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Ae dil hai mushkil (Episode 1)

The episode starts with Harshad coming to Ishani’s clinic and sees Ranveer flirting with Ishani. He drags Ranveer out of the cabin. Ishani sees on. Ranveer says what uncle u always come on wrong time and disturb us. Plz don’t do it again we forgive u and he laughs. Harshad asks him to shut up and leave her daughter she has recently started her career not like u jobless who relies on dads business. Ishani says come on dad plz not again he is my patient and he is suffering coz of me. Harshad says shut up. Ranveer signs Ishani to speak up but she says silent. Ranveer is hurt mad he leaves. Harshad says to Ishani that I don’t have any problem with him he is not like other boys who are drunkards or spend nights path different girls like son of rich fathers. But he is too crazy and careless and irresponsible mad he leaves. Ishani says may be that’s why I love him and smiles. Ishani says but I have to convince him.oh god.

At night Ranveer was sleeping on the couch in the bed room. He lives alone in Mumbai his family stays abroad. Ishani blindfolds him and tales him to the living room . Ranveer says whatever you do I won’t talk to u. Ishani says oh really let me see. She says now open your eyes. Ranveer was mesmerizing seeing the Ganesh idol and it was beautifully decorated. Ranveer says thank you so much and hugs him Ishani says in London ull didn’t celebrate this festival. Remember u told me that was ur long wish that u want to celebrate this so I brought him. Ranveer says I don’t know the rituals. Ishani says do t worry I will stay here. Ranveer says really. Ishani says but there are some conditions given by my dad and u have to swear Ganeshji. Ranveer says which?
Ishani says we will sleep in different bedroom and we are not supposed to get intimate. Ranveer was sad hearing them but smiles and says done. They together do aarti and some pooja. Ranveer smiles and kisses Ishani’s cheeks and says thank you for this amazing setup. Ishani says my pleasure.

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