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Asvi – Punishing the culprits (chakravartin ashoka samrat) 1

Hi guys, Vanshika here.. This is a very short CAS fanfic featuring the punishment of dharma (Subhadrangi’s) death.. There’re sum imaginary things also n some r also taken from the current plot in the show, so m vry sry if u don’t lyk it. Whatever b your opinions don’t frgt to comment ?

Ashoka, grief-stricken goes with the pot of the ashes towards the Ganga river. Devi is sad to c him thus. Ashoka opens the pot and touches the ashes with his hands. He is about to put the ashes in the water n notices sumthin shining. The dasi tells him that they’re the ornaments of dharma.. Ashoka signs her to go. He sees an unusual ornament. This belongs to sum man. It’s NT mother’s!!!!!! Whose is it??? Ashoka keeps the ornament and puts the ashes in the water, recalling all the past moments.


Ashoka disguised is roaming in the market and sees a jeweller. He recalls that he’s a very renowned jeweller. He goes to him and asks to meet in a secluded place. Ashoka discloses his identity and shows the ornament to the jeweller. The jeweller tells him that such kind of ornaments r nt found in entire magadha..

Ashoka asks him then where they’re found. The jeweller tells him that its of foreign design. Yes….. It’s a Greek ornament, a unani ornament… Ashok’s eyes turn red in anger.. He mumbles Siamak……… The jeweller asks ashoka shall he go. Ashoka asks him to goo.

Ashoka angrily comes to the palace. Devi asks him why he’s so angry ?.. Ashok doesn’t pay attention and keeps walking ?. Devi asks him to stop bt he keeps walking.. Chand hai prachand hai… Plays… Devi says noooo… Ashoka can’t turn into Chand again…. Is it ryt or nt?? Devi follows him. Ashoka goes to Siamak’s room bt he isn’t there. Ashoka thinks that if siamak has killed his mother, Sushim will also b involved. He thinks to find the jeweller who made the jewel so as to confirm if ashoka is the culprit.. Sum1 kills the jeweller… Devi asks ashoka to keep his mind calm otherwise the culprits will now what he’s thinking ?.. Ashoka walks out of the palace stopped by Devi. I’ll also cum with u. Two r better than one. Ashoka nods….. Acarya RG asks them NT to go.. It’s much night ?. Ashoka tells him that this nyt will b destructive…..

Precap: Devi sees the dead body of the jeweller n shouts. Ashoka says I’ll punish everyone who come between my motherland n my mother……

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