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Behind the screen – MANYASA ( PART 1 )

Behind the screen – MANYASA

Hi my dr thahaanians…my name is Reenasingh from delhi..i am a very close friend of suhana ( t writer of blessed love – THAHAAN ) u guys know about her writting skills very well…i am gonna start this new fan fiction wit t help of her…i am not that good in english..she helped a bit…v both discussed and came up wit tis idea
storyline – u came across many FF of thahaan onscreen…but this is purely off t screen…t just deals about how t destiny brings jigyasa anda manish in real life too…manish and jigyasa already done a regional show ” chore tera goan bada pyaara” at zee madhura channel…so i am gonna start wit tat…just a few behind t scenes of how they met and wat happened btween them and then v ll jump n to our fav TPK serial…


( its purely imaginary…i wanted manyasa to stay forever…seeing their insta pics…v just came up wit a new idea..if u dont like t..tell us directly…v dont mind )
V dont want to waste time by giving introsss…
V just want to start t scene as t story progress u ll get to know t things….

at jigyasa home,

jigyasa was seen in jean wt tshirt and she is praying in t pooja room..her mom comes towards her

mom : beta…all t best..this is ur first show…do well dr

jigyasa gets blessings from her mother…

jigyasa : thankiew ma…i will do my level best ma

jigyasa comes outside and her dad is sitting in t chair..she got blessings from him too…her bhaii comes there..

bhaii : jiggu…all t best

jigyasa hugs him and smiles

bhaii : can i drop u

jigyasa : no bhaii..don worry i will go by cab

jigyasa gets in to t cab…

( thinks – thank god..i am longing for this..by god’s grace…i got this serial..i want this serial to do well…i want to reach higher..i will do the hardwork..please be with me…and i dont know about the one who is going to be the lead..his name is manish..hope i settle with him well )

the car reaches the shooting spot..

jigyasa gets out of the car…she is very nervous…on seeing the people around there make her more tensed..

( thinks – oh gosh…i need to act in front of these many people…i dont know how it going to be..if i didnt do well they will scold me too..what i will do…please god help me )

the director of the show sees jigyasa standing at t entrance he comes towards her

dir : jigyasa why are u standing here…come beta

jigyasa : director sir…i am feeling very nervous to be here…if i didnt do well u can tell me too sir

dir : hurray beta…i know u will act very well..this is your first show..i know u are little nervous…once you settle with the team mates..everything will be fine….

jigyasa : i will give my best sir

dir : first go and get ready dr..this is your room

jigyasa sees her name in the room door…and feels happy and enters the room and puts her bag in the bed…and sits there
some one knocks the door..she opens it..and it was t makeup man

makeup man : madam here is ur things to wear…wear it and call me so then i will come do the make up

jigyasa nods and takes the dress and closes the door…

she changes her dress and calls the makeup man….he started to apply makeup according to t character…the character in the serial is a modern girl who come back to her home town..so she dressed up in a 3/4th jean wit a sleeveless tshirt…

it took 3 hours for the makeup alone..jigyasa was soo tired…make up man notes this

makeup man : is this the first time ur applying makeup madam ?

jigyasa : ya bhaii…

makeup man : u will get used to it very soon madam don worry

jigyasa smiles at him

makeup man : now its done..see ur face

jigyasa stands in front of the mirror and gets surprised…
jigyasa : is it me ?? i dont believe this..she is soo cute matlab i am very cute

makeup man : madam makeup will change face totally..but it will suits very few only..and it suits best for u

jigyasa : thank you so much for making me to feel beautiful

makeup man : thank you madam

jigyasa : stop calling madam…bhaii…its my first day..come on lets take a photo together… ( selfie was not famous at that point of time )

jigyasa takes t camera which she got it from her home and calls someone from the outside and asked them to take a pic..

jigyasa comes out to the set to meet the director…

director : wow…very gud…u r just perfect for the character

jigyasa : thank you sir

director : did u got through the dialogues

jigyasa : ya sir…very well…wer are the others..i mean the co actors

( thinks – i want to meet the male lead…i want to see his face first )

director : u came tooo early beta…just know manish and others came..he is in the dressing room they will come out in a while

jigyasa nods her head and sits in the chair…

a few mins later…a bunch of people with heavy makeup on face comes towards jigyasa and sits in the chair nearby

they introduced themselves to eachother…jigyasa too introduced her to everyone and she came to know they are the co actors of the show…a average looking boy was came and sits near jigyasa

jigyasa : ( thinks – i guess this would be manish……but he is not talking to me..how should i start the conversation )

the boy : hii are you jigyasa

jigyasa : hii yaa…

the boy : oh that means you are the female lead

jigyasa : ya..

the boy : you are looking somewhat good…i mean better

jigyasa : ( thinks – idiot don know how to speak with a girl too…he is telling me how i am looking…how i going to romance with this fellow )

the boy : how do u came here

jigyasa : through cab

the boy : wow…big shot then

jigyasa : ( fakely smiles ) ( thinks – god pls save me from this crap )

a girl comes near to them

girl : hii ( as per t sources i heard they are two leading pairs in chore tera serial also..i really dont know her name..i didnt watched tat serial too…so i am going to introduce a new name to them)

jigyasa : hii

the man : hii

girl : my name is ziya…i know ur jigyasa right…dir sab told me

the man : atchaa..u got everything from him..is he close to u

jigyasa : ( thinks – why he is talking totally non sense..)

ziya : wat

the man : just kidding

ziya : smiles

jigyasa : ( thinks – wats ther to smile )

ziya : ok by t way where is t other one

the man : who

ziya : the another male lead

the man : see there…he is the one ( he pointed towards t man who is standing wit t director and speaking to t set members )

manish was wearing a checked blazer and a jean…

jigyasa : ( mind voice – oh tat mean he is t second lead…i am not able to see his face…he is turning tat side…wat am going to do by seeing him..anyways i have to do t scenes with t idiot sitting near to me )

jigyasa still have an eye on him and sees when he will turn

director turns towards their direction and calls them

jigyasa , ziya and the man goes near to him

jigyasa doesnt see anyone she stares t one near t director…she comes so close to him…the person turns and sees them..jigyasa looks at him and smiles..the person too smiled at her

jigyasa : ( wow…he is actually looking good..but y the director didnt put him as a first lead )

ziya : ur looking soo gud

the person : ur looking too fab…

jigyasa gets upset as he didnt said anything about her…she stands their with a tightened lips

jigyasa : ( Mind voice – wat a drastic day…i am going to see their romance…def they are going to ppl fav very soon )

jigyasa leaves the place wt a rigid face

ziya : wat is ur name ?

the person : manish goplani

ziya : oh ur going to b t first lead wit jigyasa

manish : yaaa

ziya : i thought ur my pair

the man : i am ur pair ziya

ziya : oh sorry i forgot to ask ur name

the man : my name is namish

ziya : oh ( he is not at looking good…i thought manish would b t one…god has something on my head )

manish : good to meet u namish

namish : did u note one thing v have just a starting letter difference in our name

manish : yaa

ziya : ( mind voice – why he is talking so bore…i dont know how i going to deal wit me )

dir : i called u guys to introduce wt each other..but u guys are already talking…see i want u guys to get along first..so that only u ll act well.. go and enjoy first..

namish : come on ziya..we ll talk..t should be important for us to talk bcoz v hav to do t romantic sequences in future

ziya : why are u thinking soo much…come we ll sit and talk

manish smiles at their conversation…and searches for jigyasa

jigyasa was talking over the phone

manish steps towards her and hears their coversation

at phone

jig mom : is everything fine there beta

jigyasa : it is very new to me..i hope i will get settled in sometime..but i dont like my pair…he is not at all good…he is such a crap ma..t second lead s actually looking good and soo sweet in talking

manish hears this and gets angry ( mind voice – what i had done to this girl why she is speaking like this…she finds him better looking than me…may be its her wish..but how can she tell something rubbish about me to her mom without even speaking a word to me )

manish goes and sits in the chair nearby

jig mom : wat r u saying..if u dont feel good ter..come home

jigyasa : maa i have signed t contract i had to overcome this..don worry i will deal with this

jig mom : ok beta take care

jigyasa cuts the call..

jigyasa turns and sees manish who is sitting alone

jigyasa : ( mind voice : he is sitting alone can i go and talk to him…i dont know something urges me to talk to him )

jigyasa goes and sits in the chair

jigyasa : hiii

manish : ( thinks – how fakely she smiles…now only she gave me a bad certificate about my appearance and character and noww see ) hii ( says rigidly )

jigyasa : are u coming from jaipur itself ?

manish : yaa

jigyasa : even i am…just brief me about urself na?

manish : why should i madam

jigyasa : why are u soo rude…if u dont like to talk wit me..tell it

jigyasa gets up and started to move

manish blocks the way

manish : i just wanted to tell u t same thing wat u told me now

jigyasa : wat

manish : why did u told something bad about me to ur mom

jigyasa : wat r u saying…why do i tell about u

manish : i heard …don act…

jigyasa : wat u heard

manish : u told i am not looking good when compared to the second lead and u also stated tat u dont like my behaviour too

jigyasa : waiittt waitt…ar u manish

manish : waah…well done..u told everything and u started acting now itself..ur asking my name…i am manish goplani..do u have any doubt now

jigyasa : omg…i am really sorry..i didnt told about u

manish : wats this drama now

jigyasa : just chill first…i thought ur t second lead..i thought that irritating fellow as manish ( points towards namish )

manish : really

jigyasa : promise

manish : ( smiles ) i am sorry too for over reacted

jigyasa : its my mistake i should have asked his name at first itself

manish : ( smiles ) ok let me introduce my name is Manish goplani

jigyasa : my name is jigyasa singh

they shakes their hands…

precap : NYD

ppl please comment…even if u hated our thinking too the core…so that only i will plan for my second one…i am eagerly waiting for your feedbacks…this is completely different thinking when compared to other FF..we just want to know..whether can we continue it or not…pls plss comment

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  1. It’s too nice. I liked the story very much. continue this

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