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An unexpected love story of twinj (OS)

Hey Guys…Anushka this side… how r u all? missed me?
Ohk so I m back with a new One slot…
Plz note- This oneslot is super long( 50 pages of ms world)
And secondly this story theme is not mine… I have taken this theme from internet and this story took me 9 days..
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Present Day
She was sitting on a wooden bench under a full bloomed sarnaal poinciana tree (Gulmohor tree); folding her knees, keeping her chin above them, hugging them tightly, staring at nothing specifically on the ground, remembering an unexpected love story. It was her own story. She was in deep thought but nobody knows she had lost her every power to think except about one person, her life, only love, only dream, her everything. She had realized it long before but now it’s too late. She had lost him, forever.
“You’re no longer married to each other. The court hereby grants you divorce’ Still the judge’s announcement was ringing into her ears. Now it is official, she is no longer Twinkle Kunj sarna. She had turned into Twinkle Taneja again.


He was the black eyed boy of his family and friends; only heir to Amritsar-based ‘KUS Industries’. He was the most desirable, the prince charming to every girl in the city; quite regular in page-3 for his high profile affairs. As per the game played by his fate, now he had to come to get the final verdict of his divorce case. Outside the court, especially at the front gate, hawking & ever enthusiastic media was waiting for him. So he decided to leave from the backyard. For this reason only, he had denied his mourning mother and grand-mother to come along with him in the morning. Now onwards he had to live alone, especially without her; forever.
It was his last day as the husband of Twinkle Sarna; most venerated, beautiful, adorable, innocent, actually the best girl he ever met. Throughout the whole procedure inside the court, like a thirsty man for century, he had observed her from the corner of his eyes. He was terribly missing that blood red vermillion at the pnikkition of her hair, white & red bangles around her porcelain white slender hands. Verdict had already come; she was no longer belonged to him. He had lost every right over her. Suddenly he felt great difficulty to breathe; she always loved Yuvraj and hated him, always. She deserved the best, all the happiness in this world. He couldn’t force her to live with him, only for his sake. Thinking about her happiness, for the first time on that day, he smiled although that didn’t reach to ears/eyes. Unknowingly, staring at the red gulmohor flowers at the farthest corner of the court, he started approaching towards that.

At that moment, Yuvraj Luthra was the most confused soul on this earth. He was never been in such dilemma, even after Kunj eloped & forcefully married to Twinkle was continuously bullied or blackmailed him to marry his psycho sister, mahi. But last few months’ experience has made him confused like hell. He couldn’t able to decide whether he should be happy or not. Twinkle was his one and only love. But only because of his negligence and stupidity, that innocent and beautiful soul had to suffer a lot for almost one year. Yes, it was true that all misunderstandings between him & Kunj had already been resolved. And now after this divorce, he could marry his lady love. This time no one like Kunj sarna could dare to snatch his Twinkle. But even after this favorable situation, he wasn’t feeling good at all.
Yuvraj took a deep breath & thought again. Fact was that he couldn’t wait anymore to get her back. Just few days back, when her father, Mr. R.T Taneja came to his home with their marriage proposal, both his familyand he himself readily accepted that proposal. Their ever anxious family also fixed the date after 2 months. Yuvraj was the happiest soul then but now from the bottom of his heart, he had begun to feel Twinkle’s aloofness towards him. She stopped behaving charmingly around him like she used to before. Probably she wasn’t happy like she used to. She had changed a lot, extremely stand-offish with all her surroundings.
He wandered his eyes in search of her and again thought; maybe these one year of high voltage drama had left a grave impact on her innocent mind. She needed times to come back in her old self. Instantly Yuvraj decided to give her few more times to readapt with the changing situations. Later both of them can sit together and make plans about their future. Spotting her under a gulmohor tree immediately Yuvraj moved towards her, they had to avoid all the media glares at that moment, should left the premises.
Approx 1 year back, flash back
22 years old, a blooming Kathak dancer, Twinkle Taneja was well aware of all the male attentions for her exquisite outer beauty. But she always avoided such attractions and remained single till date. Her only dream was her dance and family’s happiness.
One day, after her performance, when she was busy in wiping her makeup at her dressing room, suddenly a boy came with a king size bouquet of beautiful red roses. It was from someone called Yuvraj Luthra. At first she ignored but her breath got hitched when her eyes fall on the note, few lines from ‘Unending love of Rabindra Nath Tagore’.
“Today it is heaped at your feet, it has found its end in you
The love of all man’s days both past and forever:
Universal joy, universal sorrow, universal life.”
For the first time, she received a poetic note like that. She found that gesture very interesting and kept the note.
But after that day, end of her each performance, she started to receive such bouquets of red roses with new notes, sometimes those also bore few original lines. But she always failed to get a glimpse of the actual sender. With the passing months, it turned into her habit to wait for those bouquets after any performance and slowly she began to feel a desperate urge to meet that man who loved her dance as well as such a poetic by heart.

“Twinkle, Are you busy? I need to talk to you. I mean, it’s urgent”.
“Yes papa. I am not busy, especially not for you. Never. Tell me? Anything serious? ” She loved her foster parents very much. She can do anything for them.
“We receive a marriage proposal for you. They are really well known, aristocrat and rich family. They are really good people”
Immediately Sweat’s face fall and for the first time she felt a pinch within her heart. She knew very well that without seeing him, she had already started feeling some divine connections. Although it wasn’t love, surely she began to like him more with each passing day. But the age of her dismay wasn’t very long as she heard her father,
“Actually I have already met the boy. He is extremely well behaved man and within his 28 years, has become a successful business man. His name is Yuvraj Luthra. They, themselves came with the proposal. I know, there are hell & heaven difference between our statuses. But they are really fond of you; especially your dance. They don’t have any problem with you dance, even after marriage.”
God knows only, how she stopped herself from jumping in joy. But somehow composing herself, she nodded her head in affirmation and spoke in extremely low voice,
“As you wish, papa. I have nothing to say against your choice.”

With her thudding heart when Twinkle looked up to see that very person sitting in front of her. Automatically their eyes and left her speechless. She couldn’t believe her luck. He was the man whom every girl wants to have as their own, extremely handsome and according to paapa, well behaved too. She smiled softly and nodded in positive when he asked her opinion silently with his hypnotizing eyes.

Shyam placed his hand on her cold ones. They were in a private cabin of a plush restaurant, sitting on a sofa, side by side, to talk privately for the first time after their sudden hush-hush engagement.
“Twinkle, Sorry, of asking you so late. But….Are you okay with this proposal? Are you happy with me? Is there anyone…” Yuvraj asked hesitantly. Before he could finish, Twinkle nodded in affirmation and spoke softly.
“Pl…Please. If there was anyone, I would have told you already. Actually I called you yesterday for some other reasons. I wanted to ask you something.”
Their eyes met again.
“Tell me, What do you want to know?”
“Why didn’t you meet me before? Umm. You were sending me those roses, but you never came to meet me…”
Yuvraj smiled and without any hesitation held her chin within his thumb and index finger.
“Twinkle, I know you may found it bit cliché. But it’s true that I fell in love when I first saw you dancing. That night I realized that you are too precious to me. I can’t roam with a girl like you. And I decided to test myself for few more days whether it was a mere infatuation from my side or love. And when I realized my love for you, immediately I sent this proposal. I want to have you in my life, forever.”
Twinkle suddenly started feeling goose bumps each & every portion of her body. She blushed profusely but refused to look directly at his eyes.
“Is it okay, if we fixed a date after one month? I…I can’t live without you anymore.”
Twinkle didn’t reply. Yuvraj then moved few inches towards her. Snaking his left arm around her petite waist, pulling her almost into his lap, he bent his head, kept his lips near her left ear. At first he smelled her flowery fragrance then spoke huskily,
“Then, it’s final. You will be mine, entirely mine…after one month.”
She nodded in positive & smiled hesitantly. Their closeness was playing havoc within her virgin body. She never had been so close to any man. At first Yuvraj brushed his lips on her cheek, but then seeing her shiver in anticipation, he readily understood that such intimacy was new to her. It gave him the immense pleasure. Brushing his fingers over her lush hair, and giving a peck on her already rosy cheek he spoke,
“We will do much more, after our marriage.” He winked at her and Twinkle instantly fall in love with her Yuvraj.

“Get a room guys. This is a public place.” Yuvraj chided his best friend Kunj & his current girlfriend Alisha. When he entered, they were busy in kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. As usual Alisha was in utmost revealing clothe which Yuvraj disliked most. He always abhorred such girls who are physically clingy. He loved his extremely spoiled friend but hate his choices and his way of living.
“Ohh…here comes the best guy in this world, Yuvraj Luthra”. Living Alisha’s mouth abruptly, Kunj yelled in joy.
“Stop it Kunj . Alisha please leave us alone for some times.”
She hesitated first but left when Kunj gestured her to leave. After she left, Yuvraj added, “You know very well that I don’t like the presence of such girls. Shame on you. At least don’t spoil her image, she is …
“Hey… hey ..…Please Yuvraj don’t start those age old lectures. After all, we are in a pub. She’s my girlfriend not yours. I never lay my eyes on your….”
“Kunj …”
Raising his hands up in the air, like surrendering, Kunj said,
“Sorry..bro… tell me…why the good boy is here? With me?”
“I was trying your phone for last few days. But as usual it was busy or switched off or maybe you were deliberately avoiding me. So I had to come here, Actually I have a good news to share with you, Kunj I am already engaged and getting married within one months.
“What the!!!!! With whom? That middle class …dancer…”
“Stop it! Don’t use such languages. There’s no use to talk to you…You are drunk. You know it will affect you diabetes. Yet…” Yuvraj rebuked his friend and tried to leave.
“Sorry Bro. Sorry… Please. So you are getting married with your dream girl.”
Yuvraj smiled immediately & said,
“Yes. She’s my princess. Her name is Twinkle. We got engaged when you were in Greece, for your so called business trip.” He rolled his eyes and added, “You may not remember, but I told you then. I can’t live without her. So, without informing anyone, unofficially we got engaged in front of our family. I am planning to throw a bigger party before our marriage”.
“Congrtaz yaar!.. … You once told me… She dances like nymph…Then I have to inform ma & mahi They will be so happy for you.”
“Ohh… Kunj ! Thanks bro.…”
Without any preamble, Kunj pulled Yuvraj into a bear hug.

2 days later,
Entirely disheveled Kunj entered into Yuvraj’s cabin & reaching up to him, he held his collars with murderous rage,
“How dare you? How dare you going to marry someone else?”
“What? Kunj !…Have you gone mad? What …what happened?.”.At fist Yuvraj thought he was playing any prank with her.
Instead of replying him, Kunj slapped his friend hard.
“You have to marry Mahi, Now. She loves you and your scumbag dog, you ditched her.”
“What! No… Have you lost your mind?” This time Yuvraj pushed Kunj back. Holding his collar, he shouted back,
“I never love mahi… I have already told her….. Long before; even day before yesterday, when we had a huge argument on this issue. I love Twinkle.I always do. I will marry her. She is my life… My everything…”
“No you can’t ditch my sister for a middle class girl, a mere dancer. You have no idea, how many beds she had already warmed before you…”
“Kunj !” Yuvraj slapped him hard and added,
“Get Out!!! Go to hell with you psycho sister… Kunj … Go to hell… I won’t marry her…Tell her to warm others beds not mine….. I am not interested……”
In reflex, instantly Kunj punched him hard at his face. But wiping his blood from the corner of his mouth, Yuvraj smiled at him wickedly.
“Kunj , It’s so sad that once I considered you as my best friend. But that never gave you the authority to force me. I was never interested in your sister. It’s not my fault that she loves me. I don’t love her. I love Twinkle & I will marry her.”
“Don’t you dare to hurt mahi .”
“I can’t help it. I love Twinkle & will marry her. It’s final”
Kunj was breathing hard like a caged tiger. Throwing all the land phones on the floor, pointing his index finger towards Yuvraj, he roared,
“You have to pay for this” & left immediately.

At that night, around 11pm, Yuvraj received a call from hysterically sobbing R.T Taneja and got to know that Kunj has forcefully married with Twinkle and already took her to ‘Sarna Villa’. Next moment, that receiver fell from his hand with a thud and broke into pieces just like his heart.

Present day,
“Twinkle, we should leave.”
“Huh…” Twinkle blankly stared at the source of that known voice.
“Umm…Actually everyone has left. Uncle aunty, my…parents…. Only we two are left.”
“Oh!” Twinkle tried to stand on her feet, but her head began to spin. Before she could fall on the ground, Yuvraj rushed to her and gathered her within his arms.
“Twinkle, are you okay? What…what happened?”
“I…I am fine….I just…”
“Ohh…You should take rest. It was quite a hectic day.” Yuvraj again made her sit on that bench and he, himself sat on his knees, just in front of her. Holding her knuckles within his, he asked softly,
“Twinkle, are okay? Tell me, what’s bothering you? Please.”
Twinkle nodded her head in negative but tears started flowing down through her cheeks.
“Please Twinkle, You know very well, my first priority is yours happiness. Tell me, what happened? I will solve that. Did anyone tell anything?”
Still Twinkle remained silent. Yuvraj was turning impatient with each passing second. He asked again, “What’s bothering you? Media?…. Or…..Anyone? …”
Then, little hesitantly he took that very name that was main reason for their every distress. “Ummmm…Kunj ?
Twinkle snapped at him with utter disbelief. Ignoring her every resistance, her tears flew abandon. Although her eyes were following the movements of his lips but her ear, brains ceased to function anymore. She might be staring at Yuvraj but her mind began to travel back on those days when Kunj verged into her life like a devastating yet the most wonderful storm ever.

One year before,
In that evening, Twinkle was returning bit late from her dance school, ‘Dhrupad’. She was about to open the gate of her house, when a car just halted just few feet away from her, with a dangerous screech. In reflex she yelled back at the driver. But her mouth remained wide opened seeing a handsome, heavily drunk driver emerged from the car & began to shout roughly at her; as if he own her.
“Shut up. Shut your f****** mouth.”
At first, Twinkle was taken aback a bit. Then composing herself, she replied back,
“who the hell you are? Which idiot gave you the license?”
“Hey, girl don’t you dare to mess with me. No one ever dared to mess with Kunj .”
“I dare… Mr. whatever….. Myself, Twinkle Taneja. Who you are? Have you ever learnt any basic etiquette?”
Kunj stared hard at her hard in complete disbelief. His eyes were completely blood red. Silently cursing Yuvraj one more time, again he spoke rudely,
“Ohh…My my…So you are that Twinkle? Okay! I forget. Yes, you can do that…Actually, You have already done that. You have dared to cross my path.”
Without any hesitation, suddenly he caught her arms tightly. Then digging his nails on her soft porcelain like skin, he uttered menacingly,
“Now, it’s time for rectify your faults. Call off your marriage with Yuvraj. You can’t marry him.”
Twinkle went terribly shocked and scared. Nobody had ever misbehaved with her. To save her dear life, she started shouting,
“Ba….Papa, please, save me.…. He’s hurting me.”
But her act added fuel into Kunj ’s burning rage. He further gathered her petite figure from the waist so that she almost became pasted on his broad chest. Eventually he also screamed back in jeopardy,
“Shuuuuuuuut up.”
There was something into his voice that Twinkle instantly became silent yet struggled hard with all her might. She was trembling like a prey caught into a trap. Tears were falling abandon. She moved her face in side to avoid his heated gaze.
“Twinkle, what happened?’ R.T came out hurriedly but the immediate scene in front his eyes made him worried more.
‘Hey, who are you. Leave her. Leave my daughter.”

Continue holding her tightly with one hand, Kunj raised his other hand to stop R.T and unabashedly declared,
‘She’s going call off her marriage. Now.”
“Whaat!…Hey, who are you? She isn’t going to do anything. Beta, come here.”
R.T extended out his hand for Twinkle. This time Kunj released her and Twinkle sprinted hurriedly only to land into her father’s arms. She was so scared that she resumed to brawl her heart out. After few seconds, RT spoke firmly,
“Look, We don’t even know you. You might have bearing wrong idea about us. But my girl is innocent. Her wedding is already fixed with Yuvraj Luthra…..”
“She can’t marry him. I mean it.”
“What are telling? Are you insane?”
“Yes I am. I can’t let that b****rd to have fun when my…..Never.”
“Look beta. If you have problems with him, go & solve. My daughter is innocent.”
“No, She isn’t. A girl like her always does this, trapping a rich boy and forced him to marry her. I am damn sure she tried many but that idiot fell pray under her trap.”
Twinkle was angry beyond her own limit. She had heard enough. Without giving a single thought, leaving her father’s arm, she went to Kunj ’s side and pointed her finger towards him.
“How dare you? I am not going to do anything you want. Do you understand? I love Yuvraj. That’s all. We are going to marry soon.”
“You bl**dy W****. How…..”
But before Kunj could say any words, Twinkle slapped him, without realizing that would the last pin on the grave of her and Yuvraj’s relation. Unknowingly with that slap, She concomitantly sealed her fate with the mighty Kunj , forever. Immediately he caught her hand in a death grip. Then despite of her father’s struggle, he almost dragged her to the car and pushed her inside. Twinkle started struggling, screaming & hitting like anything while Kunj ordered the driver to go any nearby Kali temple.
On the way, he ordered his PA, Jeet to arrange everything. After reaching to there, once again Kunj dragged Twinkle like a ragged doll. In front of the idol of Devi maiya, pandit ji immediately started chanting the auspicious mantras for 7 vows. All through, Twinkle protested, pleaded, cursed, cried, but like a monster Kunj ignored everything. At the end of the rituals, he roughly put the vermillion on her hair pnikkition. Like a fast forwarded movie Twinkle turned into Mrs. Kunj sarna within half an hour.

Kunj you aren’t a kid anymore. Whenever, whatever you will do anything wrong, we can’t ignore that anymore. Look at this girl. What have you done to her? She doesn’t even know who you are and you just marry her in a whisk. You have made her life hell without any reason.”
At the door step of RM, Usha, Kunj ’s mother was spitting fire at Kunj . The answer he gave to her, just simply added fuel into their rage.
“I wanted to marry her & I did. I never give any explanation for my deeds. You are wasting your time, Ma.”
“Kunj !” Usha, Kunj ’s mother slapped him hard. During the whole drama, Twinkle was standing behind Kunj like a stone statue. She was shivering like a timid rabbit which was caught into a trap. Last few hours have been passed like a devastating storm. Suddenly getting someone who was caring to her, her all restrain broke; stooping on the ground, she started weeping bitterly. She was still in her light green, classy, cotton made anarkali churidar which she generally wore for her dance classes. Her hair pnikkition, upper part of her forehead, nose was fully covered with vermillion which Kunj had placed roughly with extreme hatred. Usha rushed towards her & gathered her into a tight embrace.
“No, beta. Don’t cry. Everything will be fine. It’s my fault. I am not a good mother. I failed as a mother. Both my children …”
“Ma!” Kunj admonished. But Usha bashed him back,
“You have made your mother ashamed. You have ruined everything; a mother’s dream, pride and above all, a girl’s dignity. Why did you marry her? Both of you don’t even know each other. Why?”
“I can’t tell you. But I can assure you, she’s not a innocent one. She’s the one who trap rich guys. She’s the reason of….”
Immediately he stopped. After few second pauses, he added,
“I can’t tell you. But whatever the reason, we are married now. So she’s going to stay with us.” Then without giving any time, he strode towards his room. Hugging back Usha, Twinkle once again began to bawl like a baby.

Usha, took Twinkle to the home-temple, where Kunj ’s grandmother was waiting for them. Reaching there, she gifted an ancestral kangan, made of gold and iron. She also made her wear that. As Twinkle was crying continuously, so wiping her tears, hugging her like a doting mother, Usha told,
“Twinkle, I don’t know the reason why he forced you. Believe me, I had no idea. If I had, I could have stopped this marriage. But, now I am with you. I am assuring you, today onwards he can’t even think of harming you anymore. If he does, promise me, you will inform me then & there. I am woman after all. I can’t let you to be tortured by a man. ”
Twinkle didn’t reply but nodded her head in affirmation. Suddenly she felt bit relaxed. At least, then she found someone to deal with that monster. Then she took, blessing of the elders. Holding her chin, Usha said smilingly,
“I always wanted a beautiful daughter in law. But Ma, must have pleased with me. She gave me the most beautiful girl. Stay blessed with wealth & children. ”
She kissed her forehead affectionately.

That night, after comforting Twinkle, Usha called R.T. At first she asked forgiveness on behalf of her son then she also requested him to come on next day with his whole family for a family lunch.
“R.T babu, I am extremely ashamed of my son’s behavior. I don’t know why he did this. But I know my son is guilty and I can’t erase that fact. It’s time for us; especially we elders, to think bit rationally. They are married now. We need to think of their future. I mean Twinkle’s reputation. After all she’s a girl. I….I am assuring you, Twinkle will be safe with me. Give me some times. I won’t let my son to harm her anymore, at any cost.”
Although R.T and Yuvraj were planning to lodge a complaint but Usha’s plea made him to withhold his complain and redeemed his anger. Although Yuvraj was adamant to inform police but Twinkle’s mother, Leela stopped him harshly. R.T Taneja was a simple middle class man and was in extreme shock with these sudden turns of events. Twinkle was his diseased sister’s child. He adopted her when she was just 8yrs old, after her parent’s death in a car accident. He adored her but he had his own daughter, Chinki. She was also in age of marriage. So, later both R.T & Leela, accepted this sudden but most coveted opportunity to build up a relationship with more rich and reputed Sarna family.
Only God knows, how much Twinkle was scared to share a room with that demon. She also denied when Nikki & Bubbly began to organize their so-called ‘suhagraat (wedding night).’ But, that devil himself declared that he had no intention to share his room with her. Even after Bubbly and Nikki’s uncountable pleas, scolding, threats, he remained stuck to his words.
“Twinkle, promise me, don’t you ever try to contact with Yuvraj. Please avoid him if he tries…”
“But Ma…..Though Usha Ma & bebe are extremely caring, but I can’t live with him…I can’t…”
Tightly hugging her ma, Twinkle was crying like a child. On the very next day her parents came early in the morning, not only to console their daughter but also to cherish the sudden onset of their relationship with Sarna family. Her mother spoke in almost an inaudible voice,
“Please beta, don’t cry. We can’t fight against them. They are rich and extremely powerful. And beta, please, just think of your father’s reputation, chinki’s future. We can’t afford to fight against Kunj .”
Hearing her mother’s plea, Twinkle continued sobbing and silently asked for her death, not only because of she had to live with this nameless marriage but also she was being tortured without any of her fault.

Post her so called wedding, with the help of both Usha & Bubbly, Twinkle was perfectly adapting all signature cultures and rules of Sarna family. Apart from them, She also got a new friend within ‘Marcy’, their pet dog. She played with Marcy whenever she got leisure time. After Usha forced her, she even planned to resume her dance classes from next week. Above all these, because of her good luck, devil left the house on very next day of their marriage, without giving any excuse. She never saw him after that night. Now Taneja & Sarna families have become quite friendly as they also found their long lost East-Bengal connection
But there was another person whom Twinkle yet not met, Kunj ’s sister, mahi. She went out of station just one day before her marriage. She heard that Kunj was extremely protective and possessive about mahi who was highly ill tempered and moody. He never denies anything to her. After staying there, she also got to know few surprising information about that devil, like he studied MBA from IIM-Amritser; immediately after his father’s death and at the age of only 26, he had to become the MD of Sarna Industries, he is type I diabetic patient, a complete perfectionist and good hearted man; most shockingly, Yuvraj was his best friend. Despite of all these major changes in her life, she remained unaware of the reason behind her shocking marriage.

“Marcy …where are you?…Marcy …”
Twinkle was looking for Marcy for last half an hour. As Bebe and Usha went to attend a function, so she was alone with Marcy. Marcy slipped out from her room, when She fell asleep sometimes back. At first she confirmed that nobody among servants had any idea about Marcy’s whereabouts. Then in search of her, she unknowingly entered into that part of the house, which she had been avoiding for last one week. After reaching inside the devil’s den, instantly she realized her mistake. When she about to leave, she heard a sound like Marcy and forwarding towards the source she found a beautiful pool with a beautiful flower garden around it. Twinkle was truly mesmerized by the beauty hidden behind the door. She felt that this pool side was the best part of that big palace like house. She never imagined that a private pool could be made just at the adjacent of a room, under a roof. She was looking every corner like in awe. But her trance broke with a thud of broken pots. While playing, Marcy broke those. Now she was standing at the corner; behind the plants; looking extremely scared. Immediately Twinkle ran towards her and gathered her into her arms.
“OMG!! Marcy. Are you okay?” She started talking with Marcy as if she was a human being and could understand her language.
“You know, you are very naughty. Bebe is making you naughtier day by day.”
Twinkle was brushing her fingers affectionately over Marcy’s pristine white furry body. She continued,
“I know this place is awesome. But Marcy, this belongs to that ‘raksaash (demon)’. Thank God! He isn’t here. Or else he would have killed you or eaten you alive.”
In voluntarily, placing Marcy on her lap, Twinkle sat on the marble boundary of the pool. Kissing Marcy’s temple, soothing her back, she added,
“ I can’t bear any torture on you. You are such a sweet soul, my friend.You must have known very well, he is a heartless, ruthless man. If he gets to know that you have broken these pots, he will definitely suck your blood before leaves you to drown into this water.”
“Ohh! Really? Then you know me well than anyone else in this world.”
Twinkle heard the voice, coming from her back. She gasped loudly, instantly her eyes almost popped out from the sockets and her breath breath got hitched at once.
Within a second, realizing her current position Twinkle almost jumped to escape from that place. But she remained unsuccessful and in that process, she almost landed just few inches away from her nemesis. Twinkle’s mind became panicked so much that her hold got possessively tight over Marcy who in turn began to scream in pain and squirm using all her might in a hope to save her dear life. As both the poor creatures were under firm scrutiny of mighty Kunj , unknowingly a ghost smile appeared on his face. Forgetting their current equation, again being old himself, Kunj began to tease her.
“Planning to kill her? Huh….”
He admonished huskily while Twinkle loosen her grip around Marcy who in turn, treacherously leaving her alone with Kunj , ran out from the room. As much as her trembling senses were allowing her at that moment, she apologized before trying to leave pass Kunj ’s side,
“I…I am sorr…sorry. I shouldn’t be here. It won’t happen again.”
For her dismay, Kunj instantly caught her wrist and pulled her roughly, so that she had to fall on his chest. Then he moved his face very close to her, so much close that she could feel the heat of his breaths on her face. With this sudden violation and out of horror, tears automatically began to flow from her eyes. She stuttered,
“I…I ..am…sor…sorry. It…”.
Surprisingly, seeing her pearl like tears on her porcelain like skin, for the first time, Kunj felt bad for her. Actually he was in teasing mood and absence for last few days, had changed few emotions within his heart. He stopped hating her like he used to. Actually after collecting all background information about her, via a detective agency, he was quite impressed with her achievements. With these thoughts, he loosened his grip around her. Before he could tell anything to her or Twinkle could escape from that place, a hysterical angry voice came from his back.
“Dada! … What are you doing?… I can’t believe this… How could you? … Even you also fell prey under spell of her magic…This witch… she is snatching everything from me.” Within a whisk of a second, both Kunj & Twinkle moved apart as far as they can. They stared back worriedly at mahi,. Kunj immediately rushed towards her and tried to calm her down.
“Choti! You are getting me wrong. Let me explain…I…I didn’t even talk to her. She meant nothing to me…”
mahi was crying hysterically; throwing her hands here & there; banging her head on the door. Kunj tried hard to calm her but remained miserably unsuccessful. For the first time, Kunj stared at Twinkle with pleading eyes and insinuated her to leave that room. Watching all these, she also began to feel panic. Sudden turn of events made her shocked from the core. Covering her mouth to stop her erupting sobs, she sprinted out of the room.

1 hour later
Twinkle’s door went banged opened and Kunj entered into the room with blood shot eyes. Twinkle almost screamed and retreated back in fear seeing his condition. Rather consoling her, authoritatively pointing his finger on her, Kunj admonished scathingly,
“Don’t you dare to come near to me in front of her. I swear…. I will…”
Before he could finish Usha came from outside & stood in between them. “Kunj , I hope this would be the last time I have to remind you. Now she is your wife. She belongs to Sarna family & Sarna never encourage in torturing their daughter in laws.”
“Whatever…But I don’t consider her worthy of any….”
“But you can’t change the truth. Whether you admit or not! She is your wife. If you have given a thought before forcefully marrying her, then all these things could have been avoided easily. Now you need to consider her as you wife as soon as possible.”
“Ma! Are you really mahi’s mother? After knowing everything you are still supporting her. She is the reason, Yuvraj abandoned our chhoti, that too only for her. How could you?”
“Kunj ! You have become blind in love. Why can’t you see, Yuvraj never loved mahi.”
“I can’t believe this. How could you support this girl? Before she trapped him, he used to love mahi. That’s why mahi became…”
Kunj halted abruptly & next second hurriedly left the room. After his exit, Twinkle fell on her knees and wept her heart out. Again Usha appeared to be her mental support like a real mother. Twinkle couldn’t able to fathom the real reason behind her marriage. For the first time, she became angry with Yuvraj for coming into her peaceful life and accused him for betraying Mahi
“No, Twinkle beta. Please don’t cry. Don’t curse him. It’s not his fault at all that my daughter is madly in love with him. She began to love him from the time she realized the meaning of love. But it can’t be his fault that he never reciprocated her love. Though mahi told me long before but I am the one who kept it secret. Kunj too had no idea about her feelings. Actually I was waiting for the perfect time to put forward this proposal to his family. Then all in sudden Yuvraj declared about you and mahi started behaving like insane. I don’t know what did she told to Kunj but believe me, Yuvraj never played with her emotions. I got to know the reason behind your marriage when I enquired Jeet. (imaginary character…. U can imagine any1)
But it was already too late. I am the main culprit here for ruining everyone’s life. I should have talked to Yuvraj long back or stop my child from loving him.”
Usha also began to cry. Immediately cuddling more into her arms, Twinkle tried to reduce the pains of her remorse.
“Ma, please don’t cry. I am sorry. I had no idea about mahi. Because of me she is suffering. I am the sole reason of her pain. I would have called off the wedding if I had any hint before.”
Usha negatively nodded her head. Ignoring her, Twinkle added,
“I should have agreed with his order. These pains could have been avoided then. Before taking this drastic decision, at first he asked me to refuse Yuvraj’s proposal but I didn’t believe him then. I think you need to talk with Yuvraj and tell him about mahi.”
Although it hurt her immensely, yet after a pregnant pause she included,
“I am married now. I think he can easily marry Mahi”
Both them continued to console each other, share each others’ grief. But unknown to them, standing behind the door, one person heard their whole conversation; he was none other than Kunj .

From next day Twinkle tried every possible way to avoid mahi who in turn never left no chance to rudely taunt her back, about her character, status, upbringing etc. Surprisingly, suddenly Kunj ’s behavior had taken almost 180° turn; strangely he was behaving bit friendly; still they stayed in different rooms, as much as possible to away from each other. Usha tried hard to mellow him down but he didn’t show any inclination to change his decision. Above all, he always remained silent whenever mahi threw those jeering words at her. As Twinkle was genuinely feeling bad for mahi’s pain of losing her first love, she stopped minding her nasty words.

Twinkle had already resumed her dance classes after few weeks of her marriage. Usha also bought a brand new car for her and appointed a driver. Sometimes Usha also visited her in school and already built up bonding with Twinkle’s favorite dance teacher Madhumanti Sen.
It was Dhrupad’s (dance school) foundation day. Every year on that day all alumni, existing students, many media persons gathered there and organized a classical program at the school premises. Being the most promising dancer, Madhumati’s favorite student, Twinkle had to take the charge of closing dance on that function. Because of the unavoidable late start, that program went on till 10:30 pm. As she was feeling little embarrassed for being so late, still she informed Usha and asked her to send the car after 10:30.

On his way back to home, Kunj received a call from Usha and the subject of that call was enough for raising his temper. At first he clearly denied but he had to say yes when a stubborn Usha declared that she herself was going to pick up Twinkle from her dance school. After reaching there, Kunj asked the security about Twinkle. As they informed the venue, he incuriously approached towards the auditorium. With his first step inside the auditorium, all in sudden the lights went off and the host announced that following dance would be the last performance in the evening. As his surrounding went pitch dark, Kunj had to stay rooted at the spot, just near the entrance, straight away from the main stage. Suddenly few blue/red/green neon lights lit up on the stage creating a celestial atmosphere and behind those smoky blue/green/red lights, Twinkle emerged like a nymph in sea blue saree. It was the most enchanting vision in Kunj ’s life. Then she began to move her exquisite, curvaceous body rhythmically with a melodious, semi classical song, ‘Piya tose naina lage re’.
Forthwith, Kunj apparently forgot to breathe. He saw her before and always found her beautiful. But today he found her in a different stature. He used to consider her as a mere dancer, but for the first time he realized the reason, why Yuvraj fell head over heels in her love. End of the dance, when light came out and he involuntarily approached towards the stage where his talented beautiful wife was shyly yet elegantly gathering all applauds. Before he could reach there, someone stopped him from the back and after providing his identity that person, he asked him to join him to another room

Twinkle saw the massage from Usha that she had already sent a car. Before leaving, she went to Madhumati’s room to bid her a quick good bye. There she got one of the biggest surprise of her life. Mighty Kunj was sitting and reluctantly chatting with her favorite teacher, Madhumati aunty. That time Twinkle went glued at her spot. She almost forgot to blink her doe like beautiful eyes and gawked at him as if she was watching an alien.
Suddenly seeing her at the door, Madhumati addressed her merrily,
“Twinkle! You were reluctant to show him. Look, I myself found your Kunj .”
Both Twinkle & Kunj snapped at each other nervously.
“Why are you standing there looking at him like this? Is there any doubt, whether he’s your husband or not?”
Madhumati teased her mercilessly. Nodding negatively, Twinkle began to blush like crimson. She was extremely tensed about his sudden appearance, mood and behavior. Suddenly getting up from the chair, seeing at Madhumati, Kunj declared,
“ Mam it’s too late now. We need to leave?”
Madhumati nodded her head in affirmation. Somehow composing herself, Sweat bowed down her head to her teacher’s feet. She went almost paralyzed at that condition when Kunj merrily joined her to take blessing from Madhumati. Resting her palms on their heads, Madhumati blessed them & affectionately told,
“God grace this wonderful pair with beautiful children and lots of love.”
Twinkle thought she would be broken into tears immediately as Madhumati had no idea about how & why they got married, current status of her relationship with Kunj . But after they stood up, in an instance she felt an assuring, friendly side hug from Kunj who once again declared,
“We should leave now.”
After they emerged from the room, they saw few students and few media people were still gathered there. Looking at them, Kunj slowly slid his arms from Twinkle’s shoulder to her saree clad petite bare waist. He had no idea, how his simple actions had already begun tormenting Twinkle’s senses. People might not find anything special, but only God knows how she was feeling at that moment. She was overwhelmed with this sudden turn of event. She tried hard to ignore her nervousness, all running butterflies within her lower abdomen and goose bumps all over her body. She specifically began to focus on the praises coming from the people around them while unknowingly her devil handsome husband was busy in showcasing the world, his priceless possession, his beautiful talented wife by grazing his fingers at the side of her bare waist. Rest of the journey to their home was merely uneventful as both of them trying hard to douse the sudden eruption of undercurrent s*xual tension within their heart.
In between, both of them remained unaware of the presence of Yuvraj who witnessed the whole scenario outside the room. He went heartbroken beyond repair. That day, he once again came to watch Twinkle’s first dance performances, post her marriage. He also came with the rose bouquet that he used to give his Twinkle.
Climbing on a tool, Twinkle was completely engrossed in arranging the bottles on the upper most racks in the kitchen. Although maid was helping but she had to leave to attain mahi’s sudden order. Suddenly she heard him to say,
“What the! Are you mad? Get down from the tool. NOW!!!!”
That voice itself was a taboo. It had always a negative effect on her; more precisely it always shook her whole existence. As a result she stumbled & made herself to fall on the marble floor. But before she could dangerously hurt herself, two strong protective arms grabbed her in the air. Even though her eyes were closed but she took only fraction of second to identify her rescuer. Now a day, she was quite habituated with that hypnotizing smell of cologne of him, as bumping with each other had become more frequent from that night. In reflex of saving her dear life, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hid her face on his nape.
Kunj went stilled at once. Her flowery smell, her soft warm body started playing havoc with his senses. He gaped at her beautiful face. Few tendrils of hair escaping to her face were making her look like a charming doll. True say the truth, that feeling was with him for last few weeks. He couldn’t deny that he was completely bewitched by the beauty and talent of his namesake wife. Her single glance was enough to increase his heart beats at a dangerous rate. He still remembered the day when he first saw her dancing in a semi-classical number ‘Piya tose naina lage re.’ He was completely mesmerized by not only her pure innocent beauty but also her talent. Involuntarily he thanked his luck for having this beautiful creature in his life.
His reverie broke when Twinkle began to wriggle within his arms. So he loosened his grip and made her slender shivering form to stand properly.
“I…I am sorry. I…” She stuttered, looking everywhere except at him.
Composing himself, he spoke firmly, “Next time, no need to climb up like that. Next time onwards, you will ask maid to that. Do you understand? What if you got hurt?”
Twinkle snapped her doe like big eyes. She went shocked hearing his concerned tone. Earlier, she had only negligible experiences of physical closeness with Yuvraj. But she always felt little uncomfortable with those physical proximity before her marriage. Whereas with Kunj , even by his simple gaze, she started feeling something different within her body that eventually led to uneven breathing, tingling around her midriff and a sudden blow of soothing breeze around the most sensitive spot of her nape. All these things had started from the day she saw the purest admiration for her dance, in his hypnotizing pair of chocolate brown eyes. In spite of the obvious undercurrent s*xual tension, a pretty smile automatically dawned on her face. Down casting her eyes, after a pregnant pause she nodded her head in positive.
“What the! Say something.”
Staring back at him, this time being bit relaxed; she spoke before running out from the kitchen. “As you wish”.
It’s been two months after Twinkle’s marriage; Yuvraj was trying hard to meet her. But his every attempt was failed due to presence of either Twinkle’s family or his appointed body guards or sometimes Kunj himself. Though he regularly received news of her whereabouts through one of their servants, still he wanted to talk to her. He was quite relieved after knowing that both Kunj & Twinkle were staying separately. They didn’t even talk much. But it bothered him that quite often she had been regularly being insulted by mahi. In between Kunj also forced or threatened him many times to agree with marrying mahi. Yesterday he went over boarded and threatened him to hurt Twinkle if he wasn’t agree with him. So, Yuvraj decided to talk to her asap.
Few days later Twinkle went alone to the temple. Grabbing the chance, Yuvraj reached there immediately. After locating Twinkle alone at a non crowded corner of the temple he automatically reached there. He called out her name softly,
Instantly she got scared and gasped loudly. Yes, it was surprising to both of them that Twinkle became scared of Yuvraj for the first time. But Yuvraj took that in a wrong way. He though that because of Kunj ’s torture she was scared of him.
“Twinkle, Please. It’s me. Are you okay?”
God knows why, ignoring his question, Twinkle uncomfortably began to look here & there. Pearl like tears were flowing from her beautiful eyes. Instantly reaching near to her, Yuvraj grabbed her shivering body and tried to wipe her tears.
“Twinkle, please, jaan. Don’t cry. Please tell me once you are okay. I…I… never cheated on you. It was always you for me. I… I had no idea that mahi loves me. You are…”
“Yuvraj please…It…It’s over.” Twinkle tried to stop him and leave the place.
Holding her shoulders firmly, Yuvraj spoke again,
“Please Twinkle. Don’t try to ignore me. Tell me once, are you okay? Did Kunj ever harm you? Please tell me. I know that you are suffering only because of me. But…believe me …I had no idea about mahi’s….”
Twinkle silently protested and tried to wriggle out from his hold. Then pulling and pasting her to his chest, he held her chin up and asked her softly,
“How are you without me, Twinkle?”
Before she could tell anything, they heard Kunj ’s angry voice. Instantly Twinkle tried to get away from Yuvraj but he forcibly stopped her & tightly caged her within his strong arms. She tried to pushed him with all her might but failed. Being helpless, she began to cry like a baby, especially after realizing Kunj ’s heated hateful gaze on her. Yuvraj pleaded,
“Kunj , please don’t hurt her. She is innocent. She always loves me. She never had any idea about mahi’s feelings.”
Ignoring his begging, with few long strides Kunj reached in front of them and punched hard at his face. He roared ruthlessly,
“You should have thought that before making my sister pregnant.”
Yuvraj fell on the ground with that sudden blow while Twinkle began to scream with his name. “Yuvraj, Are you okay? Hey Maaa..!… Blood! You are bleeding Yuvraj.” She tried to wipe out his blood in between his nose & lips. But before she could do anything, Kunj roughly caught her arm and started to drag her out from that place. For next half and hour until they reached home, only few helpless prayers & angry growls continued to ring all over their surroundings.
“Kunj ..Please. Yuvraj is bleeding… Please let me see him.”
“Kunj please don’t hurt her. She is innocent….”
“Yuvraj You have to pay for this. I can’t let you live happily after ruining my sister’s life.”
“Kunj please listen to me. Ahhh….. You are hurting me…. I… I am innocent. I had no idea. Yuvraj himself contacted me. You have to believe me this time…I….”
“I have seen that how you were comfortable into your Yuvraj’s arms. I have my own informers. So, next time, don’t you dare to play games with me.”
Kunj dragged her mercilessly from car to the entrance of their home. That was first time he saw Twinkle & Yuvraj together. Only God knows that Kunj could even murder him for touching his wife. How dared he to touch his Twinkle; that too after playing with his sister’s life?
Reaching there when Twinkle saw Usha, freeing herself from this, she rushed into Usha’s arms and sobbed bitterly.
“Kunj , have you gone mad? What are you doing to her? She’s you wife…”
“Yeah! My wife. My so called wife who was within her boyfriend’s arms, just few minutes back.” Kunj was trembling in murderous rage.
“What? I can’t believe this. I guess Yuvraj was the one who came to meet her. She can’t do this without informing me.” Mahi admonished.
“Ma, please believe me… I..I had no idea. He came to meet me.” Twinkle implored after falling on Usha’s feet.
“Shut up. Shut your dirty mouth. Do you have any shame left? You went to meet that man who made my sister pregnant. You…”
“What! Who? mahi? Yuvraj?” Usha cried out in shock. At first Kunj went silent. After few seconds he began to tell the truth behind his sudden rivalry with Yuvraj.
“Yes, Ma. Only because of this girl, Choti had to abort her child. This is the woman who seduced Yuvraj and made him agree with the marriage. This girl is….”
Before he could any words against Twinkle, mahi screeched from behind.
“Bhai! I told you before. She’s a whore. She did it again. I told you before. She is a witch. She snatched my Yuvraj. She is a whore. She…”
“Chhoti!” Kunj rushed towards her as she had already began to behave like a hysteria patient. In the mean time, Usha fell on her knees while Twinkle hugged her to redeem her pain.
“Chhoti. Please baby. Don’t cry. I promise…. I will talk to Yuvraj. He has to marry you. He has no right to play with your emotions.”
“No he won’t marry me as long as this girl is alive. She should die. She…”
For the first time, Kunj admonished her firmly. A sudden mere thought of Twinkle’s death made him do that.
“mahi! Behave yourself. You can’t tell this to Twinkle. I have already promised you. Yuvraj will be yours. No need to worry about her.”
mahi stopped her acts instantly. She was shocked the way suddenly Kunj scolded her. He never did this before. Hugging her shivering body; keeping his eyes on his wife’s hazel ones, Kunj spoke affectionately,
“He will marry you. …I…I will make him agree with this proposal. I promise.”
Although Twinkle tried yet Usha left the house with her car along with a driver. So, no one went behind her. In the mean time, Kunj managed to calm down highly agitated mahi but he also left immediately after mahi fell asleep.
Staring at nothing, a completely distressed Twinkle was sitting in front of devi maiya’s idol. Suddenly their maid came & told, “Bhabi(sister-in-law), mahi didi asked you to meet her at the store room.”
When Twinkle reached there, that room was pitched dark. She was a nyctophobic. She couldn’t even move or utter a single word in the darkness. Standing at the door step, she asked,
“mahi Are you here?”
Next moment the room lights lit up and mahi spoke in a dangerously cold voice,
“I heard that you are scared of darkness.”
Twinkle looked at her startled; quite suspicious about her tone. Her heart was thudding mercilessly. She wasn’t feeling good. Then mahi added more,
“Come inside.”
Twinkle stepped inside the room and following mahi instructions went to sit in a chair at the furthest corner of that clumsy room. Meanwhile, mahi began to approach to the door. Halting there for briefly, she looked back at Twinkle & spoke again like a maniac,
“I heard that you can’t stay in the darkness. You need lights all around your surroundings. But you don’t deserve a life after pushing me into this lifelong darkness. You have to suffer like me. You need to feel the suffocation of living into darkness, complete helplessness. Above all, now you tried to snatch my Bhai. You don’t deserve any light.”
Then without any preamble she moved out from the room and shut the door with a thud. Twinkle rushed toward the door. But before she could reach, that door was closed. She began to hit the door, screamed her heart out. But all her attempts went vain. Then suddenly the room turned into pitched dark.

Kunj came back just before the time of dinner. He found his sister and grandmother at the table. As usual his mother and Twinkle were missing. As he knew about his mother’s whereabouts so he asked only about Twinkle. Both of them declared that they had no clue. Being impatient enough, he angrily called out Twinkle’s name again and again. But he got no feedback. Immediately it struck his mind, ‘Twinkle had left’. He found a great difficulty to breathe anymore He rushed to check every corner of his house but she remained unavailable. In a whisk of a second, he dialed Yuvraj’s number & shouted rudely,
“Where is she? I swear. I will do something really bad to her if she’s with you. She is my wife. Ask her to come back now or else….”
“What! Who?” Yuvraj sounded utterly shocked. He questioned back in doubtful voice,
“Whom are you talking about? Twinkle? Where is she? She is ignoring my calls since the incident.”
“Yuvraj, don’t dare to act smart. Where is she? How dare you to keep her?
“I…I am not getting your point?” Then all in sudden he realized,
“OMG! Where is she? She isn’t here with me. She never came to me. Believe me. She never came to me. Where did she go? Why? Why did you let her go? What if she has done something foolish? Did…Did you check her at her home…Kunj please don’t hurt her. She is innocent. I will kill you and myself if something happens to her.”
“Yuvraj!” That moment Kunj sounded completely helpless. He stammered in full of anguish, “I…I wasn’t home. I thought she went …to you …I… She isn’t home.”
Immediately cutting the call, he began to scream at all servants who also had no clue about Twinkle. Then he called all security. But according to their information and cc-tv footage at the gate, Twinkle never went out. Kunj threaded his fingers into his hairs with utmost desperation but he overlooked the joy at his sister’s face. He uttered like a pray,
“I am sorry Twinkle. Please come back. I didn’t mean those I said. Please come back to me.”
Suddenly that maid appeared as a ‘Messiah’. She informed that last time Twinkle was seen almost 3 hours back, near the store room. Before she could finish his information, Kunj sprinted towards the store room. He found it locked from outside and Marcy was sitting just outside of it, scratching, softly hitting at the door. Kunj impatiently ordered to open it. But his breath got hitched instantly after switching on the light; almost lifeless, pale form of Twinkle; lying on the floor like a ragged doll.
“Now she’s out of danger. It’s her good luck that she was fainted immediately or else she could have been paralyzed or her brain might have damaged forever. She is sleeping but someone should stay with her for whole night.”
“I will stay with her.” Usha snapped at her son when he declared his opinion in no nonsense tone. She did not protest or tell anything but slowly left the room. She was waiting for a cheerful morning with her whole family since that sleeping angel stepped into life of his son. But after knowing the ‘real’ truth she had understood that any of her children didn’t deserve happiness. Her eyes welled up automatically. On the way to her room she saw her younger one was pacing like a tigress at the corridor. Their eyes met abruptly. mahi’s heart beats accelerated seeing utmost disgust within her mother’s eyes; those were like spiting fire and venoms at her. She called out, ‘Ma’. Ignoring her like a unknown, trespasser, Usha stepped into her room and shut the door with a bang.
Twinkle rubbed her cheek over uniquely ‘scented’ warm cotton. Though she loved her cozy warm surrounding but being too lazy to wake up she continued to close her eyes. Then she brushed her nose over that same cotton. But her eyes went snapped open, when her nose touched a warm skin. Her hazel gaze dipped into the ocean of dark brown chocolate. She gasped loudly in all sorts of tensions. Balancing on his elbow, Kunj was gazing at her intently; while his other hand was possessively placed on her waist. Their legs were almost tangled with each other. Twinkle found her own hand was also possessively griping neckline of Kunj ’s T-shirt. First thing he asked her in husky concerned voice,
“How are you feeling now?”
Twinkle thought, she never felt so much loved and relieved.
“You had nightmares throughout the night. So I had to do this. How are you feeling now?
And that moment she realized there would never be anyone else for her. There will be Kunj ; only Kunj in her life. She couldn’t control her tears and nodded her head in negative. Holding her face with his palm Kunj spoke again lovingly,
“Shhh….Please Twinkle, please don’t cry. Nothing will happen to you. I am …I am with you. Always. I am sorry for what I did to you. Please don’t cry. I will sort out everything.”
Feeling extremely relieved after Kunj ’s assurance, Twinkle hugged him tightly and began to sob. Their bodies were pasted that their heart beats also began to synchronize with each other. Kunj brushed his hands over her back to sooth her every fear, pain.
“It’s okay Twinkle. Please…don’t cry.”
After few more minutes, when she stopped crying, her breathing became normal; Kunj slowly made her recline on her back & almost hovered, over her. All in sudden, the room temperature began to increase at a dangerous rate; bringing about changes as well primal needs within their bodies. Kunj slowly brushed his finger to wipe the traces of her tears. With that process, he gradually lowered his face to get an intent view of every corner of her exquisite face. In anticipation, gulping hard, once again Twinkle slowly closed her eyes. Within a second, when Kunj ’s dry and rough lips just touched her moist & pulp ones, they heard an sharp agitated knock at their door. Both of them, jumped out from their current position. Though he avoided looking at her, but stopping her from being got up from the bed, he ordered huskily,
“Relax Twinkle. No need to be panicked. I am going to open.”
When he opened the door, Kunj saw his mother was standing there with a stern and impassive face. Once again ignoring him and before they could even think further, she ordered Twinkle over his shoulder with a no nonsense tone,
“Twinkle, we have to pack your bags. Yuvraj and your parents are already here. You are leaving this house within an hour.”
Automatically the whole atmosphere within that room got changed. As if, there was going to an earthquake. Everyone stayed rooted at the place. Following a pregnant pause, staring intently at Twinkle’s pained greenish hazel eyes; Kunj was the one, who spoke first, with a dangerously cold tone.
“She is not going to anywhere.”
Ignoring his verbal protest, Usha moved forward. While crossing him, she asked innocently,
“Twinkle, why are you still sitting? Go & get freshen up. I am going to pack your bags.”
Suppressing his gradually increasing temper, Kunj grated his teeth and admonished,
“I don’t like to repeat myself. As I have already mentioned, she’s not going to anywhere. She’s unwell now. Let her take some rest. Later, we will discuss on this issue”. Kunj approached to Twinkle who was sitting on the bed like a dumb folded. He tightly held her shivering form and made her stand. Cupping her face, directly looking into her eyes, he spoke tenderly while putting stress on each word,
“Twinkle, go and get freshen up. Just call me, if you need my help.”
Yet Twinkle stayed rooted, looking back & forth at either mother or son. She was hell confused; whom to support. At one side was Usha ma, her newly found mother & on the other side was Kunj , so far who had only managed to accelerate her heart beats with a pleasantly unique feeling, nothing else.
“Twinkle, I said go.” Kunj once again ordered her.
First word she uttered on that day. Gulping hard under the menacing gaze of Kunj , then averting her eyes from him to Usha, she spoke again, “Ma, Why?”
“Because I can’t let you die. I am done with being selfish for my own selfish children. But yesterday’s incident made me realized that they can go down at any level. Even they can kill an innocent for their own good.”
Kunj stood there, infuriated and yet silent while the stream of tears had already began to make its way down Twinkle’s pale cheeks.
“Twinkle, I don’t want to be failed as a mother, anymore. Please let me win. Please leave this place and marry Yuvraj.”
Usha’s remaining words went lost in her muffled sobs. Her figure was looking entirely defeated; regret, helplessness was evident on her already reddened face. But with her declaration, Kunj saw red! All in sudden mahi’s pains, Twinkle’s distress and his mother’s regrets all seemed to be forgotten. ‘Yuvraj & Twinkle’s marriage’ was thing that continued to ring into his ears. Automatically it awoke the hidden, insane demon within his body. Lifting a huge white vase, crashing it mercilessly against the floor, he yelled venomously, instantly sending those two women into panic mode.
“She’s not leaving and that’s final. How could you, Ma? You are encouraging her to go with that person who ruined your own daughter’s life. I can’t let that to be happened.”
“You should have thought that before planning to kill her.”
Kunj roared at the top of his voice. His breathing was uneven. Hearing that noice, Twinkle’s father, Yuvraj and mahi all came and gathered inside the room. Seeing him there, within whisk of a second Kunj reached to Yuvraj and holding his collar he shook him vigorously.
“How dare you to come into my room? Leave now or I will kill you.”
But Yuvraj resisted his attack and forcefully pushed Kunj back who stumbled for few seconds before regaining his balance. Then, mahi spoke jeeringly, coming in between them,
“Bhai, don’t you dare to hit him anymore. Twinkle is the one who should be punished for seducing him. Actually she should die instead of others. Whore like her….”
Yuvraj & Kunj squealed in unison. But before they could take any action, Usha reached near mahi and slapped her hard.
“Don’t you dare to utter a single word against her. You are the one who should be killed. Once you played the similar trick with me. Now you have played the same game the with Kunj . And that stupidly fell into your trap. How could you lied to him, your own brother? Actually you have rotten from inside. You weren’t pregnant. You never were. You can’t be. Yuvraj never gave any attention to you. Am I right? It would have better, if I aborted before your birth, so that these days would have never come.”
Instantly whole room went pin drop silence.
Only Kunj croaked in disbelief.
“What..what are you talking? She…Never…How?…”
“I never thought of that my son could be this much blind, stupid & inhuman. You have ruined Twinkle’s whole life just for the sake of your insane sister. Before she lied to you, she also confronted me with the same issue. But I guessed it was a lie. It can’t be true. She can’t be pregnant with Yuvraj’s child as he never showed any interest on her. Then secretly I confirmed her status by a doctor where doctor’s reports vindicated that she was lying. I knew very well, she was the one behind yesterday’s incident. Only for your nonsense, selfish act Twinkle is suffering like hell. I admit that I also behaved selfishly and made her stay with this sham of marriage. But now it’s over. Now onwards I will provide her all the happiness what she deserves and her happiness is always with Yuvraj.”
Mahi protested her mother’s decision with the top of her voice, “Ma, you can’t do this to me. You don’t know her but I know, this girl is the reason why Yuvraj never loves me. She made you to hate me and bhai. She’s a witch. I was stupid to let her live. I should kill her long before. I…I will kill her.”
Before anyone could realize what was going to happen next, mahi swiftly advanced towards Twinkle and caught her neck tightly. Twinkle almost chocked and struggled to breathe.
“mahii.” Both Kunj and Yuvraj roared and instantly reached to them. Kunj almost threw off mahi from Twinkle, so that she fell on the ground. She went shocked; her whole body was trembling vigorously while her breathing was uneven. She uttered with her quivering lips,
“Don’t.” Kunj reproached jeeringly and raised his hand stopping her to say anything more.
“Don’t call me bhai. You…You are dead for me. Do you understand?…. You are dead for me… Now…. Leaveeeeee from my sight…”
mahi stared at her brother, silently pleading with her eyes but her brother, her hero just refused to look back at her. She averted her head and looked at her mother who was then standing defeated, beside Twinkle. She saw complete hatred within her eyes. Then she slowly turned to look at the very person for whom she did all these things. But the sight was what she always abhorred most in her life. Twinkle was within Yuvraj’s embrace and he was rubbing her hair to ebb her pains. He wasn’t even putting a single glance on mahi. She forgot to breathe instantly. Standing on trembling feet, she ran out from the room as first as she could.
Everyone remained rooted there like stone statues. Kunj released a heavy defeated breath and turned to look at his Twinkle. But that sight was an eye opener for him as he found her bawling like a baby within Yuvraj’s arms. Without saying anything or consoling her further, Kunj hurriedly left the room. He realized then, the time had come that he should take a decision only for Twinkle’s sake, her happiness.
Though she wished to meet once with Kunj , Twinkle was forced to leave that house immediately with her father & Yuvraj. Even she wanted hard but couldn’t gather the courage to make a phone call at that night. Whole night she waited for his call which never came.
“mahi opened the door!”
“I…I am sorry. Beta. Please beta.”
“mahi, Open the damn door…”
Both Kunj & Usha were shouting, standing in front of mahi’s room, hitting on the closed door. It’s already dinner time; still her door was closed. Earlier Usha knocked her door, twice. First time, she got the answer ‘Get lost’ but next time mahi didn’t even bother to answer her. After Kunj came back at night, Usha frantically informed him about mahi. Both of them rushed to her room and kept on banging on the door. When Kunj finally broke the door with the help of few servants, their lives collapsed instantly, mahi’s lifeless body was hanging from the ceiling.
At the midnight, Taneja family received the news from Yuvraj and immediately they rushed to meet them. Once again, after entering there, her eyes only searched for Kunj . She knew Kunj & his entire existence had already been shattered beyond repair. But he refused to accept any solace from Twinkle. He didn’t even talk or look at her whenever she attempted. His look and posture was remained distant all the times, especially when she sat beside mahi’s lifeless body and cried and wept involuntarily; when he came back home after cremating mahi; when she stayed back to console and took care of mourning bebe and Usha Ma; when she arranged everything for the puja for seeking the peace for mahi’s soul. He never uttered a single word of protest or desired to meet or talk to her whenever Twinkle sent his foods or anti-diabetic medicines though the servants.
Few days later after the puja, Twinkle came out from the kitchen with breakfast and saw Yuvraj was sitting at the table. Her heart lurched in anticipation of leaving that house once again.
Yuvraj asked huskily while Twinkle was only able to bob her head. Smile as if completely vanished from her face.
“How are you? Ummm.. Is everything alright here?” She could only shake her head in affirmation while her head had already begun to spin.
“Umm…Actually…Kunj called me yesterday. He wants to meet me. I…I have no idea. Do you?”
Again she remained mum and shook her head in negative.
“Ohh!… Okay. I will meet you later.” Sighing loudly he approached to closed door of Kunj ’s room.
Anxiety was killing her like hell. For few minutes, she stood at her place. Then gathering all her courage within her thudding heart, without thinking further, like a zombie her legs automatically moved towards his room. It was almost five days after mahi”s death, she had seen him last.
She saw his back faced towards her, his stance defeated, shattered. He was looking at their full family picture where everyone was smiling including his diseased father & mahi. His rigid back was the evident that he was still in search of solace for everyone rather himself. Yuvraj was sitting on chair behind him and his back was too faced towards Twinkle. Twinkle’s head was spinning heavily while any moment her heart could also be burst inside her rib cage. Suddenly she heard him to say,
“Yuvraj, if I asked your forgiveness will you give me now?
“What?……Kunj , what are you telling. It is past now. We should forget the past & move on. You were manipulated then. I….”
Yuvraj answered humbly. But he was cut short by an impatient Kunj who added firmly,
“Please, Yuvraj I…I don’t want to remember those days. I am too sick of thinking about those. Now I will find peace only if I achieve your & ….Ummm…Twinkle’s forgiveness. You were my best friend still I snatched away your happiness. While she’s the best girl I ever met. She is pure & innocent. Yet I ruined her life, ruined her dreams. This time I made amend. I…I am going to make you happy once again; both of you. It will be my absolution. If you people become happy and together again, it will be your leniency towards me. Please Yuvraj marry her and give her to the world of happiness which she always deserves…”
“What?” Yuvraj exclaimed with well suppressed joy. He couldn’t believe his ears. But Twinkle’s mind went blank within a whisk of second. Her legs melted as those were made of jelly. She had to hold the wall beside her for her support. Completely unknown to Twinkle’s dismay, Kunj continued,
“I want to give her divorce and make her free forever. She always deserves love and she loves you. This time I can’t stay between your and her happiness. She’s the purest soul and I am damn sure your love will add wings into her dreams.”
Then lowering his voice at almost inaudible level he drew the conclusion, “She is as pure as she was before our marriage. She’s still untouched. We never….”
After that painful verdict, Twinkle couldn’t able to hear more and her surroundings went dark immediately. She fainted and fell on the ground.
Next time when she opened her eyes, she found herself in hospital bed with everyone except Kunj . She couldn’t able to cry on her despair as she saw Usha, who was once again crying bitterly and blaming herself upon Twinkle’s illness. After getting discharge, she was directly taken to the Taneja house. Her extreme weakness couldn’t let her to think or walk for next few more days. But Kunj never came or phoned her during those days of illness while Yuvraj & his family turned out to be well wisher, an integral part of her family.
After she became fine, one day Usha came to her house and she & her parents almost emotionally blackmailed her to sign on their mutual divorce paper where Kunj had already signed. Twinkle became entirely shattered that she didn’t even decline Usha’s request further. Few days later, she saw a new member in her house, a white SUV, a generous gift by Kunj as a part of his redemption as well as divorce alimony. Few days later she was also granted the sole ownership of ‘Dhrupad’ and 50% share of Sarna Industries; those two too were her unwanted alimony. Her house got magically changed in every aspect within next few months as if by Midas touch. It was Kunj who once again paid the bills for everything to find out his solace. Initially Twinkle tried hard to stop her parents from accepting anything from Kunj but they once again made her silent by the way they always did. Including Yuvraj, nobody ever cared to peep into her wounded heart, her changed dreams and desires, her growing love for Kunj . Anyone including Kunj never asked about her opinion on any issue related to her life, proffered relationship. Everyone was either enjoying or mourning over those past moments while she was living in daze of sorrows, savoring the heart break from losing her first, true love.
Present day
Twinkle looked up startled. On the edges of her huge hazel eyes were two sparkling pools of tears. Cupping her face, Yuvraj assured,
“Twinkle, I know that all the incidents happened in last one year were overwhelming for you. You may be still worried about Usha aunty and Bebe. But, you need to move on from your past. They too want your happiness more than anything else.”
Then wiping her tears with his index finger, he added,
“I…I always love you Twinkle and every tear of yours is precious to me. Please jaan, don’t waste those anymore. You have suffered a lot, only because of me. Now onwards, I can’t let anyone to hurt you, anymore. I want to stay beside you throughout my life.”
As Yuvraj was busy in expressing his heart felt contents, he missed the appearance of edginess on her face. Then rising from his place, he sat beside her and put his left hand on her shoulder, pulled her near to him. Twinkle tried to shift from her place. But she was tightly tipped by Yuvraj. Keeping his chin on her left shoulder, he implored tenderly,
“Twinkle I know, it’s too early for this but I can’t take risk anymore. I need you beside me. Now I have fallen in love with you more; more than anything. You and your happiness have become my life line. Please marry me Twinkle.”
Twinkle felt uncomfortable because not only his hot breathe was fanning the nape of her neck but also she didn’t want to marry him anymore. She didn’t love him anymore. Actually it wasn’t ever love, only a deep admiration from her side. Now she didn’t even want to marry anyone. Once she had become Kunj ’s,. She couldn’t think of becoming other’s wife. While she was trying to move away from Yuvraj, a sudden gust of imaginary winds made her petrified as she sensed his presence, her only love; her Kunj . She looked up straight; their eyes met. But before she could open her mouth to say anything, Kunj once again left her alone, without any words.
Kunj spotted both Twinkle & Yuvraj immediately after entering into the backyard of the court. He was already aware of their impending marriage. It had been fixed at the end of next month. Sill he couldn’t control his heart from pinning for her. He knew she always loved Yuvraj and it would be the best for her happiness. He stood like that for a few seconds. His heart beats flipped painfully when he realized Twinkle hazel eyes were on him. But before she could think further or even call him out, his legs automatically retreated and without giving a single glance he left the premises.
Twinkle let out a long sigh, remembering her days with Kunj . It was midnight still she was wide awake; as if tears have became her best friend while sleep had turned out to be her worst enemy. Fortnight back, officially she had to become Twinkle Taneja. After a long battle with her brain & heart, she had reached into a decision. Closing her eyes, she reminded herself the harsh and hardest decision in her life, she was going to stop dancing forever. Once, dance was the only mean for her existence, happiness and dream. But after losing Kunj , she had nothing left to cherish in her life, Nothing!
Next morning, Twinkle jerked awake with the disturbing ringtone of her phone. Grabbing that unwillingly, first she noticed the caller and immediately received the call and started bombarding the bunch of questions on Usha.
“Ma! What happened? Are… you okay? Bebe?…” After a pause for fraction of second, she added with chocked voiced, “Kunj ? Is he fine?”
“Twinkle!” Usha took her name within her sobs and informed her,
“Kunj , my Kunj isn’t fine Twinkle. For the first time, I saw him refusing to take his medicines. He never did this, even after his father’s or mahi’s death. Last few days, after coming from the court, he even began to skip his foods. Last night, he even fainted. Today morning, he once again refused to take any food or medicine and directly went to office. Twinkle…Twinkle… Are you listening to me? Swe..…”
Usha enquired repeatedly, but her questions remained unanswered as Twinkle had already left her room to get ready for confronting Mr. Kunj sarna.
Though his head was spinning, still Kunj was attending a meeting with foreign delegates. While he was presenting, suddenly the door of the conference hall got opened with a bang. Behind the door, Twinkle Taneja emerged in a ‘never seen before’ avatar. Her long lustrous hairs were entirely opened and casually flowing with the mild breeze; her sharee seemed to be an ordinary one, might be for regular household use; her doe like big eyes were spitting fire at him as if he was going to be turned into ashes within few minutes. Kunj as well as others went dumbstruck with that surprising scene in front of them.
Ignoring the presence of other delegates, reaching in front of him with few long strides, Twinkle hit on Kunj ’s chest and almost shouted,
“How dare you?”
Kunj retreated back with that sudden attack and asked in shock,
“What the! What…are doing, here?”
“What do you think of yourselves? Are you a king or saint or magician? What?”
Twinkle hissed in anger while Kunj couldn’t help but smirked wickedly at her funny questions. He still was in complete stupor. He couldn’t believe his luck that Twinkle herself came to meet him. His reverie broke with whispers from others present in that room. Averting his eyes from the love of his life; he gestured others to left the room to provide the much needed privacy to them. Everyone almost escaped from that place before closing the door. After the last person left Kunj tried to touch Twinkle’s arm; making her sit on a chair. In turn she again hit him on his chest. Her breathing was uneven while tears were dropping from her beautiful eyes uninterruptedly. She poked her index finger on his chest making a cute angry face.
“Why did you always decide my fate, because I am an indigent? Whenever you tried to manipulate my life I always stayed quiet. Like a storm, you barged into my life, forced me to marry you, I managed to stay quiet. Even I never uttered anything whenever you accused me & Yuvraj for playing with Mahi’s life. Still, you abandon me after mahi’s death and threw me away from your life like a tissue paper. You never thought of my reputation. Once again I let you do that. Overnight you made me rich with all you stupid money. I couldn’t even able to protest because of family pressure. You never think twice to crush my morals, my self-respect. Why did you never asked me about my desire, my opinion on this relationship? But today, you have crossed all the limits after playing with your own life. I have done with all of your audacities, torments, evil manipulations. Who the hell you are?
Catching his collar, she jerked his surprised form vigorously and susurrated in sobbing,
“ This time I can’t let you play with your life. I am too tired to be quiet. I want to speak out my desire. Why you are always remained so blind about me? Can’t you see that I will be doomed without you? I can’t live without you.”
Kunj was staring at her intently. He was speechless. He couldn’t able to fathom the sudden change of event. Somehow he managed to murmur her name with utmost tenderness,
“Twinkle! I have…”
He tried to open his mouth to explain more as well as to ask for his apology, but he had to stop instantly, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. In reflex, he held her waist to support himself from falling down though his back hit the wall behind him. Before he could react more he felt her pair of moist, soft, quivering lips upon his. As she was complete naïve at this part, she only continued to smack his lips between hers until her own heart calm down from the thought of Kunj ’s illness and their separation. Kunj stood idle, savoring the first feeling of her luscious lips on his as well as to overcome from that rapturous shock. But eventually he couldn’t stop himself from taking control from her. So, turning her around with a swift motion; pushing, then pinning her on the wall, cupping her face with his palms, he began to devour her sweet nectar like a man who had been thirsty for ages. She was also kissing him back, relishing every nip by his teeth on her pulp lips. Although Twinkle was novice, still they enjoyed their first kiss with the ease of compatibility.
After it seemed an eternity, when both of them felt an urgent need of air, he stopped though not leaving her mouth. Their breaths were mingling with each other. Then he murmured almost within her lips,
She trembled hearing his husky voice filled with tenderness and hope. She kept her eyes closed. Raising his head, he implored,
“Twinkle, look at me, Please, open your eyes for once.”
She slowly opened her eyes but kept them downcast. He asked her again,
‘Twinkle why did you forgive me so easily?…. What I did with you was terrible. I was being a certified jerk. Still…you… Why didn’t you tell me before? Why? Tell me. Why? And now, Yuvraj?”
She didn’t answer. Once again her fear came back within her heart and her hold got tightens instantly. Automatically tears began to drop from her eyes. Realizing her uneasiness, he leaned on her, before pecking at her cheek; he first took a drop of her tears within his lips. With an ease she burrowed her face into his nape. They remained stand like that for few minutes. Then Kunj heard her to utter softly,
“I donno….When & why I fell in love with you….Kunj please don’t leave me. I will die, if I have to live without you.”
Kunj ’s arms instantly got tighten around her petite waist and he possessively pulled her head on his chest. Then he whispered at the very sensitive spot below her ear,
“I love you too. I was living like a dead without you. I thought you love Yuvraj. So…”
Releasing her roughly, Twinkle pummeled on his chest angrily. “Why didn’t you ask me?Again decided your own. I hate you.”
Smiling at her irritation, he murmured smilingly, ‘Sorry’ and once again pulled her into a bone crushing hug.
Later they both told Usha abt their love and got married wid full rituals while on the other hand Yuvraaj sacrificed his love just for Twinkle’s happiness.
After a year, twinj were blessed with a baby girl whom they named mahi
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