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Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 44

Episode 43

So last episode ended with dp funeral….. Sanskaar out of danger……. Raglak cute romance……



We can see swaragini and shekar sitting outside the ward……

There was complete scilence….. No Bodum were speaking anything….. There were a lot of questions revolving in their minds…….. At last shekar only broke the scilence…..

Shekhar : so…. How are u??????
Ragini : fine!!!!!
Shekhar :I know you have got lot of questions…….. I can answer them!!!!!!
Swara : what will you answer????? Let me what will answer?????? Huh?????? (she was remembering they marriage which bua had forced her!!!!!!) u don’t know anything…. How we were tortured by chachi….. Just bcoz u left us!!!!!! No wait!!!!! If you did a fake death drama….. What about mom……????? Where is she?????? She might also be alive na??? Where did you hid her??????
Shekhar : ur mom is dead!!!!!!!
Ragini : what???? but how?????
Shekar : yes!!!!! Bcoz of dp!!!!!! He got to know that I am an intelligent agent… And he targeted me…. In order to save me ur mom gave away her life!!!!!!

This was shock to both of them…!!!!!!

Shekhar : I had a fear that I may lost u both also!!!!! So I need to finish that dp otherwise his target will be u guys!!!!!! So I need to fake my death!!!!! In order to save u guys!!!!! I need to far away from u….. But I didn’t have any other option with me!!!!!!

Ragini immediately hugged her father!!!!!!! He too hugged her back!!!!!! Swara could understand his problem….. But the thought of marriage stopped her!!!!!!! She just left from there towards Sanskaar!!!!!!!

Shekhar : will she forgive me?????
Ragini : she will dad!!!!!! She is just angry at u!!!!! That’s it!!!!!! U know her anger na!!!!!
Shekhar : yes!!!! She has completely gone on her mom!!!!!!
Ragini :that’s true……. Sanskaar is gonna have tough time with her!!!!!!!

Both of laugh a little bit!!!!!!!

Sanskaar room

As soon as swara enters the room…. She gets shocked!!!!! She finds Sanskaar trying to wake up from bed!!!!! She immediately runs towards him stopping from doing it!!!!!!

Swara : what were you trying to do????? R u mad????
Sanskaar :I was just….
Swara :enough I don’t wanna listen anything!!!!!!! I know what you were trying to do!!!!!!!
Sanskaar : no… I was just….
Swara : shut up ok!!!!!! Done argue with me!!!!! All men are like that only….. First they do what they want to do and then say sorry……
Sanskaar : what happened swara?????
Swara : what happened???? Huh????? Why didn’t you tell me before that dad was alive???? Why didn’t you tell me before that u r intelligent agent????

Sanskaar understood what she was trying to talk…… Before swara could say anything he pulled her by her waist….. With that force she fell on his chest clutching his shirt tightly…… While one hand of Sanskaar is on her waist and with the other hand he was removing the hairs which was covering her face!!!!!!

Swara looked straight into his eyes!!!!!! And she was lost in those brown eyes!!!!!! They had some magic that it prolonged her to see like that continuously!!!!!!! And his touch while he was removing the hairs made her lose all her senses and get lost in the dream world!!!!!!

Sanskaar :I was just trying to take water from the table!!!!! I couldn’t reach it so I need to get up from the bed!!!! That’s it!!!!!! And the matter of telling you about Shekhar sir and my job is they are meant to be kept confidential otherwise it is danger to u and ur sister……. Understood swara!!!!!!

There was no reply…… He asked her again!!!!! This time she just nodded her head!!!!!! He understood that she was lost in his touch and he started to touch more sensiously……she couldn’t resist anymore….. She was breathing heavily……. He was about to kiss her when the nurse came inside with the medicines……. She was shocked seeing the scenario…… In the mean time both of them composes and moves apart…..

Sanskaar was cursing that the nurse should come now only!!!!! And swara was giggling…… And swara stood aside….. And the nurse gave him the medicines….. And she left…. Soon Sanskaar also slept due to pain and the effect of medicines…..

Precap : swara taking care of Sanskaar….. Laksh gifting something to ragini……. In short full romance……

So guys here I end this episode here…. And one more thing guys maybe there are few more episodes to go and after that it is end…….. Sorry but before that there will be intense romance between the couples…. Pardon me if there are any mistakes…. And guys pls do comment….. This is deeksha reddy signing off…..

Stay tuned……

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