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Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 45

Episode 44

Last episode ended with swasan romance and swaragini mom is dead!!!!!!!


The next episode…….

It’s been a week…… That week which is the most wonderful and memorable one in the lifes of swasan and raglak!!!!!!!! That week which they are in need of…. That week which they enjoyed a lot!!!!!!! That week which they could never forget in their lifes….. That week earned them many memories….. Those memories includes romance, silly fights, friendship, love everything…….. In short they enjoyed a lot!!!!!

Where swara was completely immersed in taking care of Sanskaar!!!!!! She took care of each and every small thing…. From his medicines to his needs….. Each and every thing he wants used to be ready before he asks!!!!!! She used to feed him with his own hands……. She used to dress his wounds….. If it pains for him then she used to get tears before he gets!!!!!!! In short she used to take care of him like his mother, wife, friend………


It was the time when all the patients in the hospital were given the food…. And it was the rule of the hospital that outside food was not allowed……

And our naughty Sanskaar was bored of eating that hospital food which was salt less and taste less……. And our poor swara had gone mad handling him……

Sanskaar : yuk!!!!!! Again this tasteless food??????
Swara : Sanskaar!!!!! Not again!!!!! Pls….. Yesterday only I told you about the importance of the food na!!!!!!
Sanskaar : Haan!!!!!! But that is about yummy food…. Not this saltless one!!!!!! I don’t want to eat it!!!!!!!!
Swara : Mera sweet sanku!!!!! Pls zidh mat Karo!!!!!! Pls eat na!!!!!!
Sanskaar : nahi!!!!!! Mujhe nahi kaana hai!!!????? (started making faces!!!!)
Swara : pls Sanskaar!!!!!! Agar tum kaho gi nahi tho tum teek kaise hoga?????
Sanskaar : nahi mujhe nahi kaana hai???!!!!! Mujhe pizza kaana hai????
Swara : kya???? Pizza???? Aur Abb!!!!!
Sanskaar : Haan!!!!! Only pizza!!!!!
Swara : tumhe pizza nahi milega…… U will have to eat this only!!!!!!
Sanskaar : no!!!! Only pizza!!!!! Otherwise nothing!!!!!!!

Saying this he started sleeping…… And bechara swara didn’t have any other option to get pizza…… And she need to get it by hiding it from the staff……. And to her badluck there used to be there a nurse beside Sanskaar 24/7…….with much difficulty she made her go!!!!!!

And at last she woke up Sanskaar and gave him pizza….!!!!! And believe me he was having it more worst than a kid!!!!!!! There was cheese all over his mouth!!!!! And sauce on his hands!!!!!!!! Swara was laughing seeing his situation……. At last Sanskaar completed his pizza!!!!!! Swara cleaned all the mess!!!!!

Swara : vaise Sanskaar ek Baath bolu!!!!!
Sanskaar : Haan!!!!! (still licking the fingers)
Swara : actually this pizza u ate was made by me with all the ingredients that hospital people make and that salt less!!!!!!!! With extra cheese but that to salt less and taste less!!!!!!!

Saying this she ran away!!!!!!

Flash back ends…..

Like this not only swasan but also raglak also enjoyed a lot….. While swasan were having their romance in hospital these people roamed the entire city…….. They used to party all night….. Sleep all day…… They went for long drive, shopping and our bechara laksh used to carry all those bags!!!!!! In short they did all those things which a lover does!!!!!!

Flash back

One day both of them were returning from shopping!!!!!! Suddenly ragini sees panipuri stall!!!!!! And immediately asks laksh to stop….. As soon as the car stops she gets down and runs to the stall!!!!! Laksh understands and he parks the car aside and goes near the stall!!!!!

Laksh : again????
Ragini : what again????? I always love to eat it!!!!!! If you get me even in the midnight I will eat it!!!!!
Laksh : ok baba…. Now eat!!!!
Ragini : what eat????? Even u r going eat with me?????
Laksh : no way!!!!!
Ragini : say that you can’t compete with me????!!!!!!
Laksh : u said that I can’t compete with u????? Let’s see who will win it!!!!!!

The vendor started giving the pani puris….. First to laksh then ragini…. Like that they ate almost thirty pieces…… Laksh was exhausted…… He even can’t have one more!!!!!!! Ragini saw all these and she sighed the vendor to give another piece of mirch one to laksh….. Laksh didn’t see this and he had it…. That’s it….. He left the plate which he was catching and started running for water!!!!!! But our ragini didn’t give him water!!!!!!

Ragini : want water laksh!!!!!?????
Laksh : Haan ragini (sweating badly)
Ragini : I will only give under one condition!!!!!
Laksh : what????? Again a Condition????? Yesterday only I promised to ur other conditions na?????
Ragini : those r yesterday’s…. Not today’s!!!!!! It’s ur wish!!!!! If you want water then you will have to agree for the condition!!!!!!
Laksh : ok!!!!!! First give me water!!!!!
Ragini : no first Conditions!!!!!
Laksh : here I am dieing for water and u r asking for conditions?????
Ragini :it’s ur wish????!!!!
Laksh : ok…. First ur conditions!?????
Ragini : only one condition!!!!!! U will have bring me pani puri when ever I ask and u need to compete with me every time…..

Laksh gave a weird expression to her….. That impossible look to her!!!!!!

Ragini : what????? Do you agree or not?????
Laksh : u r mad?!!!!!!! Do you know that????
Ragini :huh????
Laksh : nothing!!!!! OK!!!!! Now give me water……

Ragini gives him water and drinks it……. And both of them leaves……

Flash back ends…..

Precap : maybe swasan marriage!!!!!! Raglak masti!!!!!

So guys I end this episode here…… Thanks for the comments….. Pls continue to comment guys!!!!! And one more thing….. I said that I will end it soon……. I can’t change it dear….. I can’t drag it unnecessarily….. But before ending it there will be hot romance between the couples and masti between them!!!!!! And I promise that I will come back with another ff…. Pacca…..this is deeksha reddy signing off…..

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!

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