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Anjaan Dil (Introduction)

Anjaan Dil:
Hello everyone, this is Shrinjal and Halima back with another Fanfiction. Now, this one will revolve around a Stall and a Customer.

Hmm… Here’s an introduction:

This story would be about Swara, Ragini and Thapki, the three sisters.

Swara is a pure hearted girl who likes to help others. She has her own Pani Puri stall and that’s where Sanskaar comes across her.

Ragini is Swaras sister, she think money is everything. Little does she know what life really is, therefore a carefree and young spirited Lucky aka Lakshya will come across her and teach her that Life isn’t always about the money.

Last but not least, the youngest sister of all, Thapki. She believes that life isn’t giving her what she wants, she thinks negatively always. She is ungrateful and always complains and does night shifts at the stall where she comes across Bihaan.

Bihaan is a selfish and high standard person.

Sanskaar is a pure hearted soul.

Lakshya aka Lucky is a carefree and young spirited dude.

How will these three boys help these three sisters? But for me, the biggest question is. “How will Bihaan and Thapki’s love story start?”

“But how will this Pani Puri Stall help build love stories? To find out more, stay tuned for ‘Anjaan Dil’ ”
Swara From Swaragini
Ragini From Swaragini
Thapki From Thapki Pyaar Ki.

Sanskaar From Swaragini
Lakshya aka Lucky From Swaragini
Bihaan From Thapki Pyaar Ki.
Thank you and do comment on if we should continue or not…?

Thank you for reading ?

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