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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 27)

Hii, thanks for response on previous part. But I extremely disappointed by seeing so less response on that part. May be you are not liking this. I wanna say only that I am spending many hours in writing it. Most of you knows I am updating two stories daily. Only that day I not update when telly posts stories late. Now it’s your choice to comment or not.
Sanskar: Tell na you are not doing this marriage on you will na.
She is not even reacting anything neither protesting nor answering him.
Sanskar; I know swara, bhabhi must have blackmail you for this marriage. But you don’t worry I will talk to her.
She angrily turn toward him and slapped him.
Swara; you are not going to do anything like that, I am doing this marriage on my will only not under any pressure.
While saying it, she is not looking at him. He cupped her face and make her see in his eyes.
Sanskar: now say you are doing this marriage at your own will.
Swara: I am…

She started to stammer , he give her winning smile.
Sanskar: you may not confess anything but I know you only love me.
Swara: yes, you are I am not doing this marriage with my constant. I simply make deal for coming India. But it doesn’t mean I love you.
Sanskar: you can deny as much you want but in the end you will be only my mine.
Swara: in your worst dream Mr kidnapper.
Listening kidnapper from her after so many years he become happy. In happiness he hugged her.
Sanskar; thank you swara, you even can’t imagine how much I love that word from your mouth.
She pushes him due to sudden act he stumbled and fall there.
Swara; I hate you.


He held her hand and make her fall on himself.
Sanskar: you can’t hate me, even you want. It doesn’t effect me you love me or not. My love will enough for both of us. I challenge you before 2 months I will marry you.
Swara: you can’t
Sanskar: I can, if even I need to forcefully marry you na I will do it. Because you belong to me, swara only belong to Sanskar.
He separate from her and start leaving room. He again turn toward her, she is still on floor.
Sanskar: you can shift in this room I will shift in anywhere else.
Without listening her answer he leave from there without even helping her. She started to curse him badly.

Ragini is busy her work . Niaksh silently come there and sleeps in her lap. She leaved her work and started to cressing his hair.
Ragini: what happen ? Do you need anything?
Niaksh; mom I want to go India.
Ragini: you know na this can’t be possible.
Niaksh; why mom?
Ragini: my baby, I am busy in work how I will take you India.
Niaksh: pls mumma
Ragini; no means no
He get up from her lap and angrily jerk her hand.
Niaksh: you are selfish mumma. You don’t wants na make me meet my dad. I know you and dad have big fight , that’s y he is not living with us. I wanna meet him once only. I wanna share my chocolates with him. I wanna play hide and seek with him. But you never even allow me to talk him. I hate you mumma. You are worst mom.
She angrily slapped him , he run away from there cryingly. She also started to cry for raising her hand on him. This all seen by someone. He silently enter there and give her hanky.
Guy: ragini, don’t cry he is child.
Ragini: aditya, he is not understanding I can’t let him to meet laksh.
Aditya: but why Ragini?
Ragini: you know na reason.
Aditya: okay then I have one idea.
Ragini: what
Aditya: I will take niaksh India. I promise I will not let Laksh know about he is his son.
Ragini: no aditya, you don’t need to do any favour on me.
Aditya; arre I am doing favour on myself only.
She become confuse listening it.
Aditya; okay let me explain, I need to go India for project but after my work will complete I will become bore na. But if niaksh will be with me he will entrain me. So I don’t need any little joker for myself.

Ragini: you and shona are same darmebaz. That’s why I choose you for her.
Listening it, he become sad because he knows swara will never love him. They both are in this relation without for uniting raglak.
Aditya: I know, so you are ready for sending him India.
Ragini: okay but you will not tell him anything. I will give him surprise. And promise me you will not let him meet laksh.
Aditya: that’s like my shona’s Hitler.
Ragini: hmm( she reliases he said Hitler to her) you , I will not leave you.
Aditya: you can’t catch me Hitler, I had enough practice with my both devils. Now I am expert in running.
He run way from there , he immediately call swara and inform her about Niaksh coming to India.

Listening niaksh arrival , she become out of control. Forgetting all those things which had happen sometime before she rushes to hall whereas sanlak are discussing something there. Seeing swara so happy , Sanskar also smile openly.
Sanskar: arre jiju doll , you are looking so happy. Is your fiance run away leaving you.
She angrily glared him.
Swara: you don’t need to give pain to your useless brain. I am happy because someone is coming.
Laksh: doll, say clearly don’t rotate it like jalebis.
Swara: jiju, if I will say you na then you will also become mad.
Laksh; doll( with fake anger)
Swara: okay, first let me sit.
Sanlak are giving angry look to her.
Sanlak; swara, doll
Swara; arre why are you both becoming impatient? Wait for some time let me take breath.
Sanskar: swara, don’t taste my patience. You well know if I loose my control how much I can be danger for you.
Listening Sanskar words swara gulped in fear while Laksh become confuse.
Laksh: what do you mean Sanskar?
Before Sanskar could answer him, swara closes his mouth with her hands.
Swara: arre jiju, you don’t want to listen happy news. He is coming India.
Laksh; who???
Swara: any guesses ???
Laksh nodded in no.
Swara; okay let me tell you.
Laksh : fast
Swara: niaksh is coming.
Laksh ; it means Ragini will also come.( happily)
Swara: no jiju, di will not come . niaksh is coming with adi.
Listening Niaksh arrival , first Sanskar become happy but again become sad hearing about aditya.
Laksh; but why not ragini?( sadly)
Swara remove her hand from sanskar’s mouth, she go toward Laksh. Take his hand in her hand.
Swara: don’t worry jiju, di will soon come here. Now become ready for handling little devil,he is more ahead in naughtiness than me.
Laksh: swara( he hold her ear and gently pulled it)
Swara: okay , no devil.
Laksh: now better
Laksh went from there , Swara was also going but Sanskar drag her in his room.
Swara: I already warn you.
Sanskar: I also told you, you are mine. You will not talk to aditya.
Swara: why you think so I will agree with you?
Sanskar: because you are going to become my wife.
Swara: your wife, my foot( she stamped his foot and started to go from there)
Sanskar; before going from here , listen me completely.( she stop listening his warning) Now u are not only my love but also my madness, my obsession and my junnon. You can’t stop me also coming in your life again. I will again propose you again in same way as before this time also you can’t deny me.
She run from there remembering those moments.

Both are coming from PS hand in hand. After reaching hotel, they both enter in same room.
Inside the room
Sanskar: Swara, I proposed you na now when you will propose me.
Swara: arre why I propose you.
Sanskar: why not ? you always says na girls and boys are equal then y only boys should propose.
Swara: but what is need to propose now?
Sanskar: I propose you so good now I also want proposal. If you will not propose me na then I will marry someone else.
Swara: you idiot, duffer ,is someone propose in PS?
Sanskar: arre you only told me you want some shocking proposal that’s y I proposed you there.
Swara; you should choose some romantic place na. So after proposal we could dance romantically and…
Sanskar: and what???
Swara: nothing
Sanskar: swara, waise we can romance here also if you want.
Swara: no, first you take me on romantic date then I will think about romance.
Sanskar: first you should propose me then date.
Swara; date
Sanskar: propose me
Swara: date
Sanskar; propose me
Precap:Present: swara became shocked seeing something.
Any guesses who will win in past, swara or Sanskar?
Present: does Sanskar able to win her heart?
Sry if today part is not so good I didn’t had enough of time to writing this.I wrote it in hurry, hope you like it.
Note: Ragini will enter later , now only Niaksh is coming back.
Bye, take care and love you all…

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