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Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion With A Bang ep 3

Gopi had asked for divorce not knowing that Ahem had come back. Krishna goes to the jewellery shop and gets an expensive anklet for Gopi. He drops Gopi home and gets the divorce papers ready for Gopi. After he comes back, Krishna said, “I’ve married you because I love you but I respect your feelings and don’t want to thrust myself on you. I have brought 2 gifts for you. Gopi opens them and finds the anklet and the divorce papers.
Krishna said, “The ball is in your court. If you choose to choose the anklet, I would want you to wear them. If you sign the divorce papers, I respect that decision too.”

Gopi starts thinking about Kokila. “If Maaji gets to know about it, she will feel bad. But I cannot stand him even for a second. I also cannot take the tortures of his mom and Mansi.”
Krishna on the other hand thinks, “If Gopi signs the papers and if Kokila gets to know about it, her image will get tarnished and I can’t allow that for which I have to pretend to be bad so that Kokila will think that I am bad and will take Gopi away. I have to act like that for Gopi’s happiness.”
Gopi signs the papers and gets it before Krishna who accepts her decision and signs the divorce papers. Both go to the court and submit the papers to the judge.
The judge said, “This process will take 6 months. If both of you reconcile within that time, divorce will not take place otherwise there won’t be any relationship between both of you.”
Gopi said, “I can’t wait for 6 months. I want the divorce immediately.”
Judge said, “Madam, tell me one good reason what is the urgency?”
Gopi said, “My in-laws are torturing me and I have not married him out of my wish. I married him only because of my mother-in-law. So you can take it as coercion.”
Judge said, “Fine, I will look into this matter and intimate you but if your present husband tortures or manhandles you, only that will be considered for immediate divorce. But you have to present the proof.”
Both go home.

At MM, Kokila & others try to pacify Ahem saying, “Don’t lose hope. Gopi is yours. Once you prove your physical presence, Krishna’s marriage with Gopi will not be valid and the court will give her custody to you.”
Ahem agrees.
Kokila invites the Rahejas & Suryavanshis for Ganesha festival. All go to Modi Mansion. Gopi is shocked, surprised and happy to see Ahem. He too gets elated seeing Gopi. The Rahejas are shocked to see Ahem. Mansi is dismayed as her plans of sending Gopi to mental asylum and torturing her is going to get foiled.
Puja ends. Ahem said, “We have to contact the lawyer immediately for Gopi’s custody.” Kokila said, “You are right.” Ahem contacts the lawyer. He comes to Modi Mansion the next day. Ahem tells him about the case. The advocate sends the ultimatum to the Rahejas.
At Suryavanshi House, Meera, Vidya and Shravan lodge a complaint at the police station. ACP Ritesh, tabs the kidnappers call and finds out that Prakash and Naiya are the kidnappers. They all go to that spot where Priyal is kept captive and rescue her. The cops arrest Naiya and Prakash for their misdeeds. Gaura and Tripti become Naiya’s inmates whereas Prakash meets masterji Anurag as his inmate.
Krishna joins Pramila and Mansi to torture Gopi who gets shocked after overhearing their conversation but Krishna tells her, “I’m pretending to be like this as I don’t want your image to go down before Kokila aunt.”
Gopi said, “There is no need now as Ahem is back. I hope you saw him.” Krishna said, “Yes, he looks like Ahem but I don’t know whether he is Ahem.”

The Modis come with advovate to Raheja House and ask for Gopi. Mansi & Pramila ask for the evidence about Ahem’s existence. The advocate said, “We are here to talk about it.”
The Rahejas ask him the questions related to Ahem and he answers them correctly. His fingerprints with Ahem also match. Kokila and Ahem take the DNA test after that and wait for the report. The Modi family takes Gopi to their house.
Pramila asks Krishna, “How can you let this happen? You have agreed to join us to torture Gopi right?”
Krishna said, “It is not for the sake of taking revenge. I had agreed to join you guys for Gopi’s happiness. We had applied for divorce not knowing that Ahem is alive. If DNA reports turn positive, then Gopi will not be my wife anymore.”

Pramila slaps him and said, “You are very crazy. I think you should get yourself tested now. Forget about us. How will you tolerate that moment when you separate from the lady whom you love so much?”
Krishna said, “I have faith is Wahe Guru. He will show me the right path. Love does not teach a person only to possess. It is also about giving. It is mainly about sacrifice.”
Pramila said, “Your eyes are saying something else. But don’t worry; I will do something about it.”

Precap: The DNA reports come. The Advocate, Ahem, Gopi, Kokila and the Modi family are happy that reports are positive.

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