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Ae dil hai mushkil (Intro)

Hey guys I’m back with my new ff Ae dil hai mushkil
here is the cast

Ranveer-psycho lover of Ishani suffering from split personality disorder and so Ishani’s dad thinks he is mad
Ishani – loves Ranveer a lot but can’t go against her father and she is Ranveer’s psychiatrist

Here waghela and Parekh family are family friends
The episode starts with Ranveer coming to Ishani’s clinic and Ishani was standing in balcony having coffee. Ranveer hugs her from behind and Ishani says Ranveer stop it this is my clinic anyone can come anytime. Ranveer says I don’t care. Ishani jerks him and says what do u want? Ranveer says medicines. Ishani says yesterday only I gave u. Ranveer says not those I need the medicine of heart since it has stopped beating because of akhadooo…Ishani angers and says akhadooo…..further. I mean ur dad. Ishani hits him with a newspaper. Ranveer says oh so u will break my bones with this newspaper I’m afraid. Ishani says get lost. Ranveer says okay and he leaves.

Ishani says how dare u. So now u will leave me and then u will blame that I will made u leave. Ranveer says just now said. Ishani angers. Ranveer says to himself chill these girls are like that can’t help. Ranveer gives Cadbury to Ishani And says chill babes I was just joking. Ishani says don’t u dare play with my emotions.ishani says exactly at 5:28. at cafe. Ranveer says one minute why 28 not 30 or 25 I mean such strange numbers. Ishani says my life my rules. Ranveer says my boyfriend my rules. Ranveer u girls are so dominant. Ishani says whatever now leave. Ranveer says after One important task. Ranveer holds Ishani’s hand and makes her wear s ring and says happy 10 months. He gives her rose and kisses her and leave. Ishani smiles.

Precap:- Harshad confronts Ranveer Ishani stood silent so Ranveer is angry wd her. Ishani goes to his house to convince him. They have moment with each other

Guys should I continue wd the ff

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