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Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 5)

Hi friends, I am back after my exams!!!!!
I hope u all r fine….. Hope all of ur exams r finished…….
This is the fifth episode…… Sorry for the delay……. Now I will try to update it as fast as possible……. Hope u all love it……..

Recap: Devi comes to know about her extraordinary power and about her past. Ashoka tells about DHRUV to Acharya RG.


Devi and Dhani are getting ready for visiting the rishi and knowing what her feelings indicated…..
Devi: Pitaji, I am ready…..lets go….. hope my feelings indicated something good…..
Dhani: Yes my child.
They both set off for the rishi’s place…..

Ashoka and Acharya RG are in the same market, hiding their identity. Everything is normal there…. Ashoka finds the same man who warned him before about DHRUV…..
Ashoka: Hey u! I am new here will u pls tell me that why are all afraid of DHRUV……
Man: Oh u r that man know who didn’t knew about DHRUV????
Ashoka: yes pls tell me about him…..
Man: Yah sure! DRUV kidnaps and tortures all those who come in his path while he passes and it is heard that he tortures him very badly but keep them alive. The man or woman who is tortured stays in a state that he or she can neither be able to live nor die…. That’s why when we get to know that he is going to pass, everyone hides……
Ashoka (to himself): I will not leave this DHRUV…. He has not only attacked my motherland but also scared the common people of my motherland…..
Man: What happened? What r u thinking?
Ashoka: Nothing…. Hmmmm… Do u know where do he lives?
Man: Why r u asking this??
Ashoka: So that I don’t go mistakenly to his living place and be caught….
Man: Yah then u should know that he lives in a cave near that forest (he points and shows)
Ashoka: Thank u for the help…..

The rishi’s house is in the path of DHRUV’s cave’s path. Dhani is scared for this reason…..They hear footsteps of some horses…. Dhani understands that its DHRUV and his men……
They rush towards the forest beside the road. Meanwhile Devi’s locket which was given by her mother fell down on the road but she didn’t notice it.
They hide behind the bushes inside the forest.
Dhani: Uhhhhh….. Thank god we r safe.
Devi: Oh no!!!
Dhani: What happened my child??
Devi: My locket which my mother gifted me has fallen somewhere…. (She cries)
Dhani: Pls don’t cry……I will find it for u….. Now pls stop crying……
DHRUV and his men pass…..

Ashoka and Acharya RG are on their way to find DHRUV’s house. Meanwhile they see DHRUV passing…..
Ashoka: Acharya! That’s DHRUV….. We should follow him, but…….
Acharya RG: What happened Ashoka???? Why did u stop saying?????
Ashoka: I don’t know but I am feeling as if someone who is close to my heart (Devi) is sad and in pain…
Acharya RG: But who can be in pain and is close to u???
Ashoka: I don’t know….. I can’t understand…..
They follow DHRUV……
On the path Ashoka finds Devi’s locket fallen and thinks it to be of DHRUV or of his men and wears it and follows….. But during wearing the necklace a part of his earring falls down…..
Devi and Dhani come out of the jungle and resume for their journey….. After walking for some time she gets Ashoka’s earring piece……
Devi: Who’s it can be, father??? It’s so beautiful, but…… What’s happening to me???? Why my heart is feeling that it is of that close person of my heart????
Dhani: Don’t worry…. Keep it with u….. We will show it to rishi….. I think he will be able to identify everything…..
Devi: Yes father…..
They go towards the rishi’s house…..

Precap: Ashoka reaches DHRUV’s cave and they have fight.DHRUV surrenders while Ashoka has too many cuts on his body.

If there is any spelling or grammatical mistake then please forgive me……….Pls leave a comment and pls don’t use slangs……..If u don’t like it then write clearly but pls don’t use slangs……
Hope u all love it!!!

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