he love chocolate.
Ragini: don’t know, always he wants chocolate only.
Laksh: he is same like you, when I had proposed you marriage instead of answering me you snatch chocolates and started to eat.
She cutely make pouts
Ragini: not fare laksh
He make him sleep on bed, wipe his face and finger.

He covered him with blanket and kisses his forehead.
He emotionally seeing his son sleeping who is smiling in dream like in dream also he is busy in eating his chocolates.
Laksh: ragini, pls I have a one request.
Ragini; what?
Laksh: pls this time don’t separate me from him, I will die…
Before he could complete she keeps her hand on his lips.
Ragini: never say like this.
Both sees each other, there is deep eyelock between them. She wipes his tears and kisses his tears marks.
Soon she reliases her position, she exuces herself.
Swara is trying to open something, before she can become successful in it . someone snatch it from her hand.
Voice: are you out of mind?
Swara: I just trying to see what is inside this box. You always hide it like there is some diamonds in it.
Voice: swara, don’t taste my Patience.

Swara: adi, I am your frnd na.
Adi: you’re my bestie , at correct time I will share my feeling with you pls understand na.
Swara; I know you love someone. Pls tell na who is that lucky girl. I want to see you happy with her. You have done lots of thing for me. Pls…( she hold his hand)
Adi: it’s not like that.
She looses her control..

Swara; ( shouted) then why you have keep some bl**dy girl photo in this box. I know there is her belonging it.
Adi; ( with same force)don’t dare to use any abusive words for her. How do you know about pics.
Swara; oh then I am right. Adi why don’t you forget that girl pls move on. Neither you’re confessing your love to her nor you’re forgetting her. What is stopping you?
Adi: you( shouted)
Listening their voices raglak and Sanskar reaches there. Sanskar is feeling difficulty in walking yet he managed to reach there.
Swara: what do you mean? How I am responsible?

Adi kept silence, she held his collar.
Swara: answer me dammit, how I am responsible for it. I never force you for anything. Today due to that girl you’re shouting on me. Who the hell is she, she only give you sorrow. Adi you deserve happiness, may be she is not correct for you. Why are you wasting your life for that girl who doesn’t even know about your feeling.

Sanskar try to stop her but she shows her hand.
Adi: what is her fault in that, if she does not know about my feeling.
Swara: adi, pls understand na , forget her…
Before she could complete, adi slap her hard. She stumble she going to fall but raglak save her.
Ragini: aditya….

Sanskar: how could you touch her.
Both ragini and sanskar held his collar.
Adi: not today, no will speak between us.
He jerk their hand.
Laksh: adi calm, we understand it, it’s your and her matter but this is not any way..
Raglak and sanskar trying to speak more before anyone could again speak. Swara signal them to stop.
Swara; no jiju, he has all rights on me. He is my best frnd , if I am wrong even he can punish me as well as kill me. I will happily die from his hand.
She reach near him and hold his hand.
Swara; pls if you wanna slap me more you can but pls tell na do you really love someone?
Adi; yes I , what you think yourself? I don’t give anyone that right to say anything about my love not even you.

He angrily leave from there.
Swara: ( shouted) pls tell na who is she, I will make her understand your feeling.
She cryingly sit on bed..
Sanskar try to go near her , before he could reach near her he fainted.
Ragini sees him falling , she hold him.
Ragini: laksh, call doctor.
Swaragini make him lie on bed. Swara notices his hand and feet are full blood patches,his feets were still bleeding.
Seeing his condition, she don’t able to understand anything.

Swara: di, do something.
Ragini; don’t worry doll, nothing will happen to him.
Swara; all is only due to me.
She started to cry, Ragini console her.
Ragini; doll, what are you saying.
Swara: vo nothing di, first we should do something to clean his wound.
Both did his first aid, still he is unconscious.
Doctor come and checked him.
Swara; doctor, he is fine na.
Doctor: yes miss gadodia, only he is unconscious due to blood loss. I gave him injection he will soon become conscious.
Laksh bid bye to doctor.

Ragini: swara, you go freshen up. I am here with him.
Swara: no, I will not go anywhere. I will be with him.
Ragini; no doll, you can’t. See your condition..
Swara; pls di( she join her hand )
Laksh: ragini, pls …..

Ragini: but laksh , she is..
Laksh: ( hold her hand) pls, they need each other. I know when he will wake he will only try to find her not for him atleast for me, let her stay with him.
She nodded , both leave from there.
Swara kisses his forehead and bandage, due to excess headache she sleep on his chest.
Adi sadly seeing box, he open it and take some pic.
Adi: ( to pic) how could you say like this?, ha answer me I can’t forget you.You wanna know na who is that lucky girl whom I love, that girl is only you ‘ swara’ but I am not lucky like you. You don’t love me even you don’t know my feeling, I am not blaming you. How could you know( he sadly laugh) I even not let you know my feelings.
he sees his hand and punches on wall.
Someone is listening all this with teary eyes.
Precap; most awaiting part ( guess guys, what it must be)

Note; how many of you wanna laksh bold behaviour. Soon Ragini will reliases all her mistakes.
( sry for less raglak and adira scene)
Bye, take care and love you all

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