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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 31)

Hii guys, thanks for your response on previous part. Sry for being irregular.
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Part 30

Both are trying to sleep in their room but sleep is far away from their eyes.
Swara room
Swara ; ( monologue) what he think of himself? First he propose me in jail moreover no romantic date. He is really idiot maheswari , no no he is not idiot maheswari because if is idiot then after marriage I will be Mrs idiot maheswari. Sanskar is better than idiot.
Soon her thoughts are disturbed by feeling someone touch around her waist. Even without turning she shrugged hand.
Guy: so my princess is angry na.
She nodded in yes
Guy: then propose me in unique way as I did.
She angrily turned toward him.
Swara: kidnapper, first you should take me to romantic date only after that I will propose you.
Sanskar: no princess, do you even heard it without proposal romantic date.
Swara wrap her hand around his neck
Swara; but you already proposed me na. So from this point we can go on romantic date.
Sanskar; how can I go with stranger.
Swara: do I am stranger?
Sanskar: ( pull her closer) nope, I am your bf but you are not my gf.
Swara: go to hell, I want break up.
She tried to take back her hand. He tightly hold it again make her wrap around his neck.
Sanskar: after proposing me, we will decide about break up. Till then let me sleep in your room.
Swara; no way, you’re not going to sleep here…


He interrupt her by placing his finger on her lips and lift her in his arms. She started to hit him on chest.
Sanskar: now I will sleep peacefully.
Swara: leave me or else I will shout.
He put her on bed and make pillow wall.
Swara sees it with confusion . sensing her confusion he cup her face.
Sanskar: I know you are not comfortable in sharing bed. You must be thinking why I am here leaving my room. After your leaving my room I decided to get some fresh air. When I went there I saw an old couple are sitting in cold. I thought to approach them” they told me due to marriage season rooms are not available in any resort or hotel. So they are here” I felt pity for them. So I …
Before Sanskar could complete, Swara place fingers on his lips. Both started to see each other. Soon they reliases their position, Sanskar back off.
Sanskar: moreover I don’t trust you , if in night you do something then I will loose my dignity then how I will face my would be wife.
She started to throw pillow, after fighting for sometime they sleep beside each other.

Ragini and laksh are sleeping in each other embrace. While sleeping ragini is blabbering something , soon laksh sleep disturb due to her. Ragini is fully Sweating, it seems to she was watching some bad dream.
Ragini: laksh, save her.
Laksh tried to wake her, instead of stopping she started to shout.
Ragini: laksh, save her. She will kill her.
Laksh: ragini, what happen? Who will kill whom?
He jerk her , due to sudden action she wake up and hugged him.
Laksh: what happen ladoo?
Ragini: I saw very bad dream.
Laksh: this was only dream na. ( she not convince by his words and started to weeping) okay tell me what you saw?
Ragini: shona is crying continuously and she is pleading to someone to leave her.
Laksh: do you trust me?
She break hug and make eye contact with him.
Ragini: more than myself.
Laksh: do you trust Sanskar
She nodded in yes

Laksh: Sanskar and swara love each other. He will always protect her from everything and swara is not only your sister , she is also my sil. You always says na she is your first baby then she is also my first baby. Then how can I let her get hurt,I promise you I will always protect her.
Ragini: I knew it, something is going between them but laksh that dream.
She again lost in that dream , to lighten her mood laksh started to tickling her.
Ragini: laksh leave me.
Laksh: no, first you smile.
Ragini: I am not mood of smiling.
Laksh: sometimes, I think you should marry to swara.
Ragini; if I had been marry her then you were still be unmarried. Then no romance. ( she started to laugh)
Laksh : ( moves close to her) I only said you to marry her but I don’t said we should had stop our romance. Even without marrying you I could romance with you.
Ragini: shameless creature (she pushes him and cover her self with blanket)
Laksh: unromantic wife
Ragini; I heard it hubby
Laksh: good, now let me sleep with my wife.
Soon she also sleep in his embrace.

Morning, goa
Swara wake up first , she find herself in Sanskar’s embrace. She become little shy and started to caresses his hair.
Swara; ( monologue) if he wake up then surely he will tease me. (She looked at his smiling face)don’t worry Mr kidnapper , your princess will propose you in unique way.
Soon her thoughts disturbed due to Sanskar’s movement.
She started to come out of his grip without disturbing his sleep.
Sanskar: stop trying, let me sleep more by hugging my pillow.
Swara: I am not your pillow
Sanskar: princess, I wanna sleep more. I don’t able to whole night.
Swara; why?
Sanskar: due to you?
Swara: me?
Sanskar: ha,whole night I was busy in starting my princess.
She blushes little , her cheeks turned red.
Sanskar: stop blushing, let me sleep.
She widen her eyes to see him but his eyes were still closed. She composes herself and again started to awake him.
Swara: kidnapper, open your eyes. Today we have to leave for Kolkata.
Sanskar; no, I love this place. We will live here only.
Still his eyes are closed.
Swara; oye kidnapper, we only came here for jiju not for living here.
Sanskar: shona, sleep na. We have to leave in evening na, moreover we can’t leave till ur di and jiju not arrive here.
He forcefully take her in his embrace.
His trances broken by niaksh.
Niaksh: frnd, devil said me to play with you he have talk to Masi and dad.( he sees in Sanskar’s hand album was there) frnd, can I see it?
He nodded both started to see that album while seeing Sanskar continuously trying to stop his tears.
Niaksh: frnd, you knew Masi before than me.
Somehow he controlled his tears,he took him in his lap.
Sanskar: yes, I knew her from long times.

Niaksh: then why she don’t tell me about you.
Sanskar: she was little angry from me that time, That’s y she didn’t told you about me.
Niaksh: is she still angry from you?
He nodded in yes.
Niaksh; oh, that’s y you are crying. Don’t worry I will help you in patch up with her and you will help us patching mom- dad, deal.
He turn toward him and forward his hand.
Sanskar: deal
He shake his hand with him.
Sanskar: champ, you see these pics. I am coming from outside.
He nodded in yes and started to see pics.
Laksh room
Swara was holding her ears while laksh was not seeing toward her.
Swara; jiju, plz don’t be angry.
Laksh: adi, tell her to go away from here. I don’t need anyone.
Adi tried to speak but swara interrupt him
Swara: jiju, see na I am doing sit-ups.
Laksh: adi, tell her to stop. I thought her as my own family but she never considered me like that.
Swara: I am sry na , I always considered you as my family
Laksh turn toward her and remove her hand from ears which she was helding.
Laksh: then why you didn’t tell me about niaksh.
Before she could answer him, Sanskar come there.
Sanskar: because she was angry to me na, that’s why she hide it from you also.
Swara: all are not like you. If things were in my hands then I surely tried to unite Niaksh with jiju long back.
Sanskar: why in those 4 years , you never had right time.
Laksh: Sanskar, stop interrupting between us.
He nodded in yes
Laksh: you tell me, why you never try to contact me?
Swara: vo I didn’t had your number.
Sanskar: don’t lie swara.
Laksh passes him death glare, he again seal his mouth.
Laksh: swara, tell me truth.
Swara: jiju, I am not lying.
Laksh: see toward me and now speak.
She doesn’t able to speak further.
Laksh: doll, I am not angry from you. Just little hurt from your di and you.

Adi interrupt him
Adi: it wasn’t her fault.
Sanskar: don’t take her side, she purposely hide this fact that bhai has became father. She is just selfish , always care for her di never think about other.
Adi not able to take more , swara tried to hold his hand to calm him but he jerk her hand and held Sanskar collar.
Adi: not even one word against her.
Swa- lak tried to separate them.
Sanskar; why I can’t, I know I was at fault that time but bhai never did anything wrong than why, at least she should tell him.
Adi: because she was in coma for 3 and half year. Do you now understand why she don’t came here early.
Adi go toward swara and cupped her face. He signal her not to feel bad.
She just seeing toward Sanskar with moist eyes.
Sanlak become freeze after listening it, Sanskar started to moving backward.
Sanskar: ( blabbering) it’s only due to me.
Laksh signal adi to come out from there.
Both came outside now swasan are alone there. Meanwhile Niaksh came with chocolate and album.
Niaksh: dad,I am angry with you.
Laksh: can I know why my baby is angry from me?
Niaksh: you marry with my mumma but you don’t invite me.
Adi: little devil, then I am also angry with your dad.
Laksh seeing their act smilingly
Niaksh: why? They also not invite you.
Adi sit on floor and started to fakely crying.
Both are at same place remembering happy times. Sanskar started to hit his hand.
Swara rushes there , she took his hand in her hand.
Swara: do you hate your own hand?
Sanskar: ( feel difficulties to speak) I slapped you from this hand once na. That’s y I am punishing myself.
Swara: stop your rubbish thing.
Sanskar; no I will kill myself. Only due to me you were in that condition. I am reason of everyone miserable life. If I will die then everything will be fine.
Swara; okay fine, do you want some poison or knife.
Sanskar sees with moist eyes , she turned her face angrily.
Sanskar: sry
Swara; no, you’re right this all happen due to you then go and die. I will die because at some point I was also at fault mainly I was reason of their separation na. Di only took that decision due to me. Most importantly I am culprit of niaksh.

Sanskar: no, you aren’t.
Swara: then promise me you will never do any stupidity. We will make everything fine, just like before.
Sanskar: everything? Our relation also? Our love also? ( with some hope)
Swara: I mean di and jiju relation. We should keep our personal problem to aside.
Outside room
Adi: no
Niaksh sits in front of him and also make laksh sits there.
Niaksh: dad,I will not talk you to mumma and you. Why you not invite us.
Adi: ha little devil, ask him why he not invite us.
Laksh: niaksh, you wanted chocolate na.
Niaksh: no, I want to attend your marriage. Devil, we will be angry from him until he didn’t tell us proper reason.
Adi giving laksh teasing smile.
Adi: fine little devil, come with me we will go to park.
Laksh: adi, now I understood why he calls you devil. You’re really devil. Niaksh next time when I will marry na then surely I will invite you but not your devil.
Niaksh: it’s okay with me.
Adi: not fine little devil. You forget me.
Niaksh; dad, pls invite him also warna he will eat my brain.
He again started to see pics.
Niaksh; Dad, I will also marry.
Adi and laksh burst out in laughing.
Adi: why you want to marry?
Niaksh: arre budhu, see in this pic how my mom and dad are looking so preety and so many gifts also.
Adi: so you want to look like you dad. Also want gift but who will marry you.
Niaksh: dad, who will marry me??
Laksh: adi, can’t you keep your mouth shut.
Adi: arre, I casually ask. Little devil tell na, who will marry you.
He started to cry , listening his crying swasan also came there. Swara took him in her arms.

Swara: adi, now what you had done?
Adi: oye devil, ask your jiju I didn’t even touch him.
Sanskar: champ, why are you crying? Does they snatch your chocolate?
He nodded in no meanwhile laksh tried to control him but he started to cry even more louder.
Niaksh; Masi, I want to marry. They are not finding girl for me.
Swara is looking both them unbelievably.
Sanskar; seriously, adi you keep these thought in his mind na.
Adi ignore him and go toward niaksh.
Adi: no one will marry you
Laksh; arre baby don’t cry na, marriage is next to suicide.
Niaksh; then why you marry to my mom? I also want to marry.
Sanskar; okay , you stop crying I will find girl for you.
Niaksh: really (he started to eat chocolate happily)
Sanskar nodded in positive. He went to Sanskar arm and started to tease adi and laksh.
Niaksh: frnd, I will not invite them.
Adi: first find girl for yourself then tease us.
Niaksh: frnd, I found girl.

Precap: same as previous + adi meeting with someone. Ragini comes to know about swara and niaksh being in India.
Is anyone have doubt regarding Sanskar revenge? Well it already disclose in starting parts. If still anyone wants to know then you can ask me in comments. I will answer you there or in next parts.
About marriage, it will be also unique one like their love story. That precap was for upcoming parts not for next one.
I think it’s long one after so many days.

Bye, take care and love you all…

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