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Ashoka The Great (Fan Fiction) Chapter 4

Hi guys I am continuing my FanFiction on Ashoka The Great.

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Chapter 4 is here guys

Ashoka & Abhimanyu boarded the Ship for Takshshila.

As soon as they both stepped inside the Ship the captain of the ship stopped them.

Captain : You will have to pay for travelling in this ship.

Ashoka took a red pouch out of his bag(Jolla) & gave some to the Captain.

Captain : This is not enough boy I need more.

Abhimanyu got angry listening to him.

Abhimanyu(angry) : Do you know who we are ?

Captain : Whoever you are rules are same for everyone.

Ashoka : Abhimanyu keep your anger in control.

Abhimanyu : But Bhrata he is charging more than it is sufficient.

Ashoka : Captain we have this much only but we will pay you on our way back from Takshshila.

Captain : OK you look like a good lad to me that’s why I am leaving you but keep your brother in control or I will throw him out.

Abhimanyu got angry but controlled himself.

Ashoka : You will get no complaints about him I promise.

Ashoka & Abhimanyu settled themselves on the Ship.


Royal Palace

Amatya Rakshas was standing on the gates of Royal Palace.

The guards stopped him from entering.

Rakshas : Tell Mahanayak Keechak Amatya Rakshas is here to meet him.

The Sabha

Keechak was sitting on his throne & was in deep conversation with Selucus Nicator & Meer Khurasan.

The guard entered the Sabha and addressed Keechak.

Guard : Mahanayak a man named Amatya Rakshas is here to meet you.

Selucus : Rakshas here last time I heard of him he was in Magadha in Chanakya’s Prison.

Keechak : He is the same Amatya who ia the biggest enemy of Chanakya & Mauryan Empire.

Selucus : He is the same one but why is he here.

Meer : Who the hell is Amatya Rakshas ?

Keechak(Laughing) : He was Magadha’s prisoner & you don’t know him ?

Meer : No I don’t know him.

Keechak : This moron was supposed to be Senapati of Magadha

Keechak : Call him in.

After a few minutes Rakshas entered the Sabha.

Rakshas : Mahanayak Keechak ko Amatya Rakshas ka Namskar.

Keechak : What do you want Rakshas ?

Rakshas : The letter you received from Sushim was written by me it was only his royal stamp I have come here to help you.

Keechak : You have come to help me or Sushim.

Rakshas : Sushim is a stupid Prince you can kill him once you have killed Ashoka & Bindusara you will be the Samrat of Magadha.

Keechak : So this is your plan

Rakshas : Yes. But I want to be Mahamtya of Magadha once you become the Samrat

Keechak: You are in Rakshas. Now is the time for spies report. Agnibahu where are your spies ?

Agnibahu : Swami mere They must be here any time soon.

Some people entered the Sabha

Agnibahu : They ate here Swami

Keechak : Which port Ashoka has left last ?

Spy 1 : Mahanayak there is no ship coming towards Takshshila with a Mauryan Flag

Meer : Ashoka is too smart he might not be raising the flag.

Spy 2 : Mahanayak there is no ship coming with a Army.

Selucus : What is the meaning of this ?

Rakshas : The meaning is simple Ashoka is coming through Land Route.

Everyone present there was shocked.

Keechak : But you only said he is coming by sea route in Sushim’s letter.

Rakshas : Yes I did but he has changed the plan at last moment.

Keechak : Find out where is Mauryan Army at the moment.

Keechak(Monologue) : Ashoka is smarter than I thought him to be.


Ishwari entered Ahankara’s Chamber where Ahankara was making her little brother sleep

Ishwari : The time has come Rajkumari to meet Senapati Rudra Acharya is waiting for you come with me.

Ahankara : But what about my brother ?

Ishwari : Don’t worry Kasturi will take care of him you come with me.

Outskirts of PATLIPUTRA.

Ahankara & Ishwari reached the place where Radhagupta was already waiting for them.

Ahankara : Pranam Acharya.

Radhagupta : Kalyan Namastu. Senapati Rudra will be here in a few minutes.

Some horsemen came towards them after a few minutes.

A man in his late 30s unmounted from his horse & walked towards Radhagupta & Ahankara.He is Senapati Rudra

Rudra : Pranam Acharya.

Radhagupta : Kalyan Namastu.

Rudra : Pranam Maharani.

Ahankara : Pranam Senapati Rudra.

Rudra : Why have you called me here Acharya ?

Radhagupta : Rajkumar Ashoka has helped your Maharani Ahankara a lot now she wants to repay that help so you will have to join Ashoka I’m Takshshila Abhiyan.

Rudra : Do you want the same Maharani?

Ahankara : Yes want the same protect Ashoka & help him in this difficult Abhiyan.

Rudra : As you wish Maharani.

Radhagupta : You will ready your army & leave for Takshshila as soon as possible. I will send a message to Ashoka regarding your inclusion in plan

Chapter ends here.

Guys I am back but please don’t bash me like the last time.

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