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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajni telling everyone that Amu Mamu didn’t have wine, but he had eaten it. Everyone is surprised. Rajni says I made him eat rum rasgulla. Shaan tries to explain. Rajni says I wanted Bua to realize that when a normal person drinks wine and makes the situation embarrassing. Amartya says I will kiss Bubbles. Rajni says Surili’s anger is not justified and says whatever I have done is for Bua’s betterment. She says I am sure that you will not touch wine now. Bubbles says I will drink double now, and will take bath etc. She fumes and goes. Shaan says your plan failed. Rajni says humans…..Shaan asks why did you inject wine in his system, and says he got corrupted and kissed Bua. He says his head is paining and says sometimes I forget that I made you for my convenience.


Rajni says I will massage your head. Shaan feels current coming out from her hands. Rajni says current is leaking in my circuits and asks why you are busy that you forget to repair me. Shaan gets angry and says I don’t understand why I have to update your system again and again. He asks her to activate sleep mode.

Surili and Amrish attend Amartya. He asks Surili to give energy pill. Amrish gives him tablet. Surili says I will not leave Rajni and says my brother have become lust man due to her. Amrish says Rajni didn’t do any mistake as I asked her to make Bubbles stop drinking. Surili punishes Amrish and asks him to sleep in guest room today. She goes to meet Rajni. Amrish drops Amartya on bed again and goes after Surili. Amartya wakes up and says Bubbles I am coming.

Shaan is repairing Rajni, while she is on sleep mode. Surili comes to her with Amrish. She tells Rajni that she will shot her twice. Shaan thinks she is on sleep mode and will not reply. Amrish says you shouldn’t have done this, you know that Amartya is half mad. Surili says if my brother is mad then Rajni has nothing in her head. Shaan repairs her and activates her. Rajni gets activated and tells her number. Shaan says we have activated for Pan card. Surili asks Rajni to say something. Rajni says something. Surili says I want to break her head and see what is inside it. Rajni says sorry, you are not qualified for it. Surili fumes. Amrish asks Rajni not to do anything to stop Bubbles drinking habit. Rajni says okay. Amrish asks her to apologize to Surili and end the matter. Rajni says sorry and tells Amrish that she has ended the matter.

Surili says I am not getting words and that’s why I will press your neck. She presses her neck and feels current. Shaan is surprised. Surili is shocked. Amrish asks what happened? Surili says she made me feel current. Amrish says she is a human, not an electricity pillar. She can’t shock us with current. Amrish also feels current. He asks Rajni, why did you shock me with current and says I am your favorite naa. Shaan tells that she is in contact with open current wire. Amrish scolds him for letting wire in open. Surili goes. Amrish says I have to go and sleep in guest room. Shaan asks her not to accept other’s commands until I tell you. Rajni accepts his command.

Kuhu comes to Rajni and says I need your help to make Ganesh ji with thermocol for my school project. Rajni says I am sorry Kuhu, I can’t accept your commands until Shaan gives me command to accept your command. Kuhu says you will not help me, okay and gets upset with her. Shaan asks Rajni to accept her commands, and deactivates her electric currents. Kuhu thinks how I will make the project now. Rajni comes to Kuhu and says Shaan gave me command to do your project. Kuhu seems upset with her. Rajni says I have to cheer you up and tells jokes. She asks if Robots have sisters. She says they have transistors. She asks what is Robots favorite food. Kuhu says Robots don’t eat. Rajni says nuts and bolts are their favorite food. Kuhu smiles and asks her to do her project and also tells joke in Alien voice. Rajni starts speaking in Alien voice. Just then Amartya comes there and hears her alien voice. He sees Rajni taking out her pointed finger to make project, Amartya sees her, shouts Alien and falls down. Kuhu sees him fainted and asks Rajni to make her finger normal. Surili comes, sees him fainted and says I am sure that you are behind it. Rajni says yes, this hand. Kuhu says he was shouting Alien Alien and fainted.

In the morning, Amrish comes to his bed room and says Amartya is sleeping peacefully on my bedroom like a child, and says I would have beaten you if you was not my wife’s brother. He pours water on his face. Amartya wakes up and asks for tablet. Surili scolds Amrish and says it is your karma that you gets beaten by my brother whenever he gets attack. Amartya tells that he is feeling as if he has done wrong yesterday night. Amrish says you have kissed Bubbles. Amartya says he is lying and asks Surili. Surili confirms sadly. Amartya says I can’t do this. Surili asks him not to take it seriously and you have eaten rum rasgulla made by Rajni. Amartya recalls seeing Rajni flying in air, talking in Alien’s voice and showing her iron finger. He is shocked.

Amartya feels current when Rajni goes past him. He tells Bubbles that there is something wrong with Rajni. Bubbles says we will expose her during Ganpati festival and asks him to shake hand with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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