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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 29)

Hii, thanks for your response on previous part.
Sry for not replying you, I had read all comments. Just I am little busy that’s I don’t able to reply anyone. May be before posting this one I able rply you all..

Next week
Swara : jiju , we are becoming late.
Laksh: doll I am ready but my bro is still not ready.
Swara: okay I am going, you wait for him. You don’t know him, if we even become one minute late na then he will start world war 3 there.
Sanskar comes from behind, tap her shoulder. She turned toward him. By seeing him she becomes shocked. He was wearing black hoddie and grey jeans.
Without thinking about surrounding, she continuously staring him.
Sanskar passes his hand across her eyes. He pinch her slightly.
She came in sense , she rubbed the pinched area.
Sanskar; starring is rude.
Swara: vo I am not starring you. We are becoming late only due to you.
Sanskar; arre I have to impressed my nephew.
Swara: you are going to see girl for yourself. Just we have pick him.
Sanskar; I already saw girl for me . she is just little angry from me.
Laksh drag both of them.
Laksh: you both can later discuss these things.
All went to airport.


Sanskar: vo bhai , plane has landed 45 minutes ago.
He said all looking down.
Laksh: now where I should find him.
Swara: jiju, don’t worry about him. If you want to take any tension then think about adi and all those people who will come across him today.
Laksh: shona,you remember when you had come here . How you both had started fighting and land up in jail. Still you both don’t end your fighting there also. At last me and Ragini have to..
Remembering those moment he don’t able to complete his sentence.
While other hand swasan had tears in their eyes remembering their first meeting.
All are standing there in their lost thoughts. Suddenly someone come running hug Swara tightly.
Boy; save me, all devils are running behind me.
Swasanlak turn behind , by seeing that scene sanlak become shock some people angrily running behind him.
Swara hold his ears.
Swara: niaksh, now what you had done and where is adi.
Niaksh: arre Masi, first hide me.
Sanlak are continuously looking both of them unbelievably.
Swara hide niaksh behind her.

After sometime
Still sanlak are not understand anything.
Swara: now tell me all things.
Niaksh: arre first let me see you perfectly. You don’t how much I missed you. And that devil always irritate me seeing this innocent kid alone.
He still doesn’t notice sanlak.
Sanskar: who irritate you? ( angrily)
Listening his voice, niaksh turn toward them and start to see them without blinking eyes.
Laksh still can’t able to believe his eyes , he is seeing his son.
Niaksh: Masi , who is my father?
Niaksh also become emotional seeing them.
Swara: you guess, who can be?
Niaksh started to see them carefully. After sometime he hugged someone.
Swara: are you sure?
Niaksh: hmm
Swara; jiju, see even without seeing you he come to know his dad.

Laksh bent down and kissed his forehead. Both have tears in their eyes. Both wipe each other tears. Meanwhile adi also reaches there, he is breathing heavily. On his face there were several marks.
Adi: shona, now I will never come alone with him.
Swara: what he had done now?
Niaksh become little tense seeing adi, he signal Sanskar to sit down.
Niaksh wishper in sanlak ear” now you both save me”
Sanskar; but what you had done?
Adi/Niaksh; nothing more I just disturb girls and all blame come on me/devil. They all beat me/ him with sandals.
All burst out in laugh.

Swara; seriously adi, as usual he win over you.
Sanskar pick him in his arm.
Laksh: niaksh, but its wrong na.
Before niaksh could answer Sanskar interrupt.
Sanskar ; bhai you forgot your childhood, how you always used to disturb your classmates and always you put all blame on others.
Laksh: it’s different thing.
Niaksh: omg dad, I can’t believe this innocent face has such devil behind.
Adi: laksh, now you handle your little devil.Now you will also understand how much I have difficulties in handle two devils.
Sanskar; two devils?
Swara hide behind aditya. Seeing swara’s activities Sanskar burn in anger.
Adi: ha one devil is in your arms and other devil is behind me. Shona come here.
Laksh; okay we all discuss all thing at home.
Adi: okay you all go, I am going to stay in hotel.

Sanskar become happy he will not live near swara but his happiness faded away by his own brother words.
Laksh; no you are not going anywhere. You will come along us. I want all things know from you and swara about him.
Laksh take Niaksh from Sanskar hand.
Swara: ha adi, if you will not come then how we both will enjoy. Who will snatch our chocolates. Jiju you don’t know in
Paris he always used to snatch our things.
Sanskar become more angry.
Adi: do I am looking like joker, Whom you both want take entrainment. And what you say I used to snatch your things . Laksh you don’t know they always blackmail me in front of Hitler.
Sanlak: Hitler?
Niaksh; mom, we three always use Hitler for mom.
Laksh: oh god, how my Ragini is handling three kids.
Swadi: your ragini
Laksh; leave it, aditya come with us.
Niaksh: dad, leave this devil. Don’t worry about him, He will come behind us. He don’t able to live without me and Masi. What do you think why he take me here?
All looking confusedly at each other.

Niaksh: arre he was missing Masi.
Swadi passes him death glare.
Adi: devil, if you will not keep your mouth shut na then I will parcel you back to Paris.
Niaksh put finger on his lips.
All went to home, while Sanskar was continuously burning seeing swadi bonding. Both of them continuously laughing with each other. They were pulling each others legs. After so many days, he is first time seeing her laughing whole heartily.
Other hand niaksh was busy in sharing his activities with laksh. Both are enjoying each other company.
By seeing them no one could say they are meeting first time.
Guilt grew in Sanskar eyes, seeing how much Niaksh had missed laksh. Moreover laksh even don’t knew about his son.

They all reach home , without even waiting for anyone Sanskar rushes inside.
Swadi and laksh understood his condition.
Laksh started to go behind him but aditya stop him by saying he will go behind him.
Swara also wants to go with him but Niaksh stop her holding her fingers.
Niaksh; Masi, who was he. Is he dad’s friend.
Laksh: no he is your chachu.
Niaksh; Masi, you never tell me about him.
Laksh looks toward her , she looks down. She doesn’t want show them her tears.
Niaksh; Masi, answer na. Why you never mention about him ?
Laksh: oye you forget your dad na. You don’t know she has memory problem.
Niaksh: on my god, you are like mumma. She also says Masi has memory problem. You know pops, me and Masi always irritate mom for silly things. And we..

Laksh: arre save something for future also. Now come inside and swara you come to my room. I need to talk you.
She still looking down ,listening Laksh wants to meet her she silently nodded.
Trio goes inside while adi knock down Sanskar’s room before entering there.
Adi: can I talk to you?
Sanskar doesn’t want to see his face even but he doesn’t want to create any issue that’s why nodded in yes.
Adi: I can understand your trauma. Don’t feel guilty about your deeds in past, just think about future. Don’t worry I will not snatch your swara from you. Before four years you were correct I love her. May be I can’t able to see her with anyone else but truth is she will never love me. She is still in love with you. For me her happiness is more matter than anything else.
Sanskar; do you able to forget her?
Adi: do you ever forget even for one second in these four years.
He looked down.
Adi smile at him with teary eyes.
Precap: turning point in past which started to change all relation.
Present; Sanskar and adi conversation about love. Swara opening her heart in front of Laksh.

I will again want to say adi will not turn negative. In this story I love adi character most. So I am not going to turn him as obsessive lover. He will be surely little hurt seeing swasan but all love has not destination.
So if you want any girl for adi I will surely bring her in this story. About ragini she will soon come but with twist. Ragini has strong role in future part. Soon raglak will also unite.
Bye , take care and love you all…

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