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Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 46

Episode 45

So it’s been a week that Sanskaar is in hospital….. And today he is returning back to house!!!!!! Along with him even swara is returning after a week…….


So Arora mansion is fully energetic!!!!!!! Till then it was dull….. Though raglak were present but also they were roaming out with one or other reason!!!!!!! So at last all the four will be in the house after a week……

So our bua, ap, Shekhar are very much happy and busy in the preparations….. (after dp death ap, laksh, uttara have shifted to Arora mansion) bua and ap were busy preparing the favorite dishes of the kids….. While Shekhar and uttara were busy in arranging their rooms…….. Everyone were damm excited!!!!!!!

At last they reached…… Sanskaar and swara were standing in front…. And raglak at the back!!!!!! Sanskaar was catching Swara for support…… Like he was resting his hands on her shoulders…… And swara was catching him by his waist….. And raglak were giggling seeing them…… They were not allowed to enter the house until bua comes and does Aarti…….

Soon bua and ap comes……. Bua brings the aarthi…… She asks ap to join her….. Ap hesitates first….. Bua kept on insisting….. At last she agreed….. Both of them were very emotional while doing aarthi…… Tears were rolling out of their eyes……

Laksh : maa….. Bua!!!!! Rukiye ek min!!!!!!

Saying this he goes to get something….. All had weird faces……. All were expecting some surprise… But what he bought was a bucket!!!!!!!!!

He bought an empty bucket and placed it in front of bua and ap and asked them to continue the aarthi……. Everybody were shocked……

Laksh : why r staring me like that!!!!! I am looking handsome?????
Ragini : handsome my foot!!!!!! Why did you bring that bucket???????
Laksh : arrey angel!!!!! Say me one thing…… Do we have water problem in our society?????
Ragini : yes!!!!!!
Laksh : we get water once in a day na?????
Ragini : but we get water 24/7…!!!!!!
Laksh : that is only for our house!!!!! Not the society na!!!!!!
Swara : so what u wanna say lucky?????
Laksh : simple swara!!!!!! Now see maa and bua are crying continuously na!!!!!! So per hour at least they are gonna cry and waste 5 to 6 six liters of water….. So I am just trying to save water!!!!!! That’s it…. And I am gonna give them to the society people!!!!!!

Bua and ap gave a “what” look….. And immediately caught his ears!!!!!! Swaragini were laughing…..

Sanskaar : u r impossible laksh!!!!!
Laksh : maa!!!!!!! Bua!!!!! It’s paining!!!!!!
Ragini : bua aur kicho!!!!!! Tabi usse gyan ayega!!!!!!
Laksh : arrey ragini!!!!!! Chup Karo!!!!!! Bua, maa maaf Karo!!!!!! Pls!!!!!!
Ap : iss baar kar rahi hu!!!!!! Par agli baar nahi!!!!!!

After that they did aarthi….. All entered the living room……. Shekhar, ap, bua everybody sat down……. Raglak and swasan on other side!!!!!! Servant bought pakodas…… And immediately Sanskaar fell on them and started eating like a kid who was starving till now!!!!! Swara was trying to take them from his hand!!!!!! (pakodas are the special south Indian snack!!!!!! Which we generally make in the evenings…..)

Swara : Sanskaar!!!!! Yeh kya kar rahe ho????? U know na that you shouldn’t eat oily food?????? Give it to me!!!!!!
Sanskaar : u r even trying to take this away???? U r so mean swara!!!!!! Pls go away!!!!!!
Shekar : she will be going away Sanskaar!!!!!!

Sanskaar and swara were shocked!!!!!! Swara wasn’t talking to her dad!!!!!! So Sanskaar spoke!!!!!!

Sanskaar : what do you mean sir??????
Shekhar : from now don’t call me sir!!!!!!
Ragini : dad!!!!! What’s happening????? Why r u talking to Sanskaar like that???? And where will be di going????
Shekhar : go and ready ur sister!!!!! I had seen a alliance for her!!!!!!!

Now everyone were shocked!!!!!!! Swara couldn’t understand anything….. First thing she loves Sanskaar and other side she was already married!!!!!!and on other hand Sanskaar was hell shocked bcoz he knows that shekar was the one who asked him to marry swara!!!!!!


It was the time when shekar was dead to the world and Sanskaar was in his clg…..and he was in touch with Shekhar and used to give information about swara and ragini….. swara was going to celebrate her 18th birthday the next day….. And chachi and chacha have already planned what will be they the next day…… They have arranged an old man for the marriage with swara….. This was unaware to swaragini….. As usual the next day swara reached the clg….. But in the middle of the classes she went away…… When Sanskaar got to know about this he ran back of her!!!!!! Then on enquiry he got to know that chachi and chacha planned for swara’s marriage by blackmailing her on the name of ragini…… With no option left she agreed for marriage…. Then Sanskaar informed about the situation to shekar……

Then Shekhar asked Sanskaar to marry swara….. He was shocked….. Though he was in love with her from the very first sight….. He wasn’t able to decide anything……. But on continuous institment of Shekhar…. He decided to marry her….. Then took the place of the old man and married swara….. Swara didn’t even see the face of the person whom she is going to marry…… During the rituals her face was down all the time….. When Sanskaar applied sindoor on her forehead…. A tear escaped from her eyes….. He felt bad…… And when he tied mangalsutra she jerked when his hand touched her neck……. He understood that she wasn’t comfortable…… Then he decided that he will not force her and would be leaving her at her house only……. Then he asked the pandit tell that it is not good for the groom to take the bride home!!!!!! So he would be coming and taking her after three years……. And it would be perfectly alright if she is in chachi house…….. There will be no problem for anyone of them!!!!!!! At last chachi agreed and swara was in chachi house only!!!!!!!!

Flashback ends!!!!!!

Sanskaar was thinking about what had happened in the past!!!!! But he came into senses by swara’s shout……

Swara : I am not going to marry anyone!!!!!!
Shekhar : no swara!!!!!! U r going to marry him only whom I had selected for u!!!!!!!
Swara : no!!!!!!! I can’t marry!!!!!
Laksh : uncle!!!!!! App kyu swara ko force kar rahe hai!????? Woh shaadi nahi karna chahthi hai na??????
Shekhar : tum shaadi kyu nahi kar sahthi?????
Swara : kyu ki main shaadi shuda hu!!!!! Aur woh insaan khabi bi aatha hoga mujhe le jane keliye……

Every one were shocked……. Including laksh and uttara……. They didn’t know that swara was married!!!!!!!! Only ragini, Shekhar, Sanskaar weren’t shocked!!!!!!! But something which shekar said that shocked everyone including swara, ragini, Sanskaar!!!!!!

Shekhar : I know it before only….. And don’t worry I will handle him (looking at Sanskaar) u just need to marry the person whom I have selected for u!!!!!!

Precap : keep guessing!!!!!!

So guys I end the episode here…… Sorry for being late…. I couldn’t help….. My college and all the works!!!! Uff!!!!! But I will try to be regular….. Keep commenting dear… Thanks for the response on the previous ones…. This is deeksha reddy signing off…..

Stay tuned……

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