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Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion with A bang ep 6

Pramila asks Krishna, “You had agreed with us to send Gopi to mental asylum. Why have you changed so much all of a sudden?” Krishna replied,”Gopi had asked me for divorce as a gift. I did not want to spoil her image before Kokila so I thought of pretending to be bad in the eyes of the Modi family.” But then Gopi heard that and told me that Ahem is alive and it has also been proved in the court. As for your DIL, I have a girl-friend whom I will be introducing to you all very soon. Mansi, I advise you to forget everything that happened and move on in your life.”

Pramila asked,“What? You’ve decided to move on in your life so easily? Fine, do as you please but don’t think that our battle with Gopi will end here.”
Krishna said, “I will also see how you will succeed in your plans.” Mansi and Pramila go to Modi House and said, “I have 49% ownership since Jigar has pledged the house to me.”
Meera and Vidya enter Modi Bhavan and are shocked. Meera said, “Mansi aunty, I have never expected this from you. I thought you’ve moved on in your life.”
Mansi, “Wah Meera! You used to call me mom before and now you are calling me aunt.”
Meera said, “If you didn’t want to lose me, why have you ditched me? You told me to love your mom 4 times more than I loved you and that’s what I did. When you didn’t think about me, why should I think about you? You have been manipulating me against my mom and I believed you blindly. Now, I won’t believe you anymore.”


Vidya said, “As for me, I never considered you as my mom though I was upset with my mom. I had a high regard for you that you took care of us but now, I’ve lost my respect for you.”
Mansi said, “I had no option at that time but to leave you all. I got into the trauma & was in mental hospital for almost 3 years. It is all because of your mom. She has taken Ahem & you all away from me. I am not going to spare that Gopi Modi.”
Meera & Vidya said, “Even we will see how you will succeed in your plans.”
Kokila said, “When we all of us are one, your family cannot do anything to us.”
The entire family holds the hands of each other.

Ahem said, “It is better you leave else, it won’t be good for you.”
Mansi said, “No way because this is my house as well. I can do anything I want.”
Krishna comes to Modi Bhavan with Ahem’s ex-girl-friend Anita & introduces her to Mansi & Pramila. Pramila asked Anita, “What happened to your married life?”
Anita said, “I’ve lost my husband. He died of car accident.”
Pramila agrees to Krishna-Anita marriage but is determined to help Mansi in her revenge. Pramila & Mansi meet Gaura in jail & asked, “What have you thought about our offer.”
Gaura said, “Yes, the offer is good. I accept it. But I won’t be able to do much when I’m inside. But before you do anything, do come & meet me.”
Pramila said, “No it won’t be proper as you are planning to get out by being in the good books in the eyes of the law. If anybody sees that, your plans will foil.”
Naiya said,“No we can’t wait for that. We have to think of something else.”
Mansi said, “Naiya is right. If you wait, you will get older & may not be able to walk either. Whatever has to be done, it needs to be done immediately.”
Mansi & Pramila go to MM. They invite their friends to Modi Bhavan for lunch. Mansi said, “How about making chicken biryani?”
Pramila said, “Yes, that is a good idea.”
Kokila comes in & says, “Sorry, non-veg are not allowed in our house. If you want, you go out & have.”

Mansi said, “Even the kitchen is partly ours so we can do what we want.”
Suddenly they hear a voice saying, “This house does not belong to you anymore.”
Mansi is shocked she turns back & sees that the person is none other than Jigar.
Mansi shouts,”What do you mean? You have pledged that 49% to me.”
Jigar said, “I have repaid you but you have not given me those papers. When the amount is paid, you don’t have any right in this house. It belongs to our grand-mother. She has changed the will.”
Mansi & Pramila are taken aback. Baa & Hetal enter Modi Bhavan. Hetal said, “We know everything that has been happening here. You have taken our house by unfair means & we can prove that in the court. So it is better that you give us those papers & leave rightaway.”
Ahem & Gopi are in Mansi & Pramila’s room. Ahem finds the papers in Mansi’s room. Both of them come downstairs. Ahem hands over the papers to Hetal & tells them to leave.
Mansi said, “How dare you enter my room & touch my things?”
Gopi said, “The house is ours. We can go to any room we want. The papers are also ours. So you better leave.”

She then drags Mansi & Pramila & pushes them out of the house. She further said, “We will send your belongings to your place.”
Mansi & Pramila go back to their place & find their belongings have reached them.

Precap: Mansi decides to lit the fire around Modi Bhavan.

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