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As long as you love me…..Segment #11

As long as you love me
Segment #11

Recap- Rhea’s Birthday to b celebrated. Kunj’s prank.


“You got to know my feelings,
Through the prank you played.
Now answer me, for you,
I’ve my heart laid.”

⭐ Twinj’s room

Twinkle- Are you mad? I never kissed you.
Kunj- Oh! How would you remember? You were drunk.
Twinkle- Me, drunk? Oh! Come-on man, I didn’t drink last night.
Kunj- You did. Remember the juice you drank. (Lies)It was Cherry Bhaiya’s drink. I stopped you but you didn’t listen.
Twinkle- You didn’t stop me.
Kunj- I did. Well, what were you saying yesterday? I’m not Romantic. That kiss said all. Or you wanna know more, how romantic I’m?

He pulls her closer by waist. They were still under the sheet.
? Closer by Chainsmokers…
So, baby, pull me closer
In the back seat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of that mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older.

Twinkle- Leave me. N what’s the deal with this song?
Kunj- Ohh, This is my ringtone. Nice,Na. Well, it describes our recent state.
Twinkle- Ringtone?
Kunj- Hmm. Kyon pasand AA gayi?(Why,did you like it?)
Twinkle- Ohh, shut up. Someone must be calling you?
Kunj- Ohh, fish. Lemme check.

It’s 6 missed calls from Bebe, 4 from Yuvraj and 16 from Robin. How desperate this guy is to get married?
Twinkle- f**k! This means…Mera phone… Here it is. Damn. I have 22 missed calls.
Kunj- Hahahahah! Loser. I have 26.
Twinkle- Mai loser? You loser. Loser Sarna!
Kunj- Huh! Siyappa Queen.!
Twinkle- Haww…….
~ ~ KUNJ! TWINKLE! ~ ~
TwiNj- Oh, fish! bebe. Wait I’ll have bath n come.
….. No! Me first!
…… No, me!
~ ~ KUNJ! TWINKLE! ~ ~
Twinj- Jii, Bebe. Coming.

Both run together towards the bathroom and Twinkle enters in, first.

Kunj (fakes)- Ouch. Ouch. The door hit me
Lag gayi. {I’m hurt}. Ah.ah.

Twinkle opens the door n comes out. She bends to Kunj. Kunj gets up and runs inside to the bathroom. In this process, Twinkle gets hurt. She screams but Kunj thinks she is doing the same drama. When he came out, he sees her hand bleeding and takes her to the bathroom and opens the shower. Both get drenched. Twinkle goes with the flow and holds his arms. She stands on her toes. Kunj’s hands make way to her wet waist. They bring their faces closer. Their faces erupt heat, which is felt by both. Their lips are just a bit apart as they come closer n closer n clo…
~ ~ KUNJ! TWINKLE! ~ ~
Both come back to senses.

Twinj- M sorry!

N they both turn towards the door and holds the knob together.
Both look at each other. ?Sajna ve..Sajna ve..?

Twinj- Okay! You go, I’ll change and come…. Okay, I’ll change….. Never mind, you go…
Twinkle- I’ll change n come. (Kunj smiles)

Precap- RheObin’s wedding.

Okay, guys.
Exam over.
But I’m not partying.
Why.? Why?
Because of you all.
Because of this stupid, boring FF.
Of course it is Stupid n Boring n Ff. Yaa . FF. Wih just 13 people expressing their views. That hurted. A sudden drop. ??
Well I hope you shower your love now.
N I wanna ask a thing…..
Am I writing slow?
I mean, I only write incidents only, no?
Is it okay or I write story only, not elaborating incidents. Choice is yours.
Do shower love.
Loads of love.?
N well, I know Jisha dii won’t b reading this “stupid, boring FF” but if you do Please continue Yours because I’m missing it as hell.
Love you all again, Loadss.

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