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Aradhya’s new avatar to expose Shravani’s truth

Aradhya has changed her style. She will be seen in a modern look. Kumudini waits to meet Aradhya. Shravani troubles Kumudini by her bad behavior, and locks her in the room. Aradhya plans with Pradhyumna and Uday about going to Aryan’s house. Uday asks his friend to prepare haveli papers soon. Shravani has become harsh and is angry knowing Aradhya will be coming back. Shravani has got Aryan and property too. Kumudini tells Shravani that Aradhya will come back and take revenge.


Shravani fumes on Kumudini’s words and puts her in chains. Aradhya takes the new look to expose Shravani’s truth. Aradhya has got into a princess getup. She is believed to be dead by Shravani. Aradhya wears lenses and wants to convince Aryan that she is not Aradhya. Aryan will not believe Aradhya’s new identity initially, but Aradhya’s convincing act will make him believe so. Aradhya will be teaching a lesson to Shravani by coming to stay at the haveli. The show will end Shravan’s chapter soon.

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