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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Vibhuti says feel so lighter,Tiwari says like a bird,Anita says anguri hear what are they saying,anguri says how hurtful,Anita says don’t cry we feel laugh n make them week n show we are stronger n both start laughing n leave. Tiwari says why did they go laughing,did we hurt them a lot,Vibhuti says yes I guess we crossed our lines,now see ur idea made them so sad, keel quite now.

Vibhuti at tea stall says i shdnt have troubled Anita now even anguri bhabhi will not like me,I will say sorry to Anita,Tiwari joins him n says it’s time to have some fun n not morn,Vibhuti says u n ur ideas,Tiwari says forget it say sorry later n now after so long we have freedom let’s use it,in tea cups both share drink,happu Singh n prem come there dressed in Bengali,prem says

don’t want waste time here lets go to gulfamkali,Vibhuti says u too happu Singh.prem says yes n now when will u two join,Vibhuti says no never we will never go to gulfamkali,Tiwari says yes we belong to well to do n good families,happu Singh says forget the, prem lets go to gulfamkali she must be waiting.

Anita n anguri at Anita’s place,Anita says did u see how happy they were,Anguri says I never saw Tiwari so happy, so is that Tiwari will leave me,Anita says no he won’t n they are lying,they know our weekends n also that we are jealous but we will teach them lesson let’s call the editor.anita calls her,editor busy drinking,Anita says we did what u said but we two are separated from our husbands n they are very happy,editor says this means we need to go extreme,I’m sending two professionals,use them as ur boy friends,ur husbands will burn in fire,Anita says is that a little to extreme,editor says this is what we lack in n men take advantage if u want ur husbands back in control u need to do it,Anita say su are right send boys,Anita tells anguri what to do,anguri says oh god.

Vibhuti n Tiwari drinking at tiwaris house,Vibhuti says have u heard abt rich don’t like poor people food,Tiwari says what u mean,Vibhuti says I mean u,I mean bhabhiji is like the rich people n u are the poor one,Tiwari says this same case is with u n Anita bhabhi,u are her tasteless food,bhabhiji is so beautiful but u have no value,Vibhuti says same with u,anguri bhabhi is so innocent n pretty but u don’t care abt her, at times I feel we shdnt be so rude with our wives,Tiwari says u are right all they need is love,Tiwari says u are right lets go ask them to Forgive us,both come out of house drunk.

Tiwari says lets go don’t be awkward,Vibhuti says no I’m not,Tiwari say sour wives we are so lucky to have them they love us,Vibhuti say su are right I mean however hard someone tries to woe anguri bhabhiji she never gives up or cheats on u,Tiwari says how can u says that,Vibhuti says based on her IQ, Tiwari says same goes with Anita bhabhiji n based on her clear white skin,two hot boys come on bike n wait in front of Vibhutis house,Vibhuti says Tiwari who they are,Tiwari says have u taken loan from them, Vibhuti says no I didn’t,anguri comes out of Anita’s house n says hi hello darling.

Pre cap : Vibhuti n Tiwari with prem n happu at gulfamkalis dance bar,gulfamkali dancing,Vibhuti she’s Anita in her n rests his hand on her lap n starts crying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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