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Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani (episode 1)

Beauty and the Beast:

Hi everyone. I am new here. Some of you might have seen me in the comment section of KKB. I am trying out my first SS here, may be with 10 parts. Please give your comments and should I continue it or not. Please let me know. And about the characters, they will be introduced within the story


The story starts… a big palace is shown. The sun is high and is showering its love upon its sons, daughters, and the earth. Birds are singing, rabbits jumping, bees buzzing, winds blowing, buds blossoming and happiness is spreading everywhere.
The screen slowly moves to show a small girl of about 7, running here and there with a wide smile. She is dressed in the finest silk and is wearing a small crown, fitting her tender small head. Just then a lady is seen running behind the girl. Dressed in blue the lady looked like an angel down in the earth.

Lady: Oh Bulbul, don’t make me run. Have pity on mamma. Your brother was far better than you. He was truly a good boy…I must say. Rathore at least help me rather than admiring your daughter.
Rathore: Amaira don’t take stress, just sit. He held her hand, led her to a chair next to his and made her sit.

R: Just let her do what she wants and it is enough if we ensure that she is safe. Amaira smiles.
Rathore Jalesh Varma, the king of Pritampur, was pleased to see his lovely wife and daughter happy. He thought how life took turns and how his family and kingdom was safe, happy and prospering. After the battle with Vijayagiri, he had lost his father, the king, and succeeded the throne. His wife Amaira was shocked as she lost her only father in law, whom she considered as her own father, and even feared of losing her husband too. However, after Rathore became the king, he ruled wisely and the kingdom is the safest ever. Soon his wife gave birth to a charming boy, the Prince of Pritampur, next ruler of the vast dynasty, Prince Abhishek Rathore Varma. His thoughts were broken by a thick voice.

Raina: May I enter my lord?
Rathore: Yes
Raina: Long live King Rathore Jalesh Varma.
Rathore: Tell me Raina Bijendar Singh. Do you want to talk to your beloved sister? And how many times have i instructed you, call me Rathore when in personal.

Raina: No my lord, you can be my sister’s husband but I am your honourable minister. I will always be your pen to write, sword to fight and shield to protect. And now I am here to take you down for a discussion, i will be here later to see my little daughter (Bulbul) and sister.
Rathore (to Amaira): Move to our room and make her (Bulbul) sleep. He placed a gentle kiss on Bulbul’s forehead who was now in lap of Amaira. Rathore moved to the hall with Raina.
After the king took seat and general discussions, one priest got up and said “oh Lord, I think u have not forgotten the curse.” Just after hearing the word curse, Rathore grew anxious and fear attacked him. “Your son, our prince, is going to return within a year or two, as his schooling is almost completed. I think we should do something, else it will be your son who will be paying for the sins of your ancestors. I know Pritampur is now in its golden age but isn’t it our duty to protect it for the future?”

What was the curse that the priest was talking about? What harm will it do to the innocent Prince? What sin did the Varmas commit? To know the answer, just wait.
Guys please tell me how it is. This is just an intro to the story. I will think of continuing it based on your views. And… Tomatoes, eggs and stones welcomed.

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