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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tiwari goes to Anita’s place n says hello,Anita says let me send a mail n then will talk to u,Tiwari keeps starring at her and admiring her beauty n says u look so pretty while work,Anita says oh u praise me a lot anyways why are u here,Tiwari says u went to market n u were searching for some hankys n I got u the brand u looking for,here u go,Anita says oh wow baban hankys wow thanku Tiwariji,so nice of u,I feel so good,Tiwari thinks I love u so anything for u,Anita says as return I will make u tea,Tiwari says sure but without sure,Anita says u too I’m Impressed.


Anguri cutting vegetables n sees laddoo go n says now a days u don’t inform me what u doing,laddoo says sorry I’m going bye,anguri says now a days Tiwari n laddoo don’t bother abt me,Tiwari

walks in n starts looking for laddoo, anguri says I’m here to ask for me too,anyways did u ring what I asked to get,Tiwari says here u go toffees,anguri says I’m not kid that u giving me these I asked u to get me a saree n u forgot,Tiwari says oh no I was busy working anyways eat these till then n make some tea I will get us are next time n leaves,anguri starts crying n says no one loves me.

Anita reading magazine,n reads avoiding n ignoring ur men n gather lot of attention from ur husbands,Anita says I will try this on Vibhu,Vibhuti walks in n says hello Anu baby,Anita ignores him,Vibhuti says I’m talking to u Anu,answer me,Anita avoids him,Vibhuti says if I’m wrong tell em don’t stop talking to me,what is this its unfair,talk to me,Anita thinks wow this is working,Anita says what u want,Vibhu says thank god u spoke to me,Anita says relax I was kidding.vibhuti says I don’t like this don’t repeat it,Anita says ok I will get u some coffee n leaves,Vibhuti reads the article in magazine n says now I will try This on bhabhiji.

Anguri decides to give Vibhuti he fav kheer,Vibhuti decides to ignore her ,anguri walks to her n tries talking to him but he ignores her,anguri says what is this why are u not talking to me, I made u ur fav kheer,Vibhuti calls tikka n says here’s have kheer n u don’t eat enjoy n leaves,anguri says oh I’m so hurt,tikka says can I eat,anguri says yes just return the bowl n leaves,tikka abt to eat,Vibhuti snatches it n says I will eat it, u can have just one bite n gives him a bite n leaves with whole bowl of kheer.

Anguri in bedroom waiting for Tiwari n says there will be lot of romance in this room,anguri sprays lot of perfume,Tiwari says why so much perfume going somewhere,anguri says no it’s for u,Tiwari goes off to sleep n starts snoring,anguri tries to wake him up but he says plz let me sleep n u sleep too,stop this nonsense,anguri gets upset n says I will never talk to u,tiwari says ok good n goes to sleep.

Anguri in balcony ,Vibhuti walks to his balcony,sees anguri n thinks what is she doing here looks like she is upset bcoz I ignored her ,oh wow so it’s working n I have to ignore her more,anguri in tears,Vibhuti says God she is crying bcoz I ignored her this is wow,anguri sees Vibhuti n calls him,Vibhuti says good night n walks away,anguri says what’s wrong with everyone,no one is taking em seriously let me call Amaji,anguri calls Amaji,anguri says I’m not good,Tiwari is ignoring n avoiding me now a days,Amaji says that buffalo I will come ether n see him,anguri says no just him even laddoo isn’t talking to me,even Vibhutiji isn’t talking to me.
Amaji says oh even I have been through this phase,no one used to take me seriously n talk to me n then my friend told me to act as if I’m gonna die soon n even bribed a doctor n made a fake certificate n everything soon was back to normal u do the same,anguri says yes yes I will.

Vibhuti walks in balcony n anguri leaves,Vibhuti says oh god bhabhiji crying bcoz of me she is so affected bcoz of me I’m sorry,I’m so upset n hides n cry to Avoid Anita see him cry.

Next morning,anguri asks doctor to make fake certificate,he says why but, anguri says here is ur bribe do it now,he says done u soon will get a report that ur gonna die soon,Tiwari calls n says arrange breakfast quickly,anguri says start acting,Tiwari walks to them,doctor says so here is ur blood sample n will give ur report soon,Tiwari says but she looks all well,anguri says no I feel so week,Tiwari says there’s no weakness cmon quickly get up n make some breakfast starts moving all ur weakness will go.

Pre cap: Tiwari n Vibhuti at tea stall,doctor says anguri bhabhi is abt to die n instead of worrying abt her u all fighting.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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