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Being the Hero…. OS

Hi guys I m here wid a new os “being the hero”.

Ragini’s pov


I huffed as I kept the huge bindle of bags at the bus stop.because of my fight wid laksh I had to come alone for shopping and carry these heavy bags.but I wudnt have fought wid him he wud have considered himself correct.y does a boy always have to be the ‘chirag’ of house,y r they only expected to help family,earn for them,take the lineage forward???boys,boys,boys………everywhere only them …..and this laksh is also one of the MCP’S who think girl cant do anything.i didn’t thought he wud also fall in this category,my love he also thinks this.i know this is a patriarchal society,male dominant but girls r also no less now a days.laksh y do always boys have to be the heroes of their family,their society and the so called mankind ,the word which itself suggest male-dominance.”boys r always heroes and girls r jst helpless ,weak creatures and nothing else”his words r ringing in my mind wid his proud smirk irritating me more.i cant believe I got into a quarrel wid him jst coz he said women r weak.y shud I take a stand wen I know that women r strong but wen it needs and they not show-off their strengths lyk the men does.and if u r right u shud not keep beating it around ,the truth will remain the same and not change.this laksh has irritated me badly,now I wont talk to him till he apologises.
B’coz of this only I m standing in this scorching heat wid bunch of bags and waiting for a bus.wow………..i chuckled to myself.

But wonder wat wud have happen if girls job wud have been of breadwinners and boys to take care of home.wud they have tolerate it??wud they have submitted to female dominance?wud they have fulfilled their responsibilities in same way lyk we women did and r still doing?no not at all,the whole scene wud have been different .i tried to get all these thoughts off my head or my blood will boil more.
For this I started luking around to distract myself.the small paan shop around the bus stop where sum school kids came to buy toffee,they r cute……..i was sweating badly and the pleasant or not so pleasant scenes made me more mad.i focused on the road and prayed that bus comes fast or I will melt down in sweat .
Jst then I noticed a small girl of three on the middle of road,middle of raod ,wat the heck is the kid doing there,god damn ,no ones around who seems to care,all r busy in their lifes but then I saw a truck approaching her in full speed.the driver wont even notice this tiny creature,sum help.
The truck was approaching her and my heart pounded wid every approaching step of it.
Sumone saved her ,yes sum1 did,u know who it was???
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes I the girl who was luking around for help jst a min go decided to rescue her gathering all my courage.i went to her in lightening speed and took her in my embrace.and luked at her to ensure she was fine.awwwww her eyes r really big and shiny lyk mine,she’s luking lyk an angel wid a small smile on her worried face.i hurried her to the side of road and was about ot be hitted twice but was safed evrytym by god’s grace but wen I was about to get out of my battlefield,the road,from where I saved 1 lyf,a car jst came out of nowhere and hitted me from back ,I holded the kid more tightly to ensure her safety.and then I remember I fell on the road wid a thud,no control over my body.the kid was safe,I had covered her head wid my arms around her.
I woke up after 5 mins ,I guess.ouch………that hurts,the back of my head where I probably got hurt due to hitting the road.well I tried to get up ,everything was blur around,I was jst using my instincts of touch,feel to help me out,then I searched for support wen sum1 holded my hand and made to sit.i was made to drink water by sum1,I only was seeing sum figures and was blinking my eyes continuously to get a clear vision but alas I was on the mercy of the people around.

After two minutes sum1 splashed water in my eyes and wid a jerk got up and the other minutes I found my eye-sight back,thank god I thought I became blind.
I luked around people who were luking at me wid admiration,sum were adoring me and sum felt pity on me.slowly the crowd around which gathered bcoz of me left to their own jobs and sum people were left .a lady around asked”r u fyn”??i nodded and luked around to find the little lyf I saved.the lady besides me told that her mother has gone to fetch sum medicines for me as I was unconsicious and that the little angel was wid her.i was relieved.
The lady caressed my hair and told wid a sense of proud”beta u did a gr8 job my saving the kid,u not only saved one lyf but 2,her mother was really thankful to u.”I was really glad that I did a HEROIIC STUNT and sum1 atleast appreciated me.BUT WAT MATTERS THE MOST IS THAT ONE LYF,NO TWO R HAPPY BCOZ OF ME.i m really delighted.
The mother-daughter duo came and were very happy to see me fit and fyn.the little angel ran towards me and hugged me muttering a “thank u”Im ny ears which made me teary eyed.i was so happy to see her happy.i was thanked by her mother a 1000 tyms and then we went to our ways.i waited for bus and got to my destination.

I now m satisfied and the feelings I had before the incident now I laugh at them.one need to be a hero for self ,no one else will cum rescue u,my dilemma is solved,any1 can be a hero if tym cumes and the ideal hero who saves lyf ,who is brave,strong,I have became one.i feel proud,happy,satisfied and many feelings which I cant explain.”being the hero” is not the deal of only boys we girls have full potential to be one.i was really content that I took a step before laksh for this.he’s not right but now I feel pity for him who is living in his delusional world.i hope he cums out of his this illusion soon,y not her wife,ragini will change his view and also prove him wrong.
I let out a smile and concentrated on my journey to home.
****the end*************
Thanks guys for reading it.i know this concept is really different but I thought of this while sleeping and made this out of it.
I didn’t intend to put laksh in any bad shade so pls I hope u understand.

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