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best enemy- Chapter 2

Hi friends… Thank you for all the comments. As you expected, it is not Sahil’s plan. Hahah…It is not his prank. He is going to demand something, which is going to change Swasan life.

Last part: Chapter 1



Sahil points the gun towards Swara and Sanskar. Swara closes her eyes and shed tears, “I don’t want to die…”
Sanskar looks sadly at her.
Sanskar: hey… tell us! What are your demands? Why did you bring us here?

Sahil has a mask on his face so that they can’t identify him.
Sahil: nice boy. I will tell. But, you have to do. If you will do, I will leave you both and all the students.
Sanskar: what is it?
Sahil: it is not easy to accept…
Sanskar: tell me what is it…??
Sahil laughs loudly.

Sahil: Mr. Sanskar… hug your enemy.

Swara Sanskar amazes.
Swara: what…?

Sahil: hug her soon… otherwise I will kill her…
Sahil turns to them and shoots one bullet.

Sanskar soon hugs Swara. She shocks.
Sahil looks at them and smiles evilly.
Sahil: hold her tightly. Even more tightly…

Swara tries to free from Sanskar. “Do it…!” says Sahil and shoots one bullet in air. Sanskar hugs her tightly.
Sanskar: I’m sorry Swara…
Swara is crying. Sahil looks her crying and says to her, “what baby? You did not like his hug? Enjoy it and smile…”
Swara pushes Sanskar.
Swara: why are you doing like this with us? What you will get??

Sahil looks angrily at her.
Sahil: swara dear. Do as I say… otherwise…..
She hears all her friends shouts.

His men are threatening to kill all the students, they have guns in their hands.

Swasan shocked.

Sahil: are you feeling shy to hug him? Come on, no one will see you. I’m only here….

Sanskar: what the hell you are speaking you…

Sahil points gun towards Sanskar.

“No… I will do it…..” says Swara and goes near Sanskar. Sanskar stands in front of her. he is looking at her, but she is bending her head.
Swara slowly raises her hand and goes near to him. Sanskar too moves near her.

Sahil: don’t forget to smile….

Swara wipes her tears and hugs Sanskar. He too hugs her. they both act as smiling. Both closes their eyes…
Someone takes a snap. He takes a snap and smirks at Sahil. Sahil too smirks.

Swara an Sanskar keep hugging.

Sahil: ok…now, you may get free….
They both removes their hands from each other and looks at each other.

Sahil: well done… I will ask you only one more thing. I will not ask you anything more than that.
Sanskar and Swara looks at him.

Sahil: kiss each other….

Swara and Sanskar are shocked.
Swara: are you mad?? What you will get if you play with me like this?

Sahil: oh… are you feeling bad to kiss your enemy? Then I will kiss you…
Sahil is about to come towards her, Sanskar comes in between. Sahil smiles and moves back…

Sahil: do it fast… to see your friends alive.

Swara: please leave us….

Sahil: I will definitely leave you Swara. Just do this….

Sanskar turns to her. Swara bends her head and her hands are trembling. Sanskar holds her shoulders.
Sanskar: Swara, we don’t have another choice. They are going to kill our friends. Many parents have to cry for their children if we don’t do this. just bear this for a while….
He says…
Swara closes her eyes. Sanskar kisses on her forehead.

Sahil laughs. “Man… what a boy you are? I said not to kiss her. I said you both have to kiss together…” he says.

Swara holds Sanskar’s hands. “No…”

Sanskar takes her nearer and closes his eyes. Swara keeps shivering. They about to kiss…
Sahil: ok stop….
They both open their eyes. Swasan see their position and get far away soon.
Sahil: I’m leaving your friends…

They look at screen. All the students will be going away.

Sahil: you can also go….

Swara and Sanskar are slowly going away.

Sahil: one minute.
Swasan turn to him.
Sahil: don’t say this to anyone… oh, how can you tell? Swara, you can’t say this to anyone because this is such an embarrassing situation right.

Swara cries. Sanskar holds his wrist strongly looking angrily at him.

Sahil: even though if you say, that you did all this because of me….then, just beaware, I will kill you….Now go away…

Swara and Sanskar silently come out. Sanskar looks at her but Swara is just bending her head.
As soon as they come out, Swara’s friend comes to her and Sanskar friend comes to him.
Swara friend: Swara, is everything ok? What did he do? His men threatened to kill us, but he left us suddenly and went. What happened?
Sanskar friend: we thought this was the last day… but tell me, what happened?

Sanskar looks at Swara and Swara nods at him ‘no…’
He blinks his eyes.
Sanskar: I will tell later….

Swara is about to go away with her friend but suddenly police comes. Sahil and his men ran away already. Police comes and tries to interrogate… but Swasan goes away as already their parents have come and lots of parents have come.

Swara before sitting in car looks at Sanskar, he too looks her. she sits in car.

Sumi hugs Swara.
Sumi: we were worried a lot…he is a terrorist or rowdy? Why did he take only you both in??
Shekar: beta, I will kill that idiot… you can identify him right…!
Swara: papa, leave it. we are safe know…
But her parents are worried.

After going home, Swara closes her room door and cries badly. Sanskar who went home keeps reminding the scenes between him and her.

But they both didn’t understand why did he do? What he wanted? And who is he…?

Even police didn’t know who came. Only Swara and Sanskar has to identify him. But, he has a mask on his face.

Precap: flash back…..

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