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Badho Bahu 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Badho tells Pinki that she delivered her gift in the right hands. Pinki happily agrees to make her look the best today. Badho is worried about her weight but PInki positively says no one will notice it after the makeup is done.

Kamla ji looks at Malti’s photo in western clothes. You did the job of number 2. I will use this photo now and make you number 2. I will get all the number 1 girls now. She keeps it in between the album of the event a day before. She shows the album to her husband. Malti ji gets her photo. She tries to hide it but Kamla ji asks her to show it. She shows it to her husband intentionally. Malti ji hides her face as her BIL looks at her. Kamla ji questions Malti ji on her act. How could you be so shameful? You said you kept a veil over your face. What’s this? She

refuses to hear Malti ji’s reply. She has ashamed us all. Ahlawat ji looks pointedly at Malti ji. He turns to his wife. Why fuss over old matters? He points at Marjorie. She adapted to our tradition now that she is here. Malti did the same. what’s wrong in that? You must have heard everyone adapts as per the place. Malti ji cries emotionally. She apologizes to Ahlawat ji. He tells her not to cry over what happened 20 years ago. He asks his wife to pacify Malti ji. Kamla ji tells Malti not to cry. Nothing will happen.

Prospective groom comes in. Payal likes another guy (driver) who has come with the prospective groom. He looks smart. She asks the driver (mistakenly) to have a seat and asks the fat guy to clean the car outside. The fat guy’s parents introduce their son to Payal. She apologizes to everyone. Badho’s mother goes inside.

Ahlawat ji notices his wife looking upset. What happened? Are you well? She complains that no one cares for her. He tells her to come to the point. She says you dint do anything for me. I spent my life looking after your brother and his wife. You dint support me today but supported Malti. Rana wants to go to Hanuman ji’s temple. His mother scolds him for being happy at number 2. My husband is always talking happily about his younger brother. She invites Pragya too. You will not stop praising Lucky. You all are together in this. Ahlawat ji scolds her for always pointing fingers at everyone. Praise your son a little for his hard work. You are always upset. She goes. Ahlawat ji tells Rana to go to temple. Your Ma will calm down by the time you are back. Kamla ji cries.

Badho’s mother speaks to her husband’s photo. I always had in faith in you. I was sure you wont let her dreams break. The pair seems good. They have the same built. They will manage everyone together. Payal comes to call her outside when she gets surprised by a hug from her MIL. You did the right thing. your mother sent the right set of people for Badho. Payal says we will talk about that later. Let’s fix the alliance first. Her MIL nods. You go outside. I will bring Komal.

Lucky comes to Marjorie’s room and gives her parandi as a gift. She politely refuses it. I don’t take anything from strangers. He calls himself her close friend. She calls him fast. We dint even spoke much yet. He replies that this is how he is. He hears his friends laughing and goes outside to tackle them first. They tease him. We are sure you will get a Desi bride only. Lucky is sure he will make this girl fall in love with him.

Pinki does Badho’s makeup. Badho’s mother comes in and looks sweetly at Badho. Pinki takes their leave. Payal’s mother tells Badho she likes the guy.

The guy enjoys the stale samosas. He and his family say that the guy is on diet. Once you get obese you will never be able to curb it. Payal does not offer her Bua (Sarita ji) tea. The guy’s family compliments their son while Payal tries to speak well about Badho (but cannot). The guy and his family are taken aback to see Badho. The guy keeps the samosa down and gets up. You showed me dreams of an angel and got me a Sumo? We have been cheated! The guy’s mother says what joke is this. Get the girl who we were supposed to meet. The guy’s mother says from where she (Badho) looks Komal (soft). She is a buffalo! I want a slim trim girl for my son. If I wanted such a girl only then we could have gotten dowry of 10 lacs in Ambala. My son doesn’t lack anything. The guy says how could this fattie think to even marry me. Payal speaks positively about Badho but they aren’t interested. Viren feels bad too.

Komal’s mother says who you to say no to my daughter are. The guy himself looks like a hippo and is saying no to my daughter? You should be ashamed. I thought you will atleast understand my daughter’s pain but you turned out to be completely useless! I will keep my daughter unmarried for life but will not marry her off to a bull like you! Leave now. The guy and his family walk out of the house speaking in angry tones. Viren sees Badho upset. He offers her his kerchief and then goes. Badho and his mother look at each other.

Precap: Payal refuses to return the box to Badho in which she has kept her dreams locked. My mother got you such a good alliance but this fattie ruined everything! She throws it down angrily. Lucky and his friends hear some radio news about tonight being Purnima night. If you see your lover or the one you love tonight then he or she will become yours for forever.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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