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best enemy- Chapter 1

Swara is the one and only one daughter of rich business man Shekar and his wife Sharmista. She is pampered a lot and she is the princess in family. She is also a clever student, now she is studying her degree final year.

Sanskar is the only son of another business man in same city, Durga Prasad and his wife Annapurna. Sanskar is the crazy rocking guy, he always spreads fun among everyone. He is also in degree final year. Of course, the clever student.


Swasan: This Swara and Sanskar both have studied in same school and now they are in same college. But, they are not friends. They are heart full enemies. They hate each other very much. Whenever they come in front of each other, a big war will start. They are enemies because, Shekar and Dp are also enemies. So, Swasan too inherited the enemyship from their fathers.

Can friendship grow in between them? Can they become lovers? Let’s see….

A rainy evening….
The college gates are about to open,
All the students are ready to go home…

A black color car comes and stops before the gate. Another 10 cars stop after that car.
A man around 30 gets down from the black car.
He looks at the college gate.

His other men get down from the car with guns in their hands…!! They beat the gate and goes inside…

All the students are threatened with their arrival. Those goons show the guns to all students and threaten them. They take all the students into one hall. Then the 30 age man comes on to the stage.

He is Sahil.

He says,
“My dear Students, I won’t harm anyone here. Just, I want only two people among you…”

Students look at each other.
“Don’t get confused. I want one girl and one boy. If they both will come I will leave all the students. Otherwise, I will kill everybody….” Sahil says.

All remains calm out of fear. But one voice comes firmly, “Take me…!”
Sahil turns his face. It’s Sanskar.
Next he hears other girl’s voice, “Take me….!” It’s Swara.

Then all the students keep shouting, “No. Take me. Take me…”

Sahil laughs. “I’m amazed with your unity and selflessness. Ok, I will give you choice. If everyone wants to come, then I will select. The boy and girl who are best enemies in this college… please come….”

Swara and Sanskar look at each other. They comes forward. After them, others also keep coming. “We are enemies…”
But Sahil drags Swara and Sanskar with his hands. “I’m sorry my friends. First come, first served.”

He puts all the students in that hall only. He takes Swara and Sanskar with him to the other room. Swasan are walking beside each other.

Swara: what will they do us?
Sanskar: whatever, I’m feeling happy for you first time, that you came forward.
Swara: even me. I don’t hate you anymore. We are doing this for our all friends.
Sanskar: I think, we are going to die together now. Shall we be friends, at this last moment?
Swara with teary eyes gives shake hand to him. He too gives his hand. Both smile.

Sahil turns back, looks at them and smiles. They both look angrily at him.
Sahil: oh, enemies became friends? Now, go and stand on that stage.

Swasan looks at the stage and there is a focus of light on that stage. They both go and stand on it beside each other.

Sahil sits in a chair far from them and facing them. He holds a mike. In that room, only sahil and swasan are present.

Swara: what he is going to do now?
Sanskar: I don’t know… but, why he wants only two?
Swara: he is alone. Can’t we fight with him?

Sahil: what…? You want to fight with me….? Look at that screen.

Swara and Sanskar looks at the screen. All the students are in the same hall and they are surrounded by the gun men. Swasan shocked.

Sahil: if you don’t follow my instruction… I’m going to kill your friends…!!!

Sanskar: we will do whatever you say. Please don’t harm them…

Sahil: I won’t. I have work only with you. Not with them.

He says and takes out a gun. He points it towards them. Swara scares and holds Sanskar’s hand tightly. Sanskar looks on….

Precap: Sanskar hugs Swara to stop Sahil’s gun. Whom bullet will hit?

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