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Arhaan’s love proposal shocks Paridhi in Kawach

Paridhi is worried. Arhaan is the reason for her worry, the one whom she regarded her friend. Arhaan has expressed his love to Paridhi. He holds her hand and proposes her, asking her to leave Rajbeer and Prithvilok, and come with him to Parilok. Rajbeer is doubting on Paridhi to have an affair with Arhaan. Arhaan feels everything bad is happening with her in the world, she is really good and surrounded by problems always.


Arhaan has fallen in love with her and tells her to come with him, as she is also a fairy. Paridhi loves her husband Rajbeer and came to meet Arhaan to ask for his help to protect Rajbeer’s life. The love twist has got between their friendship. Paridhi refuses to Arhaan’s proposal and tells him that she loves Rajbeer. She tells Arhaan that she will die if anything happens to Rajbeer, but she will never go with Arhaan to his world. She scolds him for teaching such lesson in their friendship, and is hurt knowing Arhaan’s feelings for her. Arhaan just wishes to protect her from the problems revolving around Rajbeer.

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