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Baarish – Episode 3


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Episode – 3

Sohan : (cries) How stupid I am! If anything happens, then I will never forgive myself.

At that same moment, Ananya’s father and family members come to hospital hearing the news.

Ananya’s father : (sad and running) Ananya betha?

Sohan turns his head hearing the voice and gets up. Ananya’s father sees Sohan and goes close to him.

Ananya’s chacha : Are you the one who brought our daughter to hospital ?
Sohan : (nods her head) Yes sir.
Ananya’s bua : Where is she ?
Sohan : She …

At that moment, the doctor comes out of the room and Ananya’s family rushes towards him. Sohan stays there behind to listen to what he says.

Ananya’s father : Doctor, how is my daughter ?
Doctor : Maharajji, right now she is unconscious. But I just wanted to clarify some things. Did she suffer any brain trouble before ?
Ananya’s bua : Yes doctor. When she was 11, … (sneers) because of an accident, she remained in coma for weeks. Which caused … her memory loss.
Ananya’s chacha : We took her to Delhi, where she got her treatment. After that she was completely fine, but we just had to make her remember everything that happened in her life. And now she knows all about her past.

Hearing this, Sohan was literally terrified and widens his eyes. If she remembers of everything, how did she forget him? Searching for a reply to this question, Sohan gets tears rolling down on his cheek. Suddenly a hand put on his shoulder wakes him up. He wipes his tears off fast and turns back to see Ananya’s father there.

Ananya’s father : You are Sohan right?

Sohan gets surprised to know Ananya’s father recognised him.

Sohan : You… You recognized me ?
Ananya’s father : Why wouldn’t I betha? If in this world, someone can let tears fall on the floor for my Ananya, except us, then it would certainly be you betha.

Sohan bends his head and wipes those left tears from his cheeks.

Ananya’s father : Forgive me betha, for not having let my daughter know about you.

Sohan looks at Ananya’s father shocked and sad.

Ananya’s father : I know, that between both of you, there is only friendship. But will these villagers think the same way ? If they think wrong, then what will happen to my Ananya’s life ? She also has to go to someone else’s house.

Hearing this, Sohan was quite hurt. Ananya is his true friend, and now her father asks her to leave her side. Did waiting for someone in his life, when he felt loneliness, become the biggest mistake in his life ?

Sohan : I will take my leave.

And Sohan walks away and gets out of the hospital. He was totally desperate of having lost his Ananya. He never defined his feelings for her but he just knew that without her, his life meant nothing now. He reaches the small temple and stays there for more than an hour trying to find an answer for his prayers. However what her father said was right : Ananya must not be seen with him. A well-off girl like her deserves a good family. Her happiness was first of all his. He decides then to let her free and tries to erase her memories and his feelings from himself after her recovery.

Few hours later, at the hospital
Ananya didn’t come on her senses yet and her family members get tensed waiting. Suddenly, the doctor comes out of the room and Ananya’s father runs to see him.

Ananya’s father : What happened doctor ? What happened to my daughter ?
Doctor : Please calm down, your daughter has now gained consciousness.
Ananya’s father : (smiles) Really ? (joins his hands) Thank you doctor ? Can we meet her ?
Doctor : She is right now taking rest. Don’t disturb her that much ! And yeah, one of you must come with me, I have to tell something.

Ananya’s family members except her bua enter in the bedroom and happy to see their Ananya being fine and awake, smiles and share their happiness. And while her relatives were happy for her, her two eyes were searching that one target. But unfortunately she couldn’t see him in front of her. He made her faint reminding her past and he was not there to explain. She never believed there was more than what she has heard, about her past. And now that she knows there is more about her, that she must know, none is there for her to answer her questions.

Ananya’s father : (next to Ananya and caressing her hair) Anu putthar ?

Ananya looks at him and sees his tears.

Ananya’s father : Do you know how much you scared us for a moment ?
Ananya : Bauji! Please don’t cry na! I am fine now.
Ananya’s chacha : But Ananya, what happened to you ?

Ananya looks on and remembers the past hours.

“I am you childhood friend. Have you even forgotten me ?”

Ananya takes a deep breath closing her eyes and faces her family.

Ananya : Nothing chachaji, just … all by … sudden.

At that same time, doctor comes in followed by a nurse.

Doctor : Hmm.. I guess you feel much better Ananya.
Ananya : Yes doctor. I want to go back home.
Doctor : Alright! I have written some medicines. Don’t forget to have them.
Ananya’s father : (folding his hands) Thanks a lot doctor.
Doctor : (smiles) That’s my duty maharajji.

Few minutes later, the doctor sent her with her family to go back home.
Days and nights kept flying, and Ananya’s curiosity was getting bigger and bigger. Who is this Sohan? Was he telling the truth? Even if she doesn’t want to believe him, inside she was having some gut feelings he cannot lie to her. But how to know if it’s true or not? Questions, questions, and only questions… She knows her answers are only in that one person, meeting him is the only way to satisfy her doubts.
She is waken up by someone knocking at her door.

Ananya : Coming.

Ananya goes to open the door and sees Karthi, her bua’s son.

Ananya : (surprised to see him) You?
Karthi : Yes me.
Ananya : (quite irritated) What do you want ?
Karthi : Why ? Don’t I have rights to come ?
Ananya : What the hell do you want Karthi ?
Ananya’s bua : (coming there and stopping next to her son) Karthi? What are you doing here ?
Karthi : I just came to see if (holds Ananya by shoulders) Ananya was fine or not.

Ananya takes his arms off her shoulders moving her body not to show it to her bua.

Ananya’s bua : (understands Ananya’s reaction) Betha! Let her take rest ummm? Leave her!
Karthi : But mah…
Ananya’s bua : I am telling you na. She will talk to you later.
Karthi : (gives an angry look to Ananya) Alright mah. (goes)

Ananya looks at Karthi going and then goes into her room.

Ananya : (to her bua) Bua! I am going out for now. I will be back in a while.
Bua : No Ananya ! You can’t go anywhere in this condition.
Ananya : I am completely fine. Please bua. I will be back hone before evening time, pakka.
Bua : But betha…
Ananya : Please bua. I am feeling quite bored staying here.
Bua : (not having any other option) Alright. But you must come before it gets dark.
Ananya : (cuts her off) I will.

Ananya leaves her bua, runs out and goes to their usual meeting point, to the road near the river, where none is seen. Arrived there, she stops running, looks around her to see if Sohan was there. At that same moment, Sohan was coming there, holding that same stick of his, but didn’t see Ananya who noticed him already. Ananya walks towards Sohan while he was busy thinking. Suddenly he looks up and sees Ananya was there, behaves like he hasn’t seen anything and crosses her walking straight forward. Ananya, surprised of his behavior, looks at him and moves towards.

Ananya : Wait !

Sohan stops walking and stays there showing his back to her, while Ananya gets close to him.

Ananya : (next to him) Are you going away even after seeing me?
Sohan : (not looking at her) Listen, I have to go.

Sohan tries to go but Ananya stops him holding his hand, which surprises the man.

Ananya : I won’t let you go.

Sohan turns his head and looks at Ananya. The innocence and cuteness on her face are what made Sohan fall for Ananya at their meeting after 8 long years. The same features of softness and love he used to see on her before that accident are today, those who disturb his nights. However, he has no more rights on her, he had to be distant from her for her only happiness. He gets back on his senses and gets ready to go away.

Sohan : Leave my hand!.
Ananya : You have to give some answers before that.
Sohan : (gets off her grip and walks away two steps) There is no answer you might get from me Raajkumaari. We have no relation.
Ananya : I have to know everything, and I know you are the answer to that everything.
Sohan : But I need to go right now.
Ananya : I need to talk about my past first.
Sohan : What ?
Ananya : Who are you for me ?

Sohan stays quiet for a while and then decides to answer.

Sohan : None.
Ananya : Liar! If you were nothing, then why did you say such a story to me? If we had no relation, then how dare you come into my mind always ? How dare you disturb my sleeps and keep me lost in my own senses? How dare you… how dare you steal… my poor heart?

Sohan gets shocked and looks at Ananya who was still standing next to him. At that same moment, some thunderstorms were ringing his emotions.

Sohan : What do you mean ?
Ananya : Haan… (marks a small pause) I feel having lost something special to me into you, my heart. I think… I have fallen in love with you.

Sohan cannot believe what his ears just heard and looks at her, a shocked reaction once again on her face. Accompanied by, a heavy rain, like at their first meeting.

Sohan : What did you say ?
Ananya : (eyes shedding tears) I love you Sohan! I really love you…

Hearing these words, Sohan feels a brightening light showering from the skies, fainting in sudden shock and jumping of happiness.

Ananya : I don’t even remember you. My family has never talked to me about any Sohan existing in my life. But, when I met you in that rain day, I felt some abnormal and enthusiastic feelings spreading into my entire body. It’s like, we have a special connection, which made us come on Earth and meet each other.

Sohan feels butterflies in his stomach while Ananya wipes her tears.

Ananya : But now … I feel you don’t deserve it. You are such a coward. You left me alone since that accident and now consider like you don’t even know me.

Ananya covers her teary face with her hand and runs away. Waking up of the shock, teary eyed, he follows the lady running behind her, and stops her taking in hostage her hand.

Sohan : Wait Ananya!
Ananya : (tries to get out of his grip) I don’t want to talk to you. Let my hand free!
Sohan : Even if I would say that, I also have got some feelings for you ?

Ananya stops moving looking straight frizzed by his words, but soon starts trying to get off the grip.

Ananya : There is no need to lie, you won’t get me convinced.
Sohan : (turns her to make her look at him though she doesnt) I am not lying.

Ananya looks at him with anger, unwillingness of talking to him.

Sohan : I don’t even know when all this happened. You are my childhood best friend. But since you left away from my life, I have kept asking God one last chance to meet you.

Ananya stops moving and looks at him curious, while Sohan leaves her hand.

Sohan : (turns back and walks slowly) After that Bauji left me, I felt being alone a lot. Since that day, the memories of my close friend kept filling my mind, and I have been living waiting for her. At that time, I wasn’t aware of anything. And when I got to see once again all by sudden, it was like I have lost all my consciousness and started feeling something really new, something I would have never felt for someone, especially a girl.

Sohan stops walking and stares at the falls, showing his back to Ananya.

Sohan : First I was not getting what happened to me. But when you came that day to question me about our true relation, I saw someone else in you instead of my best friend.
Ananya : (cries) Who did you see ?
Sohan : (turns back and looks at Ananya) Someone my heart belongs to, forever.

Ananya stares at him, losing herself in his eyes.

Sohan : When you are close to me, I can feel your warmness on my body. When you talk to me, I can feel my heartbeat putting tempo to your words. When you look at me with love, I feel …
Ananya : You feel…
Sohan : I feel… my mother’s care.

She widely opens her eyes, letting some tears falling on her bare cheeks, and comes closer to him.

Sohan : I don’t know how to name this, but I am sure of one thing. Living without you, would be impossible for me.

Ananya cries of happiness looking at him.

Ananya : Can I believe you do love me ?

Sohan looks at her deeply, and cups her face. Slowly coming closer, he drops a kiss on her forehead, closing his eyes when his lips touches her skin. Deeply feeling that moment, Ananya, eyes closed and her head bent down, holds his hands which are still covering her face, and a tear drop falls on the floor.

Sohan : The intensity you felt now …

Ananya opens her eyes.

Sohan : … represents my love !

Ananya raises up her head and looks at Sohan, red-eyed.

Ananya : I love you.
Sohan : I love you too.

And both hug each other tightly getting themselves lost in their world of dreams. Taller, Sohan’s head lays on Ananya’s who finds peace under his warm arms. It kept raining, but both Sohan and Ananya, not even getting their consciousness back, continue feeling their love for each other under that beautiful weather.

Precap – Ananya sit in her bed crying while Sohan tensed thinking about her.

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Hey guys! I got time to post this part also
Please forgive me if there are many mistakes. I didn’t take time to read again and check mistakes so if there are any, please forgive me.
This part was quite boring I know, and as I have already written the narration parts earlier, I am unable to change it easily when I find the moment not good. So I am posting as it is at 90% (because I basically wrote the story’s dialogues in Hindi so I had to translate them)
Hopefully you liked it. Even if not, do not hesitate to tell what you didnt like. I will be happy to hear your views.
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