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Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 3

Thank you all for ur comments. I had replied to everyone. Sorry couldn’t reply individually. Ok lets get into the story.

A dark night…Pragya is seen running, full covered with a big blanket that almost swept the land. She was afraid but running continuously. Within a day her world turned completely upside down and she is running to save her life. She was tightly holding the finger of a boy, about 15, running and motivating him. The boy had a deep cut in his leg and blood was oozing. But he never cared and was running with his sister, as if it was his duty to protect himself and his sister.


Pragya: “Don’t worry Purab, within sometime we will reach any village and we can be safe there.” She stopped and ensured whether they were alone and started dressing his wound with leaves and tied a piece of cloth that she tore from her dress, to it.

Again they started running. Nobody knew how long they had run and after this long tiring run they found a big castle. It was inhabited, clearly seen from its look. They ran inside and found a safe place for themselves.

Purab: “I assure you my sister; i will let nothing happen to you. And if any bad situation arises, I am not afraid to die in verge of saving you.”

Pragya had tears in her eyes. She said “no one is going to die. I will be there for you, you will be there for me and we will be there for each other. Within a few weeks or months we will get our land by fighting back. I won’t let them live in peace. They snatched our family and kingdom from us. Don’t think of anything as it is the time to rest.”
Saying so she made a comfortable bed with the blanket she had and instructed Purab to sleep a while. Purab soon fell asleep as he was tired but he had tightly held his sissy’s hand. Pragya was admiring her little brother, thinking of his words, seeing his cuteness and the courage he hid within his tiny self. Purab’s words echoed in her ears. Something is to be done…she thought.

Just then Pragya felt a strong arm on her shoulder. It was a gentle tap, but for her it seemed to be too heavy to bear. She turned and saw something strange. In no time she screamed to hell.

Why did Pragya scream? What did she see? Why were the prince and princess of Chaitanya dynasty left to run for their lives? Even I too don’t know. Let us see what destiny has in store for her or more aptly them.

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