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Asvi – Punishing the culprits (chakravartin ashoka samrat) 5 (last episode)

The episode starts with Devi getting unconscious. The dasi goes to inform d others. Acharya RG calls Vaid raj. Vaid examines Devi n tells that there’s nothing to worry. There’s a good news. She’s pregnant. Charu n khallatak get angry ?. Charu thinks I hope Sushim wins today, otherwise this’ll not b good. Siamak attacks on Sushim.
They start fighting. Ashoka throws his sword between them. Sushim holds the sword and throws it. Ashoka holds it. He smiles. That’s something of sense. Lets seeeeeee who’s more strong n who’s more adharmi.. Ashoka attacks Sushim. They engage in a fight. Siamak takes his sword and goes to attack ashoka. Sushim smirks. Ashoka turns n holds his sword. Backstabbing is never the act of maurya’s right?? He stretches the sword from siamak’s hand n pushes him on the floor. Sushim attacks him. Ashoka moves away. Ashoka says 2 vs 1.. That’s the work of fools and cowards.. He throws the sword towards siamak. I won’t show cowardness though. I’ll fight through full Maryada n rules. Fight a duel with me! I challenge you.!.!.! Siamak n Ashoka engage in a sword fight. Sushim thinks its better to fleeee away ryt nw, n wen either siamak or that daasi Putra will b killed. The other will b killed by me… He hides in the tent. Ashoka hits siamak’s sword n it falls down.. He hits Siamak n he falls down.. He beats siamak. Sushim looks on. Siamak holds Asoka’s hand and pushes ashoka. Ashoka gets up Nd says nt this tym… U cheater.. He picks up a sword n stabs siamak. This fr killing my guru. He stabs him again. This fr trying to harm my motherland. Again.. This fr snatching my mother from mee!!!! Siamak falls down.. .. Ashoka rushes towards the tent.
Devi is worried for ashoka. She asks Acharya RG to go n check if everything is well. Acharya says not this time! Let Asoka take his revenge alone himself. He’ll punish all who tried to harm his mother land. I’ve full faith this tym. He won’t do anything wrong. He’ll revenge his Guru’s death.

Sushim gets afraid seeing Ashoka approachin him. He recalls hw ashoka killed Siamak. He runs. Ashoka laughs.. Hw r u feeling bhrata shri??? Better?? Or.. Ashoka runs and suddenly gets in front of Sushim. No one will escape now. Sushim says yes, you’ll NT escape from my hands. Ashoka says, Then, lets fyt. We’ll see who’ll escape and who’ll pay. Sushim takes out his sword. They start a solid fight. Sushim pushes Ashok n keeps his sword on his neck. You’re gone now daasi Putra!! Be ready to go to ur mom dad n guru. Ashoka holds his sword n pushes him. U b ready to go to sleep ?. He beats Sushim. Sushim shouts. Ashok recalls his guru’s n moms death. Sushim starts bleeding n falls down. Ashoka takes his sword. Now ill punish you fr ur every act , every crime. You’ll beg from me, still I wont listen too u. U wont b spared u sinner!! Ashoka cuts off Sushim’s hands. Sushim groans in pain. Charu feels it. She tells khallatak that neither he nor she’ll b alive now. Ashoka kills Sushim. Jai Janani!!!! Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai… Plays… Acharya sends soldiers to arrest Charu n khallatak. They’ve bore enough crimes now. Charu says what’s this. Acharya says punishment. Fr all u hv commited. Charu says whose permission you’ve took? Acharya says permission of Magadha’s new samrat. Khallatak says new samrat?? Ashoka comes from behind. He says yesss.. New samrat.. Chakravartin ashoka samrat. Fb shows ashoka reaches the palace mounted on Garud n asks the senapati to bring the bodies from the forest. Now my revenge is taken,. Devi welcomes him with the aarti thal. She tells him that she’s pregnant. Ashoka gets happy n hugs her. He asks Acharya abt d whereabouts of Charu n khallatak. Acharya sys they’re in d room. Ashoka says arrest them.. It’s d order of Magadha’s new samrat.. Fb ends. The soldiers put Charu n khallatak in jail..
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ THE END ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Guyssss pls comment n tell me if u want a new ff as continuation of the story wid kalinga war.. Thnx fr reading n supporting..

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