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Abstract Attraction~Intro


Swara Gadodia: A beautiful, pretty girl. She isn’t a innocent kind of a person, she’s still good. But everything turns out to be wrong when her brother’s best friend makes her feel what she has been missing, one drunk night.


Sanskar Kapoor: A boy having too many of nights with girls. He is never satisfied!!.. But when he’s determined and knows what is right he’s the best. A good brother, a good best friend and a good lover.

Laksh Gadodia: Swara’s twin, over protective towards her. A good husband, brother and best friend but he can never control his anger. That’s what is fearful. A drunkard but had stopped after meeting his soul mate.

Ragini Gadodia: Laksh’s wife cum soul mate. A good wife, mother and a sister to Swara. Loves Swara. A strong lady making her husband under her control. Loves her children the most.

Shekhar Gadodia and Sharmishtha Gadodia: SwaLak’s parents. They are no more.

Ronnie and Priyu Gadodia: RagLak’s children.

Kavita Bose: Swara’s bestie. A simple girl and shares every little secret with her. Same applies for Swara!!..

Sahil Send Gupta: Boyfriend to Kavita. Loves her a lot.


Now tell me how’s the plot? Okay, frankly speaking this isn’t completely my story. It’s just a book I love and I am penning it down. I know most of my stories are same. Having Sanskar a play boy sort of. Though the things are same, still contrary. This will carry emotions, which I never put in my stories I guess… ?

I know I’m putting up so many stories in mind and still not able to complete. Don’t worry I’ll complete, I swear. The one’s reading my FF’s like Hurdles I know you all must be angry as how I ended up Hurdles and Piece of Silence but I won’t do the same here. Believe me!!..

About Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya, it has only 9 chapters left. May be more than that but never less!!.. This story is mature I agree but hope to see the response I saw in Mr. Stalker and I… It’s obviously SwaSan so no arguments. But I want the comments to know whether it’s up-to the mark!!..

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