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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Anguri goes to kitchen,Tiwari says u doctor Ho to ur clinic, doctor says how abt some breakfast, Tiwari says no u won’t get any leave. Vibhuti says God I didn’t see bhabhiji since morning I hope bhabhiji isn’t too hurt n sees doctor coming out from Tiwari house n asks u here is tiwari dying,doc says that cheap man won’t die soon, I was here for bhabhiji she is unwell,Vibhuti says no no this is not good tell me she will be fine,doc says I have taken blood sample lets see.


Vibhuti sees Tiwari n says u cheap man,ur wife is unwell n u singing merry songs,Tiwari says get a job n stop interfering in my personal matter n I’m going top work,Vibhuti leaves n Tiwari rushes to Anita,Anita asks u look so tensed,he says anguri is unwell,she says poor her u worried

for her,then go near her why waste ur time here,he says I was out to get her some juice, Anita says is this juice centre, Tiwari says no no I was just passing, doc has taken her blood sample but since she is so unwell I feel so lonely n closes his eyes n says I hope some one sits by me n calms me down,Tiwari feels a hand on his back n gets happy n opens his eye n sees happu.

Happu asks what’s wrong with u,why are u troubling her,Tiwari says my wife is unwell n u,happu Singh says well then she isn’t doctor go to ur wife,Tiwari says who are u to tell me that,Anita says stop u two, happu Singh why are u here,happu says that ghee person don’t take from him we found adulterated ghee,aniat says thanku but I don’t consume ghee n u Tiwariji go take care of anguriji go take some juice for her,both leave n Anita says these two how boring.

Vibhuti at tea stall talking to prem on phone says poor bhabhiji is unwell n stuck with that evil Tiwari, tiwari walks to him n Vibhuti says bye now call u alter,tiwari says lets have some tea, Vibhuti says u cheap evil man,Tiwari says mind ur words n both get into argument,tikka n Malkha trying to stop them get beaten instead. Tikka asks what’s wrong with u two why creating so much nuisance,doc says shame on u two a person is dying here n look at u,Vibhuti asks who but,doc says anguri bhabhi,Vibhuti says no no tell ur lying,Tiwari says this shd be my reaction,Vibhuti says is when will u react tomorrow,tiwari says so what’s wrong with her,doc says here are reports she is dying soon, Vibhuti says I request u plz don’t tell her abt this.

Anguri waiting for doc n report, she sees doc, Tiwari n Vibhuti walk,Vibhuti gets emotional,Tiwari says plz behave n control,anguri acts as If she is asleep, Tiwari says open ur eyes honey,Vibhuti asks so how u feeling now,anguri says very week n unwell anyways what’s my report,Tiwari bends n controls his emotions,Vibhuti rushes out n controls his emotion,doc signs anguri work is done,Vibhuti walks in n says u are so fine,anguri says good,Vibhuti rushes out again,Anita walks to him n asks why are u crying,Vibhuti says I’m fine,Anita walks in n says so how are u anguriji,doc what’s the report,Tiwari n Vibhuti says plz Anita,aniat says calm down don’t read report,anguri says plz read it aloud,Anita looks n says oh my good anguriji u are dying soon,Tiwari bends again n cries, Vibhuti rushes out.

Anguri says anitaji what will I do now,Anita says don’t worry I’m with u, a man comes near Vibhuti n starts laughing while talking on phone,Vibhuti looks at him n gets annoyed.

Vibhuti goes to a wish tree,n says today lord u must be very happy bcoz for first time I steeped in here begging u for my love,the lady who is in comet boring foolish, the one who sings n waters plants n when she says Sahi Pakde makes days,n today she is swinging between life and death, but I love her is that her crime but the criminal is Tiwari take him away he is useless but don’t do this to bhabhiji,I love her a lot, I beg of u plz, a man listening to all this walk to Vibhuti n says God heard u my son,Vibhuti says who are u baba,baba say sim here to help u my son,ur love is someone’s wife my son.

Vibhuti says baba plz help me,u are right,baba says what can u do for ur love, Vibhuti asks what shd I do, baba says give me 5000 n I will conduct a Pooja for her Health,Vibhuti says this money was for my grocery, baba says this will do, do one thing u shd eat pan n water her plants n when her husband will walk out spit on him,Vibhuti says ok baba n leaves, baba says stupid man.

Anita with anguri calls a doc with meenals reference n says yes give me ur address n we shall see u in Mumbai.

Pre cap : anguri says I’m feeling low,Anita says off course u will u stay all day home lets go shopping,Tiwari says here’s 10000 anguri go shop,Anita says Vibhu I’m going shopping too money,Vibhu hands her 50 Rs n says take an auto.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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