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Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 43

Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 42


Last episode ended with all the family member taking Sanskaar to hospital….. And swara’s husband is none other than Sanskaar !!!!!!!!

Every body reached the hospital….. Sanskaar is admitted….. Though he was in conscious the burns on his body were more…. I mean they were second degree burns!!!!! Swara Washington tensed as she knew what was his condition….. Even ragini and laksh knows the condition but they doesn’t tell anything…..

We can see swara is moving from there to here…… And bitting her nails…… And there was tension in her face!!!!!! Though raglak tried to console her she didn’t listen….. She continued to walk here and there……

Uttara came to hospital after sending every one off the party after making an excuse!!!!!

It took one hour for the doctor to come out of the icu….. As soon as the doctor comes out swara rushes to him asking for Sanskaar health….. Back of her all others also rushed!!!!!

Doc : he is out of danger….. But!!!!!
Swara :what but?????
Doc : he needs complete rest!!!!! If I am saying complete rest then I mean completely rest!!!!! He mustn’t get up the bed!!!!! Then oily he can recover soon!!!!!
Swara : Haan…. Haan… Doc… I will completely take care of him!!!!!
Laksh : Haan.. Haan… Why won’t u take care of him!!!!! But bechara Sanskaar Pata nahi usska haal kya hoga????? Usse toh torture hoga?????
Ragini : laksh stop it!!!!!!

Swara passed a death glare towards him!!!!!!

Swara : laksh be careful!!!!! Ur key is in my hands!!!!!
Laksh : key????
Swara : Haan ragini!!!!!
Laksh : What????
Ragini : yes!!!!! If you do something nonsense then I will show you torture!!!!!!
Laksh : no… No…. I will be in my limits!!!!!!
Uttara : ok guys…. Leave all this!!!!! Laksh I need u to come with me!!!!!
Laksh : but why!????
Shekhar : because he needs to do the funeral of dp!!!!!
Ap : yes beta!!!! U will have to do it!!!!
Laksh : what????? Funeral of that terrorist???? Who’s gonna do that????? I am not doing it!!!!!!
Ap : laksh!!!!! He is ur dad!!!!! And it’s a ritual beta?!!!!!!!
Laksh : I am not gonna do that?!!!!!!

Saying this he goes away….. Ragini says that she will bring him and goes behind him!!!!!!


Ragini finds him sitting him on the bench outside the hospital……. She goes near him and sits!!!!!!

Laksh : see ragini!!!!! Even thought u convince me I am not going to do that!!!!! Get that in ur mind…..
Ragini : who is asking u of doing it?????? I just wanna send some time with you……
Laksh : really?????
Ragini : if you don’t want then I will go…..
Laksh : no… No….. Sit….. Even I wanna be with you…..

Saying this he made ragini sit beside him…. And she rests her head on his shoulder!!!!!! And laksh holds her hand!!!!! And both of them stares the sky!!!!!!

Ragini : u know what laksh!!????? When di and I got the news of dad death….. We were shocked!!!!!! We couldn’t even come of that trauma…. People stared talking who will do the rituals?????? We were shocked!!!!! We were in trauma and people were talking something else!!!!!!! We were girls and we weren’t allowed to do the funeral!!!! We felt bad…. Bcoz it will be that last wish of the person to get litted by their sons or daughters…… But at that time we weren’t given chance…… At last chachu did the funeral……. Laksh even dp is a man….. Who last wish will be getting litted by u…. Bcoz he doesn’t like Sanskaar….. So….
Laksh: so u want me to do it…..
Ragini : yes…. Bcoz….
Laksh : madam phirse shuru mat hona…..
Ragini : accha chele… Everyone would be waiting for us?????
Laksh : no…. Not that easily…… I want something from u…..
Ragini : what do you want????
Laksh : kiss…!!!!!
Ragini : what?????
Laksh : yes… If you kiss me only then I will do the funeral……
Ragini : blackmailing me?????
Laksh : think want ever u want??!!!!! But I want a kiss!!!!!!
Ragini : u will not get it!!!!!!
Laksh : if you don’t give it…. I can take it by myself…… Bcoz everything is fair in love and war……..

Saying this he goes near her… And moves back….. Like this both of them moves for sometime… At last laksh catches her by her waist and comes close to her…. Ragini lowers her gaze in shy… He was about to kiss when he gets a call…… That call disturbed their kiss… And taking this as a chance ragini runs away from there…..

Ap, laksh, uttara, bua leaves for the funeral….. While Shekhar and swara, ragini r in the hospital……..

There all finishes the funeral and goes back to mansion…. (guys I am not including the funeral part bcoz it is not necessary…. I feel so….)

Precap : swasan scenes….. Sanskaar teases swara…… Raglak romance…..

So guys I end the episode here….. Sorry for not updating yesterday… I was busy…….. I will try to update regularly….. Pls comment guys… This is deeksha reddy signing off……

Stay tuned…..

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