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Bad Vibration !

Bad vibes cause much lack of confidence. It doesn’t brings us our real interface. In a book called Ramakatha Rasavahini they have given a very nice description about the bad vibes through Ramayana’s story itself.

When Ram, Sita and Lakshman were in panchavati, Shurphanka the greatest personality having bad Vibration entered the place and all things happened and Lakshman cut the nose of Shurphanka.


She just ran away and sat under a tree and Lakshman sensing as if nothing has happened went to get some woods. He passed the tree were Shurphanka was sitting but both didn’t notice each other. Shurphanka started crying and was having no sense what was happening around her. Lakshman suddenly stopped and sat under the tree faraway from the tree of Shurphanka. Her bad Vibration just reached Lakshman through the air. He once thought , “Why I’m wasting my time over here and serving my brother, leaving Urmila and Matas alone? Was I a fool? ” But suddenly Ram started calling Lakshman’s name which reached the ears of him. Immideatly Lakshman thought , “No , ram is my soul and I should never think like that. I’m his sevak and will always be.”

The reason for his decision changing was bcoz of Ram’s voice which had positive Vibration and purity like honey. The reason behind Lakshman’s wrong thought was bcoz of Shurphanka who was spreading her negative vibes unknowingly.

Through Ramakatha Rasavahini, we come to know that Positive Vibration is the medicine for pure form of thought. Ram’s name and voice was as pure as honey that it can even defeat negative vibes.

Even we have this power, but we never utilise and make it go waste. Pls thing rama Nama as much so that ur thoughts will always be filled with positivity. Negativity needs to get out from our mind and it has no place inside us. Agree? ?

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