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Being silly and sensible! (KKB) OS

Hi Maya here again! A very random OS as I got this random thought. Hope my randomness won’t make u all random!

Pragya’s POV
It was so many days that we lived together but something in us told that we are not sensible enough. We were more silly. Why is that so? I will explain…..The moments when we were together instead of making sensible decisions we made silly ones. How? Let me tell that too. Firstly when we realised we were in love with each other, instead of expressing it we made it depressing by hiding it! How silly it is? We should express to each other our feelings right? But we end up supressing our emotions!


To add on to this, I left him completely lost by making the worst and silly decision of leaving him. Until now I am far away from him and he is also silly enough being not able to find me!

Abhi’s POV
To tell the truth, I was silly but not now. I am more sensible now. Being a rockstar sometimes I end up looking at things on the surface and that made me silly! But after she left me I became more sensible. I am looking at things not on the surface but at every layer of the surface! She maybe thinking why is he not still coming to find her. It’s not the truth! I already know where and how is she and it’s just that she is silly now. She can’t even realise that I am always around her…..Maybe it’s beacuse I am secretly looking at every action of hers…and that’s why she fails to realise that I am just around her! I will surprise her with my sensibility of love…..My sensibility of love towards her…..

End of POVs

Pragya was now walking out of her house somewhere far from her hometown. She is always lost in the thoughts of him…The time that they spent together and many more memories……

Suddenly she felt someone is walking behind her….She turned behind to take a look but there was no one….

She continued to walk until she reached the bus stop. Again she had the feeling where now is someone behind her. Pragya got scared a bit but consoled herself that it’s just her illusion. Someone blindfolded her with a black cloth and she knew who it was by the touch of him. Pragya ” Suniye! I know it’s you!” Abhi ” I also know that u know me! Just be quiet!” Pragya, what is he thinking of himself? I want to see him but he is blindfolding me like this! Abhi ” You will see me soon!” Pragya ” You heard my mind voice too!” Abhi ” Yes! Don’t think too much!” Pragya with frustration said ” Ok!” Abhi held her hands brought her to somewhere that is familiar to both of them. Pragya ” Are we in ma….?” Before she complete her sentence he covered her mouth with his hand. And he use the other hand to remove the blindfold. Now he removed his hand that covered her mouth.

Pragya ” Ma! Dadi! And all of u are here!” Abhi ” Yes all are here!” Pragya ” Why?” Abhi ” Surprise!” Pragya ” What surprise?” Abhi ” We are going to get married again!” Pragya ” Why?” Abhi ” To show that my love is more sensible and I will have to marry you in front of your favourite god” Pragya being slightly emotional said ” Really?” Abhi ” Yes silly!” Pragya ” I am not silly! You are silly!” Abhi ” Silly people only will leave everything and live alone!” Pragya ” No! Its u who made me silly!” They continued to argue making others laugh and Abhi suddenly hugged her. Pragya ” What are u doing? This is mandhir and all are here!” Abhi ” I am silly na..so I am showing that to you!” Pragya ” Leave me! Ok I agree that u are not silly but can u pls be sensible now!” Abhi ” Then come and marry me to teach the sensibilities of life!” He broke the hug and looked at her and she smiled not only through her lips but also through her eyes. Pragya ” I will teach u not about life but also the sensibilities of love too!”

That’s how they got married again with the sensibility to become silly again with their love!

Sorry if this OS is silly! I just lost my senses after studying and something silly came in my mind which is this OS!

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