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Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 48

Episode 47

Last episode ended with swasan union……


Study room

Laksh : Tera kham tho ho gaya!!!!!
Ragini : Haan jiju..!!!!! App tho mar gaye!!!!! Pata nahi di kya karne Wali hai aap Ke saath….!!!!!

Sanskaar gulped in fear!!!!!! Seeing his situation laksh winked!!!!!!

Laksh : Matlab kya karne Wali hai swara???? I am sure woh jaldi Maan jahegi!!!!
Ragini : jaldi????? Unki dictionary main jaldi ka meaningful hi nahi hai!!!!!! She takes months or years together!!!!!!
Sanskaar : what??????
Ragini : Haan jiju!!!!! Ek baar kya hua…. Bachpan main ek baar papa ko award mila tha aur uss party main main, papa, mama gaye the….!!!!! Bas!!!di ne uss Baath keliye Pura ek mahena baath nahi Kiya hai?!!!!!! Uss ek mahena Pata nahi kitne papad belne pade!!!!!
Laksh : kya???? Ek mahena????? Sanskaar tu tho gaya!!!!! Pata nahi kitne mahene legi tumhe maaf karne Ke liye?????
Ragini : Haan!!!!!! Shayad ek mahena….. Doh mahena…… Che mahene…… Yaa … Ek Saal!!!!!!!
Sanskaar : ek Saal?????
Raglak : Haan!!!!!!
Shekhar : chup Karo dono!!!!!!! Yeh dono tumhare saath game khel Rahe hai!!!!!!! Swara jaldi maan jahegi!!!!!!!!

Saying this Shekhar, bua, ap left!!!!!!! Raglak were laughing!!!!!! Sanskaar gave them a death glare and started running behind them!!!!! Raglak also ran from him to save themselves!!!!!!!

Scene shifts……

After running from Sanskaar both raglan come to laksh room!!!!!!!

Laksh : kya Mazza aaya!!!!! Sanskaar ka face dekhne layak tha!!!!!!!
Ragini : haan…. Jiju tho Sach main daar gaye!!!!!! Abb dekho Agar Mera guess correct hai tho jiju di kho surprise dega!!!!!
Laksh : Haan….

Hearing the word surprise…. Laksh remembered something….. He immediate went to his cupboard and bought a gift box and gave it to ragini!!!!!!

Ragini looked at him surprisingly….. She immediately grabbed it from his hand…. And started to open it!!!!!! Laksh looked at her lovingly!!!!!! She completes unwrapping the gift…. She opened it…. She found a bracelet…… Written RL on it!!!!!! She was happy….. What happy…???? She was beyond happiness…… She just loved it….. But she didn’t express it!!!!! Laksh wanted it to wear it on her wrist…… But ragini denied!!!!

Ragini : what r u doing?????
Laksh : wearing it to ur wrist!!!!!!
Ragini : no need!!!!!! Ur work is just to bring gifts!!!!!!
Laksh : what??? When I have the right of bringing the gift then I also have the right of wearing it!!!!!!!

Saying this he grabbed her hand….. But our ragini is also not less!!!!! She some how managed herself to free from him and started running in the room!!!! Laksh was running behind her….. Suddenly she slipped and fell on the bed!!!!! And as soon as ragini fell… Laksh also fell on her!!!!!!! That’s it!!!!! They both have an intense eyelock!!!!! They both were immersed in themselves!!!!! Like that if anyone comes and disturbs them also they will not come into senses!!!!!! Then laksh takes bracelet from ragini hand and wore it on her wrist!!!!! And kissed on her hand!!!!! Ragini felt goosebumps!!!!! Soon he started to climb up!!!!!! He kissed her arms, her elbow and came near the neck!!!!! He started giving wet kisses on her neck!!!!! But suddenly ragini shouted!!!!!!

Ragini : papa!!!!!!
Laksh : arre papa aap Kab aaye???? (sweating) kuch nahi papa ragini Ke kaan main kuch tha bas wahi nikahlraha hu….

Saying this he turned back…… But to his surprise there was no one….. Only he could hear is ragini ‘s laughing!!!!!!! He understood that it was her prank!!!!!!

Ragini : kya hua laksh????? Mere kaan main kuch hai????
Laksh : tumhe tho nahi chodunga!!!!!

That’s it!!!! They started their chasing again!!!!!!!

Scene shifts

We can see Someone beating the door continously trying to convince someone!!!!!
That is our Sanskaar only!!!!!!

Sanskaar : swara!!!!!! Pls open the door!!!!!!
Swara : I am not going to open it!!!!! Go!!!!!
Sanskaar : I am sorry swara!!!!!
Swara : I don’t want ur sorry!!!!!! Leave!!!!!

But want actually swara is enjoying herself inside the room….. She is jumping in happiness!!!!!!! She is totally enjoying it!!!!!! Where Sanskaar was convincingly her….. She doesn’t want to lose this chance!!!!!

Sanskaar : pls… swara!!!!!
Swara : I said na go away!!!!!!
Sanskaar : then bye!!!!!!!!

Swara then didn’t hear any voice…. She came out and saw… There was no one….. She felt sad…. But when she saw the sign of paper indicating to the terrace she felt happy and followed it!!!!!!

Precap : swasan date!!!!!!! Marriage!!!!!!!

Guys there is a bad news!!!!! I have got my exams from Monday….. So don’t know when I will be posting the next episode….. But I will try to post one more episode before Monday but I can’t promise!!!!!! This is deeksha reddy signing off…..

Stay tuned……

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