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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

After fighting with Aman, Abhishek angrily goes to his room and breaks radio. Yograj enters with Babli. Abhishek hugs and cries vigorously. Yograj says let his emotions flow out. Balraj gets afraid seeing Abhishek’s changed tone and says Rekha to stop him when she sees Abhishek angry again. She says she even she was afraid. Madhu also discusses same with Ramraj and says he reacted like Yuvraj, Yuvrraj fought for his love. Thunderstorm strikes an Ramraj hides under blanket. Daadi also thinks same. Yograj tells Abhishek that love can make a person do anything. Babli asks love….Yograj asks Abhishek to tell his mom now… Abhishek says he loves Meera.


Rhea tells Meera he must have felt bad. Meera says he is also injured. Rhea says yes Aman is injured.

Meera asks if she was talking about Aman. Rhea asks then who else. Meera says no one else. Rhea thinks if Meera is thinking about Abhishek.

Abhishek tells his parents they should tell Madhu that he is ready to marry Radhika. Babli says what if Meera also loves him. Abhishek says his and Meera does not have future togehter and they should forget this issue now. He opens door and sees Madhu hearing their conversation. She nervously asks if he did not sleep yet. He says he will tell directly, he is ready to think about Radhika. She gets very happy. Yograj tells Babli that Abhishek is right, he should marry Radhika. She says but Abhishek…He says it is time to sleep now and sends her. He calls someone and says his reason for coming here will complete, he will get money as his son is ready for marriage, he will not lose this opportunity.

Madhu informs Daadi that Abhishek is ready to marry Radhika. Daadi asks what is she telling. Madhu says she heard right. Yograj says Abhishek took this decision himself. Daadi says Abhishek is not in a condition to think and Radhika does not suit Abhishek at all. Madhu saays Amma but.. Daadi says as per her expierence, they way Abhishek hit Meera’s fiance, he needs some time to thin, her words are final and nobody should argue.

In the morning, Abhishek waits for Meera outside her room. Meera comes out. Mona does commentary. Abhishek asks Meera if she gave breakfast order. Meera says she does not speak to someone who fights. Abishek asks what.. Mona says she means.. Abhishek says his reaction was obvious. Meera says one should not burst like pressure cooker. Abhishek leaves with Mona. Meera acting like reading novel loks at Abhishek. Radhika also stares Abhishek from balcony and smiles and comments she did not know Akshay Kumar is hidden under Ajay Devgan’s shirt. She walks smiling and sipping hot tea. Madhu asks what happened. Radhika says Abhishek is so hot. Madhu asks what….Radhika says tea is hot. Madhu says she will not let her go as Abhishek has agreed to marry her. Radhika says she will not. Madhu sees her bag empty and asks if she did not pack her bag. Radhika says she asked for train ticket instead of flight to win Abhishek’s heart. Madhu asks her to go and lure Abhishek. Daadi asks if anyone saw Abhishek. Radhika says nobody saw Abhishek the way sh saw him.

Abhishek’s hand bandage falls down and he writhes in pain. Mona ties his bandage. Meera silently walks to her room. Abhishek sees first-aid box, thinks it is Meera and tells Mona to tell Meera that he does not lik her getting angry on him. He sees Radhika and gets sad. Radhika starts her senusousness and falls her pallu. Mona asks her to pin her pallu. Abhishek sees Meera with first-aid box and asks Radhika to top. Meera goes back to her room. Daadi calls Mona and asks why did Mona come out. Mona says Abhishek and Mona fought like dogs and now they are findings way to talk to each other…Meera brought medicine for Abhishek and left back.

Sanjay comes with Aman and tells Abhishek he needs to talk. Abhishek takes them to a hall. Sanjay says Aman wants Meera to be out of stay home and even wants to break marriage booking at stay home. He asks Meera to tell what happened. Rhea asks Meera to take Aman’s side. Meera says Abhishek did wrong and should not have hit Aman. Abhishek stands shocked.

Precap: Aman complains Meera’s parents that Meera was with Abhishek in jungle, when his parents came to meet her, even celebrated his birthday. Dad asks Meeera did she celebrate manager’s birthday. Daadi hears their convesation and asks Madhu to fix Abhishek and Radhika’s marriage.

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